Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Peace…. AND QUIET.  When was the last time you it?

If you can remember the time when you were in Kindergarten, each day there was ‘quiet time.’  Sometimes the quiet time was just for reading.  Sometimes the quiet time was used just for drawing or coloring.  Maybe you had a quick naptime.  


We had it because it is a healthy thing to do.  As young children, we were very ‘active’ humans.  There was playtime and learning time and just being crazy and curious humans.

When we became adults, we lost this.

It went way.  POOF! GONE.  Some of us get quiet time during exercise like a run or while driving in a car.  That's nice.  But it's not quiet QUIET TIME.  You're still 'doing something' and multitasking. It is in multitasking you have too many distractions to really settle your mind to a place of quiet.  Sitting on the couch reading doesn't count either.  You're still pushing your mind to 'do' rather than 'to be.'  

Meditation and yoga is good, however many people are still preoccupied with 'doing it right' and the perfectionist tendencies are further distraction from simply being. Quieting the mind down to a place of self-acceptance, sitting in stillness without judgment and mental chatter is not quiet time either.

As adults, we are three times busier than when we were children… yet we do not have much quiet time and we certainly do not get three times the amount of it just for being busier.

Noise is toxic to your well-being.  With too much noise, we are not able to decompress.  Our internal wiring center within our bodies is reacting to all of this noise 24/7 unless we make time to be quiet.

Sometimes when we are quiet, we can actually become noisier because we pause our bodies long enough to let our minds continue the chatter.  Nevertheless, if we take the time to shut off our minds, we allow our physical, emotional, cerebral, and spiritual centers to recalibrate and start to get in touch with our total being.

LINKING to your Quiet Link within and remembering that you do have an ‘off’ switch – you provide a clearing of all that has consumed your reactionary impulses.   

In other words, once you reconnect and RE-LINK to your center within, you can literally push the reset button and improve your immunity, blood pressure, stress levels and change the cell structure within your body.

Understanding how this works can also help you further understand the 'fight or flight' patterns in how your body deals with your noise.  One of the reasons most people get sick during busy times is because the body goes into auto-response default mode of trying to overcompensate for what the human is busy doing.  If you don't pay attention to the signs of calming and quieting your body and mind down, you can't continue on a non-stop pattern of dealing with noise.

Most people who meditate know that this is why meditation is so beneficial and that's why they do it.  But during 'noisier times' - that's simply not enough to combat the added noise-factor of what the human body goes through.

Imagine yourself at a rave party with the music on full blast and then you leave and still hear it and feel it within your body - at some point everyone has experienced leaving a noisy situation and having it 'linger' with them for days.  

What has happened to our bodies is that we build up an auto-pilot tolerance to noise.  From the traffic on the streets to the leaf blowers and construction noises; the noisy computer printers or copiers at the office, the clangy dishes at restaurants, chattering in stores that is happening on top of music, crying babies, barking dogs, and trash trucks - the list is a long one.  We may not even realize this 'noise' is around us and we've adapted ourselves to this exposure of constant noise.

For those of you who say you have no time - start practicing five, ten or fifteen minutes of quiet time a day, you’ll start to see the benefits of LINKING to your quiet link and understand the power of just being quiet whether you meditate or not. 

It is here in this space of being quiet, you start gaining more for yourself:

  • More energy

  • Refreshed focus and mental clarity

  • Better sleep

  • Improved intuition

  • Enhanced time management

  • Less stress

After you try being quiet for just a few minutes a day, start writing down changes which you have noticed in your everyday life.  Jot down notes about what you notice in how you are able to get through your day once you have started this process.

  • Do you have more patience with others and yourself?  

  • Are you able to improve your memory?  

  • Are you better at problem solving?  

  • Have you noticed you are becoming inspired once again in a way you have not been in a long time?  

  • Are you having better conversations because you are quiet enough to start listening better?

Taking time to be quiet for just a few minutes a day helps you to LINK back to your sense of balance to your chaotic life.  It is here, where you will that find moments of peace you create for yourself each day help to give you the regrouping clarity you need.