Monday, April 24, 2017


Have you ever stopped to think about who you would be today, had you not gone through what you have?  

Have you ever underestimated your own strength within?

Re-evaluation of one’s own life is something we usually only do when we are tested once again.

We may believe that we are going through something difficult or challenging and often wonder WHY this is so. 

However, if you shift perspective as to the event being ‘for purpose’ we begin to see and realize we can get through anything because we went through something equally as challenging and we somehow made it through.

It is moments like this, we see our own strength.

It is in this realization; we can find our truth, our faith, our hope, and our wisdom, which comes from overcoming obstacles.

It is in moments like this, we also understand that our ability to overcome anything is possible if we just happen to get out of our own way for a few minutes to stop to evaluate progress.

However, we cannot see this, or realize this, without tapping into our own LINKS of Self-Reflection.

You may begin to believe that you lack strength, endurance, or the ability to overcome obstacles, because the process itself is daunting.  

Of course, it seems even more overwhelming when you do not sit still long enough to take the time to process or use self-reflection as your power tool of rediscovery.

What are some of the things you learn about your own stress when you sit still?

When you honor your own fatigue and use stillness as a way to regroup, how do you feel?

Where your thoughts about anxiety are, worry or concern when you stop long enough to reflect? 

We as humans often underestimate the power of introspection, however it is in sitting still long enough, we can appreciate what growth actually is, and how much is happening when we are in the process whether or not we are on the other side of it. 

WHY aren’t there more moments of stillness in your life? 

We claim there is not enough time to be still because we are too busy to see that it is possible. 

However, we have to make time.  If we do not, the Universe makes it for us.  

Don’t believe this is true?  How many times during a week do you have to “wait” for something (traffic, microwave, public restroom, bank, post office, public transportation, your computer to download something, your wound to heal, your wishes to come true…..) ???

It is in this waiting time you are given moments to be still, only most humans are too busy pre-occupying their time multitasking other things with their phone or something else.

It is human nature to overload your schedule or 'busy yourself' by way of distraction in order to get in your own head.  However, getting in your own head to reflect is also very healthy and necessary at times to regroup with your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and goals.

How often do you regroup?  Once a week?  Month? Year?

Most of us look at the New Year as a time for re-evaluating, clearing the slate, setting new plans in motion. Those who consider going back to school use the summer as fall semester schedule approaches in order to plan for the undertaking of making educational changes.

At work, your employer may have weekly or monthly meetings depending on what it is you do for a living requiring collaboration of ideas or strategies or safety checks/drills with new policies or procedures.

What if you were to do something similar with your life - to meet with your mind once a week instead of getting into a habitual routine of waiting to reassess only when you have time?

When we take time to be self-reflective we ultimately improve our lives by being able to access more energy within.  This is the energy which usually gets depleted taking care of everyone else from work, school, family and home to friendships and relationships.  

When we deplete this, there is usually nothing left of us to take care of the things we need to.  Sometimes getting still can refuel our tanks to begin anew with a second helping of energy to help us keep going.  

We often "forget" about the fine art of doing nothing can sometimes be something we actually need for ourselves, our soul and our spirit. 

Take a moment to just be still.  Shut out the external noise, along with the internal committee in your head and you will be surprised just how a few minutes can improve your ability to reconnect that LINK of self-reflection and appreciate just how far you have come.