Thursday, March 9, 2017


It is that time again for most of us who live where we subscribe to the action of changing our clocks to move time an hour forward.

Whether or not you actually change your clocks and believe you actually ‘lose an hour of sleep’ is irrelevant if you continue to lose sleep over the idea you cannot move forward in life, even though time does. 

The truth of the matter is that change is possible with time even if you think it is not on your side.

Many believe that as the clock ticks away, seasons come and go and aging happens, that the game is over.  

This is not true. 

You have to trust and take stock in the belief that your time is YOUR TIME and allow that idea to manifest your own personal timeline. 

What does that mean exactly?

Think back to your childhood and the ‘growing chart’ that either you saw in school at the nurse’s office or perhaps at home on the painted wall somewhere graphite pencil markings were etched with your name and age and a line.  

You may have always anticipated that the line would continue to escalate upward each time you were measured to show your growth each season.  Sometimes you may have surpassed your siblings, other times your time marked line stayed stagnant for a while, until suddenly one season you grew two inches unexpectedly.

Believe it or not, this very exercise noting your progression and growth with TIME was your own and the same can be said for your actual lifeline of goals, dreams, accomplishments, and achievements.  In other words, you may have eaten tons of vegetables as a kid to try to grow faster, but your own timeline of growth had its own time and nothing you could do could make that happen faster than it was destined to happen.

So if we take this same idea with life, YOUR LINKS embedded within your being for your own blossoming with personal, career and life in general as they are destined to unfold pretty much in the same way you rose up that growth chart on the wall.  

Perhaps your ‘to do list’ is longer than your bucket list and you feel as if you cannot reach that list because there is not enough time.  You may feel paralyzed by the idea that you cannot do it all or that time may never find you or afford you with the ability to do all it is you want to do to figure out your destiny. 

While you may see many of your peers move and shake ground faster than you shake, you may believe they are growing faster than you grow and springing their life forward into the possibilities where you feel unable to measure up.

It is time to stop measuring against others, and time to start owning your own time and timeline because it is YOURS.  

Read that again.

Your timeline is YOURS.  Once you begin to own the idea and reclaim your own growth and progress, you begin to relax within the parameters you create vs. trying to keep up with someone else’s idea of what those parameters are. 

It is from here you can spring forward into YOUR possibilities designed specifically for you and your life, lifeline and timeline. 

Changing this perspective and mindset can only propel you and spring you into new action that is driven and motivated by your making your day your own.  You can choose to wake up and make your day be as productive as you choose for it to be rather than listening to the negative voices that you begin to believe make things impossible.

By tweaking your LINK of dialogue internally, along with the idea of what time really is, you are able to create a balance and reinvent your own ability to make things possible, which align to YOUR desires, specification of time and what that means rather than looking at the clock.

So as you change your clocks (or not) this weekend, remember that your own clock is up to you and you have the power to make time to spring forward to your benefit of saying what is actually possible in YOUR HANDS OF TIME.