Sunday, February 11, 2018


Do you think of yourself as a super human most days?  

Have you got your ‘system’ down, organized, together and you function like a well-oiled machine? 

Are you productive most of the time?  

Have you ever had an ‘off-day’ or ‘off-week?’ 

There are days when you have a handle on your human, and life seems like you are on autopilot.

There are other days when you are slightly off-balance and out of control.  You know the ones…

There are days you are flying by the seat of your pants trying to get through the week with makeshift functioning.  

For some of you, this can mean last minute planning trying to fit everything in your schedule.

For others, this can mean finding something edible to satiate you to get out the door, until you can finally go grocery shopping.  

For others, it may mean catching up on a couple of weeks of (fill in the blank).

For most of you, sleep seems to be not on this list even though it is the most important thing so that your human can function. 

However, what if I were to tell you that sleep is actually at the center of your well-being both as a HUMAN and as a SOUL?

You would probably get that crease in your forehead; look at me as if I am nuts and say, “HUH?  Our souls don’t need sleep, only our human does.” 

You already know all the reasons WHY the HUMAN needs sleep, but here is a refresher:

  • ·         Your immune system repair

  • ·         Organ rejuvenation/function

  • ·         Anti-aging

  • ·         Metabolism reboot (and yes, calorie burning as you sleep)

  • ·         Cognitive functioning

  • ·         Overall health and well-being

  • ·         Disease/illness preventative

THE SOUL needs your human to sleep, too. 

As our well-being begins with enough human sleep, it serves as another function, so that your soul can be aware and awake for your higher learning, consciousness, growth and expanding your reach to comprehend your bigger picture questions. 

You have dreams, your higher self gives you answers and direction/navigation, clarity, purpose, understanding and better consciousness access when it is not blocked by fatigue. 

This is when your meditation is more effective, your daily actions are more purposeful, and your conviction in what you are doing has stronger energy without hesitation.

When we lack sleep and proper rest, we disconnect from our own grounding.  

What is grounding?  Grounding creates stability within your being for balance, wellness, and health.  When you are grounded, your emotional health is in check, your cerebral health is peaceful, and your core being is ‘centered’ with an ‘all-is-well’ knowing.

Regardless of ‘where you are’ in your ‘footwork’ with your human imprint of working through your baggage, issues and repair of damage along your journey, everyone can be in better balance with sleep, as your soul is given the place to BE FREE when your HUMAN IS AT RESTING STATE. 

Without proper sleep, this is when your human has doubt, lacking trust, questioning what the soul already knows, only because your human is temporarily disconnected from your soul’s escalated knowledge and wisdom.  

Human doubt is truly a human thing.  It is not the soul that is doubting.  

That is worth a rereading, eh?  I put it in bold and highlighted it for you.

You are normal for having it.  However, when you question yourself or your ‘bigger picture,’ you are having a momentary lapse in trust for your highest and greatest good.

The SOUL knows why it is here, EVEN IF THE HUMAN DOES NOT, appears lost, or questions it.

This is when the human slips into feeling lost in some funky spiral, doing stupid things, feeling so ‘meh’ or ‘blah,’ reacting to everything, rather than being in its regularly grounded place of being. 

Normally, you are the one who says, “No problem, I’ve got it handled.”

However, when you do not get enough sleep, your brain’s reaction time (and processing) puts you in a logic and emotional sig-alert of handling your day-to-day ‘human stuff,’ operating from the messed up tornado in the brain instead of focusing energy centered in the heart, gut and SOUL-KNOWING place where the spirit can connect.  Hence, this is why grounding is important. 

Take a deep breath and do not worry… it is normal for everyone who is usually going non-stop to occasionally hit this wall. 

It is here you would admit maybe only to yourself privately, “Yeah, as a human, I’ve had those kind of days.”  You are probably referring to these days:

  • ·         You know you need clarity, but you cannot get yourself to a place to have it.

  • ·         Nothing is making sense to you.

  • ·         You feel like you have A.D.D. 24/7, (even though you do not), suddenly lacking     focus, unable to be productive.

  • ·         You cannot stop spinning your wheels.

  • ·         You are unable to see outside of your own bubble, feeling disconnected.

  • ·         You question your worth, your purpose, your life.

  • ·         You have no answers.

  • ·         Panic attacks and stress bleed into the simplest of problems/challenges you normally could handle on a good day.

  • ·         You have lost that zest, and vigor with momentum.

  • ·         Some of the things which brought you joy now seem unimportant, but you do not know why.

Yes, Lovely Souls...  I know.  I have seen you have these kind of days. 

You are the one standing in the middle of the parking lot unaware you are standing in a parking space that someone has been circling trying to get into.   

You are the one walking in the middle of the sidewalk unable to get in your ‘human conscious state’ to move to one side or the other as people are coming at you. You are the one busy texting, unaware you are missing ‘signs’ and ‘answers’ to your questions that are right in front of you!  (Yes, I see you!) 

Not to worry, other humans are able to navigate around you, though for your own safety, it is probably best that you stay safe somewhere when you have your wits about you to RECONNECT with your higher self to get out of your temporary funk. 

Most humans who may have seen you, who are impatient, or lose control with expletives at you in your zombie state, are ironically also IN THE SAME PLACE as you.   

Their zombie-state is reactive.  Your zombie state is passive.  However, both of your humans are in this same state of being, simply disconnected from your SOUL. 

I share this so YOU can have greater patience with yourself and greater compassion for other humans and improve upon your day-to-day living. 

This ‘everyday human stuff,’ which seems strange at times to have to navigate, is what we all go through here as Earthly beings.  Some handle it better than others do; and for others the human stuff seems so petty and mundane to where one questions WHY one has to deal with this surface/shallow existence at all.

However, it is in this realization that I wish to enlighten you about how when we don’t take care of our HUMAN and get rest, our SOUL gets disconnected and fragmented and CANNOT handle that scene I just created for you to see.  

You already know how to take care of your human.  Some days you do a fabulous job.  Other days, you know you can do better.  

Now you understand even more reasons WHY it is important to take care of yourself and practice self-care.  While others may call it a trend, I say it is a necessity to improve full mind-body-soul-spirit peace and help you get through your everyday living with greater ease to prevent unnecessary struggle.

For those of you wanting to graduate into a higher realm of consciousness and awareness, it is imperative to master the human stuff to get to your next level of lifestyle well-being of self-actualization.

Get some sleep.  Sweet dreams!