Friday, January 1, 2016


Fresh start.
Clean slate.
With new beginnings,
We can create.

With the passing of each year, a new one begins – and with it, new intentions for everyone on the planet.  Universally, the New Year is one of both unification and of consciousness in hope and renewal, however we need not always focus on the New Year being an opportunity for new beginnings.  We can shift and change that LINK now by remembering that every single day is an opportunity to renew.

Many believe that our attachment to the idea of change must be connected to dates on a calendar, but if we look at dusk and dawn as the closing and beginning of time spent with each day being all we have, we can develop a deeper appreciation for all that is…RIGHT NOW.

Reconfiguring this key LINK within your life provides you the opportunity to comprehend your emotional and cerebral identity LINK you created long ago to how you choose to decide to process ‘meaning’ in life and how you connect it.

Is this automatic recall? 

Is this a behavioral pattern? 

Can you make a commitment to re-evaluate your own connection and go within to make the shift?

The answer is YES.

During any moment within your journey, you can change your own destiny by choosing how you identify with processes you’ve previously set in motion to change how you act and react in your next phase of life.

While many have New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking or drinking, live a healthier lifestyle and change old habits and patterns in the physical realm of being, we also have the opportunity to tweak the LINKS on a mental and emotional front in connection to previous behavior to eliminate old issues.  

Rather than have old issues repeat themselves, you have the power to change the LINKS which no longer work for where you’re going or what you are doing next in your life. 

The process itself can be arduous and sometimes painful in shedding your own idea of who you think you are or who you thought you were supposed to be, but it is vital and necessary as part of the imperative process of change.  

Change is constant.

You are constantly changing.

Life is constantly changing.

Each day is a new beginning… if you fail at a goal or resolution, you do not need to wait until the following year to ‘be better’ or to re-address the failure.  Each day is a new day to begin AGAIN.
Think about it and start ignoring the calendar as a ‘must do this by XYZ date’ – and give yourself the permission to be human, but to also succeed each time you set out to try again. 

Determination and persistence go a long way when you begin to recognize your own internal clock of how you feel in dealing with your resolutions instead of letting a calendar dictate to you, whether or not you have succeeded.

Therefore, old behavioral patterns are as useless to your changed pathway because they were not designed to be utilized with your new journey.

Confused?  Let’s break this down further into a more identifiable explanation. 

For years, aluminum foil was considered to be the ultimate ‘go-to’ wrapping/storage wrap. For some, this old wrap still is very useful.  But when the microwave was invented, aluminum foil could not be used here – it became dangerous to use it inside of a microwave.  

For years, the flathead screwdriver was a useful ‘go-to’ tool in building all things – that is until the Phillips screwdriver came along and the Allen wrench came a long and different tools became necessary in order to adapt to the change in the variety of uses of building different kinds of items with different screws.

For years, a floppy disk drive was the ultimate way of storing information until CD-ROM and flash drives, zip drives and the Cloud came along…  you get the picture. 

Just like switching from a turntable with vinyl records to CDs to iTunes or whatever your point of ‘change’ you’d like to use for reference, you have to see that nothing stays the same.  So why should the way you deal with your goals or resolutions? 

If we examine change and change being inevitable, we must identify old processes, solutions and ‘go-to’ familiar LINKS used in life to problem-solve and foster change within. 

As humans living on Earth, this process in itself is a tad more challenging to adapt because the root of it resides in a comfort-zone and recall learned behavior process which has to shift consciousness before it becomes a new habit or ‘go-to’ space to use efficiently and evolve into everyday action.

Make a list of your good habits, and then make a list of your bad habits.  Notice which list is longer and which list took longer to adapt.  You’ll see that bad habits were easier to adopt into your life than the good ones, which is why they still reside within your way of living. 

For any resolution or goal to succeed, you must understand the ‘fear’ or ‘resistance’ behind the unwillingness to change and tweak the LINK within to comprehend WHY you have this fear or resistance.  

What are you afraid of losing by making said changes? 

What is the resistance about and can you properly separate your own ideas with regard to the resistance in relation to your family, friends, peers or others who are forcing you to be someone you are not?  

Start with choosing to become grounded on the change from the position of it being YOUR choice and you will start to see how your own creation of change for YOURSELF (not anyone else) is the motivating and driving force behind the change.  This breeds new ground for success, because it comes from YOU – not someone else’s plan.

Without doing so, any attempt to move forward will be unsuccessful because you will be operating back in default mode of the bad habit or the bad behavior – not only because it is familiar and comfortable and what you have ‘known,’ but because you haven’t adapted your new solutions and are still stuck in your old methods of ‘dealing.’  More importantly, the motivation will be wrong from the get-go.  Once YOU decide what changes, resolutions or goals you want for yourself without outside influence, you can begin to step foot back on your own personal journey for your destiny designed specifically for YOUR LIFE. 

When we begin to address the root of the failure for resolutions and change the LINKS within our life in how to start a new beginning, we recognize we hold the key to making the change we wish to make.

Wishing you the very best for each new day and each new year.