Wednesday, December 2, 2015


He said. She said. They said.  Communication is the most important LINK in the entire chain of your LIFE LINKS. You already know this. 

But did you know - It is the foundation of how you function in the world and therefore shapes your entire journey? 

Communication is more than just a 2-way street.  There is quite a bit of communication which sadly, never gets communicated. This is the major component to the following LINKS:

  • Misunderstanding

  • Assumption

  • Judgment

  • Imposition

  • Frustration

  • Resentment

Do you want to remove the above LINKS from your life?  The key to doing that is to improve your communication by understanding that communication is more than just talking.  It involves knowing what you are talking about when it comes to communicating from a factual and truthful place emotionally. 


This is hard for most people to do because they want to fit in instead of being themselves to speak from their own minds and hearts. 

“Acceptance” begins with you – and it is an inside job.  Whatever you say in order to gain it from the outside world will never be enough because if you don’t already possess it WITHIN.

Humans presume that other humans automatically ‘know’ what they are thinking or feeling.  When one communicates assuming everyone is a ‘mind reader’ – they are setting themselves up for miscommunication on many levels.  If words are not articulated in an exact measure, you can continue to ‘expect’ others to ‘read your mind,’ – but you are setting yourself up for the idea that everyone will already assume what you mean.  

We can also ‘assume’ when we automatically default to a place of having excellent communication and thinking we are always on the same page with someone as we exchange.  However depending on where one is at the time of receiving said communications, we may not be having the conversation completely or fully, perhaps only subconsciously based on emotional connection. This is due to feeling as one is thinking and therefore communicating on all of these cylinders which may not be necessary at the time of the present communication.

Communication also has a way of LINKING to one’s own perspective.  People can pass judgment instantly when some need or want is not met while having said communications, without having previously communicated the need by reading their minds.

Other times, humans say one thing and actually mean another by not using the right words or conveying complete thoughts, and then get angry when they are not understood.

There is yet another scenario where communication is completely misinterpreted based on the recipient immediately imposing their own ideas of what they think someone said, when that was not the line of communication at all.

Lastly, there is the other situation where many may not know the answers to questions asked or merely ‘avoid’ answering them because they don’t wish to feel stupid, so they ‘guess’ at what they THINK the recipient would like to hear or would likely accept as a valid answer.  

The truth in all of these situations is that TRUTH is in there somewhere, but none of these situations are communications based on the foundation of truth. 


  • Insecurities

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Inability to be honest

  • Ego

  • Pride

  • Ignorance

  • Narcissism and only seeing one point of view


This is why understanding the connection of where you are at with both of these things is important.  When you are LINKED to your thoughts and feelings from your truthful place communication is pure.  If you are disconnected because you are more connected to your cell phone or computer than you are connected to human life, you have lost the essence of what communication is.

Long before technology, humans had more in person face time. 

Communication was more effective because you could hear tone of voice, you could see facial expressions and pick up the REAL ENERGY off someone’s body language and auric vibe instead of trying to dissect what the heck the emoji is trying to convey.

In other words, communication was more Hi-Def than any of our devices can give us.  

Imagine a dinner party and what it would be like to only be there virtually.  You’re only getting part of the experience.  You’re not getting to taste and smell the food or feel the temperature of the room or even hear the neighbors next door doing Karaoke.  You cannot catch a smirk or sigh from the sidelines of your friend who is acknowledging that one of the other guests is sharing the same story once again.  

The problem with communication today is that many of the traditional and conventional social skills have been stunted due to the co-dependence put upon technology to carry out the task of communication.  The more ‘conditioned’ humans become to this, bad habits form in terms of having real conversation.  

Relationships become two-dimensional and start to lose their initial stock value of what made the connection special from initiation. 

If you have to find out by way of social media that someone you are close to has a benchmark moment in their life and that has become the only way you find out this news, it is a sign that your communication circle has shifted and changed …and not for the better.  

It’s become flimsy and meaningless and dumbed down to TRUTH being that this is the new normal of what society is coming to. 

You do NOT have to accept this new normal as your standard way of being. In fact, it’s healthier if you DON’T.

What happens when human behavior merges with bad habits and that the bad habits become integrated into daily actions.  This is what social activity has become and real social engagement has actually become more shallow than true human connection.

We can choose to change and shift this by exercising our minds in a retrained learned behavior in reverse from how we’ve chosen to accept communications today. 

For example, during a phone conversation if the person you are speaking with starts to use hashtags or acronyms in everyday language, you have the power to stop the conversation to shift back to using real words.  The same can be said for industry terms and lingo – break out of the habit of the daily crutches you’ve chosen to adapt as your way of communication.  It doesn’t make you hipper, cooler or ‘on fleek’ by using language in a medium which said words do NOT apply.  

This action alone reminds us of the importance how we can change and shift communication breakdown.  

Eliminating fear in using real words is also something we can do as humans.  You do not need to keep using symbols to say what you need to say unless of course it is on Twitter where you are limited to 140 characters.  Stop using symbols in texts on your phone and instead DIAL the phone and make the call.  If you have time to post nineteen symbols and thumbs ups and hearts and such, you have time to speak said words on the very device that was designed initially to make a call.  

Taking time to reclaim our communication style rather than simply adapt to what everyone is doing will improve upon daily interaction and eliminate our ‘shortcuts’ and avoidance of meaningful exchanges.  

It is with this, we can increase a balance within our well-being to comprehend life and conversations better.