Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It is International Women’s Day.  As we celebrate women and their achievement paving the way forward, champion for the right to education, stand up to bias, inequality, and speak up against violence, there is much to LINK to in the way of honoring feminine energy.  

On the human front - Every person on this earth has a woman to thank and honor for instilling something key within who they are (and are becoming) today.  From pioneering role models throughout history, to your own family filled with strong grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters; to wives, girlfriends, friends, co-workers and bosses to neighbors… there is a woman who has left footprints, made a difference, changed you, supported you, stood by you, challenged you and perhaps even helped you see something differently through their eyes.

Additionally, there are many women who are warriors who are still speaking up, speaking out, and standing up for more progress and change.

On the soul front, regardless of your own gender identity, EVERY HUMAN SOUL has feminine energy linked to their life.

You have this energy surrounding you in your everyday environment from the Divine. 
As souls, we all have both masculine and feminine energy links WITHIN US as part of our highest levels of consciousness.  

When we combine this energy from the human behavioral transference given to us by the women in our lives, feminine energy takes on a certain power when examining our own links to sensitivity, compassion, or nurturing aspects in nature as a part of characteristics within our being.  From here this feminine energy link has only been further enhanced, enlivened or ignited by feminine energy as a whole applied to unconditional love, understanding/comprehension, helping/assisting others and ‘mothering’ in every maternal and yes, paternal instinct.

What did you learn from your mother?

What did you learn from your grandmother?

Have you noticed you have some of their knowledge, wisdom, strength, principles, and values embedded within your being from your learned behavior and their influence?

Have you celebrated these very things which have made up who you are and who you are becoming?

Linking to feminine energy as we address the instinctive emotional core strength, ultimately comes from a place of peace and balance, intuitiveness within higher consciousness and awareness.  

This very same energy resides within heart awareness and it is why of course Venus within our cosmic connection relates to love – for which there is no greater strength.  This is the feminine energy, which affects us with every planetary shift – and yes… of course Mother Nature plays a big part in our everyday “human” awareness shifts as our souls navigate the surrounding pre-existing energy fields.

How can we use this feminine link energy for the highest good?  

How do we know when these feminine links connect?

Can these links further strengthen our own understanding of ourselves, and each other?

What piece of feminine energy is most prominent in your daily actions?

These are all good questions to ask ourselves as we further explore who we are, what we express, and examine where our ‘feminine side’ is magnified in our actions as well as our words.

We can utilize these links to create harmony and tranquility when we choose to integrate this intuitive power to our daily life by tapping into it in our everyday human experience.  

As we connect and communicate with others, we are able to see a conversation beyond the conversation itself if we allow ourselves to connect from a place of quiet strength and compassion, healing and actually hearing with feminine energy.  All conversations at this point as we do this, come from a place of seeing love and being love in all of our interactions relating soul to soul rather than merely human ego to human ego.

Why is this a bold act for change?  

Imagine how everyday conversation would look if we applied our feminine energy outward to the world in a healing, helpful place of strength to broaden the perception of what strength looks like and what standing for something looks like.  

Aggression is not necessary in boldness, rather feminine energy linked to our consciousness create a fully integrated way of communicating more effectively to be comprehended from both a human and a soul place with words merged with feeling for conversations which matter.  Communication will be more effective with much more resonance when it is authentic rather than masking with more masculine energy if it is not genuine from the place of creating change.

Passion is stronger with compassion.

Taking a stand is more prominent when one sits with the intuitive connection in truly relating what is authentic from the heart in stating why change is necessary.

Seeing important issues from a place of elevated consciousness by allowing feminine energy to guide the way and pave a path of sensitivity creates equality in promoting progress through being sensitive toward every living organism with eyes, which see we all matter in the bigger picture, not just a chosen few.

Honoring the feminine links we all have within our being, creates a place for us all to be better human beings so that when we are humans doing, we can do more good in the world co-existing by embracing the feminine links within ourselves and within each other.

Let’s celebrate feminine energy – not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.