Monday, March 20, 2017


Have you ever had a ‘feeling’ that you should go somewhere, do something, or turn away based on a moment where you had a feeling ‘in your gut’ that you should take said action?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone asking you for your opinion of what you ‘really think’ or they asked you to participate in something you felt queasy about doing and something told you not to comply? 

Your intuition was present.  If you happened to catch yourself in that moment, you were tuned into your intuition, paying attention to acknowledge the signal you were given.

How often we pay attention is debatable, because it depends on our level of awareness.  See LINKING TO AWARENESS
Once we are aware and choose to be present, our state of mind and senses are elevated.  When this happens, we can see that we are LINKED to our intuition and have more clarity about things. 

The minds of animals and babies are “less cluttered” than ours, and their intuition may be more connected to respond and react on hunches more often than ours. 

In our world today, we have so many distractions pulling us in many directions.  It doesn’t matter how many apps you have on your phone to make you ‘more aware’ of things happening around you, as those very apps can be the culprit as to why your intuition signals are scrambled. 

Think back to when you were a kid, and you were going back to school.  You didn’t need to look at the calendar or pay attention to the fact your parents may be doing a happy dance. 

You may have been playing all summer, not paying attention to the advertising on television announcing back-to-school sales.  BUT – you knew summer was coming to an end, the weather was starting to change a slight bit, the energy in the air was different and your radar told you things were going to change…SOON.  This is intuition.

If you have ever watched a dog wait for someone to come home, you’ll see slight movement in the tail, eyes will widen and ears will perk up a little more.  They can’t read a clock, but they pay attention to the signals in their body which tells them someone is going to be walking through that door… SOON.  This is intuition.

Our intuition as humans as we know it, has this capability.  Too often as adults, we dismiss our intuition.

Have you ever thought about someone and within the hour, that person called you on the phone?  This is intuition. 

Maybe you chose not to attend a party, because you knew it was a place you really shouldn’t be, then you heard the next day that something terrible happened.  This is intuition.

How many times has this happened in your lifetime?  This is your intuition at work.  Your senses, when they are working at their best capacity, plug you into your own LINKED connection.  

But….How many times have you ignored a red flag when your gut kept telling you to pay attention to it?  Did you ever kick yourself after-the-fact when you did not pay attention to your intuition?  

Maybe you knew you shouldn’t have driven your car past a certain point in a storm, or maybe you knew you should have gone to the doctor sooner, because you sensed something was wrong with your health, but ignored your gut telling you to go. 

These are just a couple of life moments where we ignore our ‘red flag’ alert.  Most often, we see red flags in everyday life situations, too.  Sometimes there are so many, humans condition themselves to turn a blind eye. 

Intuition can also be used to help us do things.  But again – sometimes we do not always follow it for a variety of reasons _______ (fill in the blank).  You probably have heard stories from people in your life who have said “Gee, I wish I had gone to visit this vacation spot before nature destroyed it. I had a feeling I should have gone…” or  “If only I had ________”

While we cannot change the past, what we can do for ourselves is allow our minds to quiet down, shut off the noise in our environment.  When we decompress, sit back and allow a peaceful space to help our minds take a break for a ‘tune-up’ so that we can LINK back to our intuition again and pay attention to it. 

Now there is a point where we get that TUGGED LINK... that tug of intuition where we know something is going to change soon or that we should get out of a situation because something will cause us to take action to leap. 

What we can do in moments like this is prepare as best as we can for that opportunity.  This can include taking care of our health and well-being so we can handle the extra energy we need to expend in order to be ready for that huge jump.  We may want to clear space at home or clear space at work or get more sleep/take vitamins or sometimes we may want to do other preparations for the 'just in case' scenario so we have a plan B for what our intuition is telling us to prepare for.  

Yes, life is busy… but using our intuition link can be for our highest good and help us live our own lives much better, improving our own connection to our gut instinct once again.

We are then able to recreate healthier scenarios from an organic and authentic place of knowing which resonates with us from the inside, rather than ‘reacting’ or going into the constant mode of catching up to constantly be in crisis clean-up mode to situations which could have been prevented had we been tuned in a little better. 

Linking to our intuition can have a healthful benefit, too.  We can pay attention to what we truly need and what makes us happy.  If we respond truthfully to what our gut tells us, we are aligned better to cope based from a place of authenticity, rather than only responding to influence.