Monday, March 27, 2017


Sports have a time-out and half time.

Your place of employment has a breaks and lunch periods.

Elementary schools have recess.

Day care has naptime.

Life offers vacation time.

Stage plays have intermission.

As humans, we are presented this pause button option throughout our life.  The “idea” of taking a break or pushing the pause button is always right there in front of us.  We are conditioned to understand that the pause button is there for good reason.

Did you know you could reduce blood pressure, stress, and improve your health and well-being by LINKING TO YOUR PAUSE BUTTON? 

It is true!  You can also prevent diet derailments (eating due to stress), and other unhealthy addictions in your life the more you connect to how you LINK to your ability to pause.

When it comes to the knee-jerk reaction of anger, frustration, impatience, or even self-doubt, humans often forget that the pause button exists. 

Reaction in the human brain/psyche becomes a blurred line with action in most daily interactions with others because it involves immediate presence in our lives as well as the ability to understand our own LINK TO PAUSE.
Where have you noticed this the most? 

Have you seen this at your work place?  Standing in line for coffee, at the dry cleaners, or in line at an amusement park ride?  In a restaurant, in traffic or at the public restroom? 

Emotions can run high when the mind chooses not to press the pause button.

A simple thought or feeling can turn into something, which can swiftly get out of control because one forgets that the pause button exists at all.

When we look at arguments for example, most of the time people are yelling on top of each other without listening to what the other person is saying long enough to ponder what is really being said.

If we were to press a pause button on heated situation, we would see that both parties involved are coming from a place of pain in recall of an old wound or situation, which triggers that response. 

However, pressing the pause button in this situation usually does not happen fast enough for most, because both people are reacting and the action becomes an escalated argument.

What if we were to take this same argument and press a pause button for a moment to pay attention to what is really happening?  

If you were to ask each person if he or she were invested in the idea of having a negative interaction, you would discover that neither person initially wished to participate, yet the participation happened.

Why is this so?  Is it ego?  Or is it the need to be ‘right’ or the desire to resolve something of the past, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact someone, is arguing with you over taking the last bagel? 

When we take a step back and pause the situation, we are able to see much more than what is existing on the surface.  The same can be said for wherever you are in any scenario at work or at home. 

If we choose to hit the pause button more often in life interaction, we can improve upon our understanding in relating to one another each and every single day.  Suddenly, that person who cut in front of you in line at the grocery store is not a big deal, when you look at them with compassion that they did not hit their pause button.
In this situation, you begin to see you have choices – If you connect to your own PAUSE LINK:

  • You can make the person aware (in a non-heated way) of their actions by pointing out where the line begins and that you’re all in the same boat having to wait, when you all have busy days and laugh about your pooled circumstance.

  • Say nothing and let the situation pass, as you acknowledge your own heightened awareness of your surroundings and see that many live life with blinders through their own fight to get through their day.  It is here you can be grateful that you live life with a bit more understanding.

You begin to understand that the person cutting in front of you has nothing to do with YOU… it is about where THEY are in the present moment.  Cutting in front of you was not actually a personal selection to make you a victim of that situation – if you give them permission to do so. 

This is where you have another choice.  You can SEE THE SITUATION DIFFERENTLY.  You are not a victim and it was not their intent to make you a victim of their choice action.  Becoming a victim of their lack of awareness, courtesy or their one-lane-blinders-on-life coping mechanism is YOUR CHOICE.  

This is what you begin to see in your daily life when YOU connect to your own LINK OF PAUSE within your life chain. 

With self-awareness, we all have the ability to connect to our PAUSE LINK at any given time you choose to improve your daily life.  

It takes practice to be present in every moment, but with enough practice, we can reduce stress and negative emotional health scenarios as well as physical aftermath of health issues when our bodies respond to those blood pressure spikes and stress inducing situations. 

The long-term effect?  While health and wellness is the largest benefit, you can also improve your own lifestyle by eliminating daily annoyances, inconveniences and negative thoughts and feelings so that every day is a happier one.  You are no longer connected to the auto-defensive response to situations which create anger, frustration or impatience (all of which are not good for your psyche). 

We have the ability to improve our own well-being with this one LINK TO PAUSE to think rather than react and mirror what the other person is doing.  By making this change and tweaking this LINK, we can create our own daily peace in recognizing our ability to co-exist and manage our own thoughts, reactions, and actions.