Monday, April 17, 2017



Each day as we go about our lives, there are things, which happen that are part of a daily routine.

Some days go as expected.

Other days throw us curveballs.

Yet, none of the curveballs are by accident.

Timing.  It is a difficult thing to understand when we are impatient.

Although, when we are on the other side of timing, we begin to see that the old cliché of ‘everything happening for a reason’ is truer than we once thought we believed.

Upon accidentally eavesdropping on a conversation in a grocery store, a little boy asked his mother WHY he was not the same height as the other kids in his class yet.

The mother quietly said to him, “It’s not your time.”

The boy took a deep sigh trying to digest this piece of information as best as he could, but it still did not resolve his human question he asked his mother, as she did not provide the context he was hoping to hear, an actual reason.

We are conditioned as children to sometimes accept things, without understanding WHY.
However, even if we knew WHY, we may not yet have the proper tools to process what the reason behind timing might be.

As human adults, our daily lives consist of schedules, agendas, calendars and reminders of where we have to be, what we have to do and where we need to show up.  We are given immediate gratification within this ‘calendar’ to know WHY we have to be somewhere and WHY it is important we are there, and for the most part WHY we are going.

However, as we take a step back in life to examine LIFE itself, we may be like that little boy still not fully comprehending WHY all these things are necessary in our own life’s context as to where we are going, what we will be doing and WHY it is necessary to our own life’s process without goals or destination. 

This is where we become impatient with our journey.  It is not easy to come to grips with the ‘unknown’ for most humans.  

In our higher consciousness, the soul rests in the seat of understanding the bigger picture and the process, though we don’t always access this ‘place’ when looking at our life from the human perspective.  

How can we sit comfortably in the “It’s not your time” answer of WHY things are not happening NOW?

We learn the art of patience.  

They say patience is a virtue.  Though most impatient people loathe this cliché, there is much truth behind it.  The only way we can truly embrace it is to understand how much this can be a true gift in our well-being.

Let’s take a look at it from the place of that little boy once again but through your adult eyes.
You are an adult now.  Maybe you were the shortest person in your class or the last to have puberty hit in your teen years, but the fact is as an adult now looking back, you can see that in your adult life – you evolved.

What would you tell your child self? 

What would you tell your gawky teen self?

Today, as the adult you would probably tell that younger self that everything would change eventually, right?

If we apply this concept TODAY, we learn and understand the process of patience and waiting.  Sometimes we can go ahead and try with all our might to force things to happen faster than they are ready, but it is in the life lessons of knowing this won’t always speed things along we have learned that everything happens in its own time, right? 

Timing is part of our life chain. It is an essential LINK to be gentle with, for what it represents.

It is like letting your hair grow.  Sure, you can wash and condition it, eat all the right foods, massage your scalp, try not to damage it… but your hair will grow at the pace your hair grows no matter how proactive you are in participating in the process.  This requires patience, right?

If we take this situation as an example and pick it apart we can see that during winter and summer months, our hair grows at different speeds.  Sometimes you may have to get your hair cut more frequently during specific seasons than you do others.  That is also for reasons you may not realize.

Perhaps having to bump up an appointment sooner or push it back later provides you an opportunity to have a conversation that would not have taken place otherwise.  Maybe you run into someone you have been meaning to get in touch with for a long time, and run into them unexpectedly.  Or maybe you have had a problem resolve itself on the day of this changed appointment that wouldn’t have happened if your hair grew at the same speed and the appointment happened to be kept at a status quo regularly scheduled time.

This may appear to be farfetched, but it is not.  If you examine your calendar to process the timing of conversations, unexpected meetings, random acts of kindness which have peppered your pathway, finding the right thing at the right time or hearing the right words at the ‘right time’ – you’ll begin to see that the timing of EVERY EVENT in your life has served a purpose.  The more time that passes from your past, you are able to see its relevance in your present life today.

Sure, these silly examples may seem crazy… but EVERY SINGLE THING that has happened in your life’s journey has had reason for delays, or reason for obstacles in order to open the door to chance things which would not have happened otherwise.   

From random friendships you have made, business associates you met in unexpected places, even thinking about adopting a pet and you find out randomly your co-worker’s pet just had a litter.  

That little boy may find that having a growth spurt later was for purpose. If he was not tall enough to be on the basketball team, he might have discovered an alternate interest in computers, art or see that he was more agile with his stature for soccer.  Perhaps it would be in these activities he would make friends he would not have made or he learned skills, which would later give him insight to his career he would take on later.  Or maybe in his adult life as a father, his first born child would have an immediate passion for said activities, and he could have first-knowledge experience from having done them himself to be a better father.

You get picture.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  Only until we are physically on the other side of reasoned timing do we see the purpose. 

Timing is everything and your own connection to your awareness of your present moments can provide you many gifts in understanding the great art of patience.

So the next time you find yourself impatient with life, pay attention to your TIMING LINK within your lifeline and know that your highest and greatest good is right there waiting to happen for you at the exact perfect moment with many gifts which will benefit you later when the timing happens to be on point with where you are in your life.