Monday, April 10, 2017


Numbness, daily flat lining, status-quo… the blahs.  Are you bored with your own life?  Do you feel like you are only existing and not living?  

You are not alone.  Most people say they are ‘bored’ or point fingers of blame at people in their lives for this boredom or circumstances, which create a DISCONNECTED LINK from LIVING. 

But HOW can you reconnect your excitement for life again?

How can you get your life back on the track of feeling daily joy?

First, we need to understand the basics of this feeling and why we are stuck.  Here is an ‘overview’ of where you may find yourself:


Okay, that is great… but how can one small thing or one small change really change what I am feeling?  Is it possible to actually overcome the blahs with one small change?
YES.  But first, you have to understand that it is YOUR  PERCEPTION that needs to change or nothing else will follow that NEW PATTERN.

Things we do to add excitement are simply like a façade remedy.

Some people DEFAULT BACK TO COPING MECHANISMS to deal with stress, frustration, and yes, even blahness, complacency, or disconnection.  But after all the shopping, dining and like it was mentioned in the video, vacations ---- most find THIS IS NOT ENOUGH to add excitement.

So then, many believe that they need new friends, a new relationship or even a new job.
For a while, this may seem to be the remedy, but you find that your new circle of friends, new relationship or even new job still bring you back to the same place once the ‘newness’ runs out.

And honestly, that is not going to fix the problem either.

Then what will? 


One of the reasons in the video, charity work was suggested was so that you can begin to see your own life through the eyes of someone you do not know. 

Your friends and family will tell you what you want to hear or know you so well that even the conversations you have will ‘always be the same.’

Connecting through charity work gives you a stranger’s perspective.  Your life is exciting to THEM, because they see you from a place of giving something of yourself that YOU DO NOT GIVE BACK TO YOURSELF on a daily basis. 

We often take ourselves for granted.  It is easy for us to give to others, isn’t it?  Giving back makes us feel good.  Yet we do not often allow ourselves to feel good on our own terms. 

When you open your world to others, you also see them through their eyes.  You are coming from a place of wanting to HELP THEM.  In turn, YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP YOURSELF.


YES.  Helping yourself.  

Material items will not solve the problem of boredom, numbness, or disconnection.

You see, we even take our own ‘boredom’ for granted.  We do not understand or SEE that to someone else, our lives are greater than the sum of its parts.

This shifts your perspective.

Now… in the video it was also suggested that you gather your friends and loved ones, then go do something you have never done before.

How is this different from just trying something new on your own?

Why is it important?

It is important because if everyone else is also doing something they have never done before – i.e. say you all go hiking at a national park that’s always been on your ‘to do’ list or go try volunteering at a pet shelter or something… you all experience new sensory experiences.

From here, you get to have NEW conversations, even if the people are still the same ones from your circle and you invigorate your own ‘blah syndrome’ from what was once your boring routine Sunday Brunch or movie night.  

That one change now sparks several minds with a shift in newness.  This can trigger other new thoughts or ideas and suddenly your old routine is not making you feel the same, but rather encouraged and inspired to make other shifts.  

THIS IS THE KEY.  You need to have new conversations around you – BUT you also need to make sure the conversations YOU ARE HAVING WITH YOURSELF change, too.

Yes.  If we tell ourselves our lives are impossible to change repeatedly, we begin to believe it.  When we BELIEVE IT, then we BECOME IT and we are only contributing toward the energy of this becoming worse.

If we choose to resist change, then everything always stays complacent and you become even more DISCONNECTED from where you were in the first place.

Sometimes all we need is that one thing to get the ball rolling into new territory.  That new territory has the potential to spur greater change.  However, it all begins with RECONNECTING your DISCONNECTED LINK to the possibility of change. 

We often feel change is daunting.  Yes, change is scary.  However, we must leap to embrace it in order for it to become what we want, which is ultimately to be different from where we presently are in our complacency. 

Though it does not have to be so grand from the start to immobilize our efforts.  Tiny changes have the potential to trigger larger efforts once you get into a new habit of making steps before you make strides.  The strides then have a way of happening naturally on their own. 

So if your life is feeling blah, and you are disconnected from feeling anything exciting within yours, start small today for greater changes to create new beginnings for tomorrow.