Friday, April 21, 2017


Earth – We live on this planet.  We call the place home.

Quite often, we take this lovely planet for granted, pausing for moments like Earth Day to recognize our own carbon footprint and ways to protect Mother Earth.

Whether you recycle, reuse, repurpose, conserve electricity, gas and water, and carefully monitor every bit of paper, plastic, glass, aluminum you use as a consumer or drive a hybrid, EV, use solar panels, low-flow water devices, or volunteer with the many nature conservancy organizations or plant a tree – your daily actions to help the Earth do make a difference.

We talk a lot about the actions we all can do to improve this planet from our own individual homes to larger efforts in groups to do clean up for the sake of climate change. 

However, what we do not talk about is how our own personal human individual energy is affected by our own connection or disconnection to Mother Earth.

In a previous blog, we talked about S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder
It is true how the seasons affect our moods, emotional and mental health, and well-being. Blues don’t just happen in winter, there are also spring and summertime blues.

Studies have shown that being inside all the time and not connecting with the outside world, nature and Earth, affect emotions and health. 

We need the Earth. We need to be connected to it on more levels than we understand until we actually immerse ourselves into the medicine it provides. 

Therefore, what we do in our part, even daily small actions – ultimately we are helping in some way not only to protect the Earth, but also to consciously within this ripple effect, preserve human health.  

We consciously understand how in taking care of Earth, we help nature, animals and insects to protect our food resources so we can continue to feed ourselves and millions of others on this planet. This is the major focal point of doing our part, along with saving lives from natural disasters, which come about because of daily-compounded carelessness. 

Still, humans have a LINK disconnect from Earth in many aspects from the habitual routine that is called the treadmill of living life.

·         When was the last time you visited a national park?

·         How often do you get out in nature to appreciate the beauty and all the seasons?

·         Where was the last place you visited to take in a mountain view, the tall majestic trees, the surf, sand and sun or an open field of flowers? 

·         Have you ever gone apple or berry picking? 

·         Where was the last place you visited where you appreciated just watching or listening to birds, or watch squirrels play? 

·         When was the last time you opted to be outside when given a choice? 

·         How many flower scents can you identify immediately after catching them through a breeze?

·         How many nature hikes or camping trips have you accumulated in your life?

·         When was the last time you took care of a garden or plant from seed?

·         What is the number of times you actually looked up from your cell phone to appreciate nature other than taking a selfie with it? 

·         When was the last time you put your hands in the soil of the ground and calmly held an Earthworm in the palm of your hand? 

Humans miss appreciating and enjoying what Earth has to offer and in essence, this disconnected link further separates our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection to Earth.  This creates a distancing of our being to where we live, and pushes our gratitude further away each day that we do not take a moment to appreciate what is HERE NOW.

Earth Day… is not just one day, but also a day which should be appreciated EVERY DAY so that we can be mindful of the greatness that is here.   

We are very fortunate to have this beautiful place to live out our lives and dreams. 

Be sure you take a moment each day to enjoy the beauty you can continue to maintain on this planet with your daily consciousness to not only protect it, but to realize all that it is.