Thursday, February 23, 2017


The world can be a negative place filled with unhealthy thoughts, behavior, relationships, and things that are toxic in our environment.

So often, when we think of the word “health,” we think of healthy eating, exercise, and fitness, sleep, staying hydrated and taking vitamins.

When you think of the word “health” – do you think of the following words?

·         USDA Organic
·         Non-GMO
·         No Transfat
·         No hormones
·         No sulfates, parabens, dyes, chemicals
·         Gluten-free
·         ALA Omega 3
·         Dairy-free
·         Fat-free
·         Soy-free
·         Salt-free
·         No animal testing
·         No preservatives
·         Zero sugar
·         High-fiber
·         No chlorine bleach
·         Recycled
·         Vegan
·         Whole grain
·         Pesticide-free
·         High protein
·         Low-carbs

Perhaps you think of a few of these words or maybe all of them – but chances are that when you think of the word health, everything is about disease prevention or health maintenance in relation to consuming food and drinks.  

Sometimes you may consider the toxins in plastics, cleaning products, lead-based toys and housewares, etc. 

However, how often do you think about your healthy life LINKS in your daily thoughts, behavior, and relationships when you think about HEALTH? 

How do you know when your thoughts are unhealthy?

How do you know when your behavior and relationships are unhealthy?

Did you know that thoughts, behavior, and relationships could cause disease and illness?

While you may be familiar with the behavior of drinking, smoking, drugs, and how they affect your health, you may think that is, all there is when it comes to the behavior of causing disease.

However, many illnesses can be brought on by daily dark thoughts and toxic relationships, which affect our actions and reaction via our cell system in the overall health of our well-being. 

Can this be changed?

We have the power to change our health for the better by creating awareness in how our health can improve with positive messages, thoughts, a supportive environment, reduced conflict and anger (which raises blood pressure and may cause eating or substance abuse disorders). 

Unhealthy links in our life can be changed and tweaked.

Healthy links can be escalated to counter balance illness.  

Have you ever heard of someone state, “We may have XYZ disease in our family, but I am NOT getting it.”  

Or maybe you have heard someone say that they are not getting the flu this year and they have mentally told themselves they are healthy and strong.

Have you ever seen someone look and feel better after breaking free from a toxic relationship and perhaps even lose weight, or look younger because they are not burdened with the negative energy? 

There is a LINK to your mental and emotional health with your physical well-being.
We can silence negative thinking. 

We can meditate our way into a state of peace, keeping calm to reduce anxiety and high blood pressure.

We can think positively about our body image, strength, and endurance.

We have the power to overcome ‘worst case scenario’ daily thinking and instead shift our mindset toward pro-active thinking in what we can do on a daily basis to improve finding moments within ourselves, each other and within our lives by appreciating moments of joy.

It is in finding this joy, we have the capacity to begin small changes in our habits, our thoughts, our behavior and improve upon our relationship with ourselves first, so that we can further improve upon our relationship with others and within our community.  We can create a supportive more positive arena where we all can thrive, grow, and become healthier in how we think, act, and respond/react. 

This action spurs on a ripple effect to our happiness, and it is in this happiness we can find the positive elements of life.  This ‘feeling’ we generate can have a positive effect on our health, stress levels, blood pressure, tension, anxiety and reduce our chances of creating illness and dis-ease within our own bodies.  

So take a moment to think about all of the positive things about yourself, your life, your journey and start making a list about the things that bring you joy, peace, happiness, good energy, and a healthier thought process.  Make a list of what that looks like and take action in creating this for yourself, daily.  

Putting this into practice will become a new habit, a healthy habit where you can embrace your healthiest links and change how you communicate with your mind, body, and soul.