Wednesday, November 27, 2019


How do YOU define gratitude?  What are you thankful for? 

While you have seen these repetitive questions bombard you like the already overflowing Inbox of Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumerism sales emails, the truth of the matter is that for those in the U.S., Thanksgiving is the only time you are ever asked these questions in rampant fashion by people you don’t even know.

The bigger question is… has your own inner circle asked you these same questions that strangers have asked?   Are your answers the same?  

For everyone who has done the metamorphosis journey work in diving deeper in to your authentic truth…. This is a very relevant question to ask yourself.


Here’s another truth… most of the U.S. earthly population will reflect upon their gratitude during this time because of a calendar reminder that tells them to do this.

While the sobering thought of this being a ‘collective consciousness’ for the cornucopia bounty of blessings by a marked calendar holiday may be lovely particularly if this is the only time that some people even take the time to do this- it is also kind of sad.

Here is where I propose:  

  • What if the whole world had DAILY GRATITUDE?  Wouldn’t that be something? 

  • What if your gratitude expanded toward things still sitting in the unknown?  
  • What if your affirmation mantra was “I am grateful for the blessings I have and even those that I have not yet seen, for everything is something to be grateful for…”

How does that last affirmation mantra sit with you?  Pretty cool, eh?

Decades ago, I threw away the idea of a conventional calendar that dictated the commercialism of “we express gratitude on this day,” “express love on this day,” and “celebrate our freedom on this day.”

As some of you who have been following me a while know, I am a firm believer that Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, and 4th of July’s original ‘intent’ of GRATITUDE, LOVE and FREEDOM should be celebrated EVERY DAY. They are also the three things we should be thankful for on an endless loop and honor as an action-based attitude of expression in our kindness and respect in how we show up as humans.

YES, it is nice we dedicate a day to pause and reflect, honor and celebrate, but if we are truly doing our jobs as the human-soul union bigger picture of escalating humanity, we will have moments of gratitude, reflection and exercise the significant recognition of what we feel BEYOND the calendar, integrating it in our EVERY DAY being. 

Our heartfelt spirit and authentic intent in honoring anything should be conscious moments and the ‘pause’ for reflection to think more deeply about how we examine our practices in remembering,
Devoting our own internal clock toward honoring our own feelings authentically as they happen IN REAL TIME - our thoughts and consciousness is an act of love, an act of self-love and greater humanity love all in the same breath.  

Why is this so?  

If we allow ourselves to think and feel as we do, we are not putting ourselves in a box to isolate celebrating life or honoring remembering by a calendar’s statement, rather our own human/soul united front of listening to our hearts. 

Let’s be honest – emotions and memories are all triggered by certain events. Sometimes it is a song, sometimes it is a certain food, sometimes it is a game, a story, or shared experience.   We can be THANKFUL for everything all year long and celebrate our gratitude in the exact moment as it is happening, even if it is in July.   

This is also in alignment for LIVING YOUR TRUTH and BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF and honoring these feelings that are necessary.  Gratitude is appreciating every minute, every moment and all that life has to offer you – whether it is a learning moment, an opportunity to reflect, a chance to change, challenge or grow your consciousness.  The same can be said for understanding that gratitude has a place to change your life in being thankful even for what you cannot yet know or see.  I’ll get into this in just a few seconds below. 

If we practice THIS – then our own abilities of relating expand in our connecting with others to allow everyone else to FEEL and THINK independently, RESPECTING emotions and thoughts that arise in honoring “remembering” or “the spirit of…..” or swelling up of BEING in the moment our hearts feel something or our minds pause in the moment of gratitude each day. 

Our gratitude in this place now has an expanded state of being beyond the one day marker on the calendar and we can have better human relating. 

So now… let’s dive into 5D gratitude…. First starting with the 3D.

When we are thankful, grateful, and have gratitude, we express thanks for our health, our circle of loved ones inclusive of families, friends, community, safety, and work. Our basic needs that are met with food, shelter, clothing and anything that is that extra gravy beyond this, is what we identify with as gratitude within the 3D sphere.

But what if I were to stretch your brain, heart and soul recognition and consciousness further by sharing with you that you can have DAILY GRATITUDE more consciously for everything that is in the 5D.

How?  What if you were thankful for events you cannot see/know in terms of daily events that occur for your highest and greatest good?   

What if you were grateful for the daily inconveniences, delays, frustrations – because they helped you to GROW into being a better, patient human, testing your mettle?   

When we are given opportunities to LOOK at how we act/react to things, these are all gifts.

As circumstances present themselves regarding conflict, misunderstanding, or even discomfort – sometimes these blessings stretch us, expand our own growth and awareness and in turn, we become more transformed from said process. 

Understanding this, saying “Thank you, Universe” – is now tapping into deeper 5D gratitude.
Too often the human dwells on these things as disappointments only because expectation or attachment to outcome is connected, rather than saying “Thank you Universe, I understand this situation came up so I could be more patient with myself and others.”   

You get the point. There are usually several things to be grateful for, for everything that occurs, even if the human does not see it.  

But wait, there’s more…

When the Universe guides us down a certain pathway, we are often being shown a new lesson or a new opportunity or we are being reminded to have gratitude for where we are right now as it is Divine.  Sometimes we are being protected and saved from our own haste or our own misguided choices when things go awry – we are shown that we can become stronger or grow into a better version of ourselves in the interim.

Many blessings are ‘in the making’ – many are on their way to us.  If we stay open to receiving said blessings and allow them to transcend the journey, we have even more to be grateful for as we express gratitude beyond the present-day consciousness of gratitude.

Gratitude now is taking these 5D navigational lessons into the 3D when we say THANK YOU.
So as you take your daily gratitude forward beyond Thanksgiving and give thanks for what you already do, hopefully you will see that you do indeed have a bigger cornucopia of blessings to be grateful for than you might have been conscious of before.

And with that… 

I say thank you to YOU… the silent ones who sit and observe these moments, privately learning from my blog and those who have actually liked, shared or forwarded the link.  May what you learn here, help you enhance and improve your everyday life.  

My heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation is something I hope you feel and know that I send with pure heart intent.  I am truly grateful for you being here and appreciate all of your support.
May you be thankful for your yesterdays, sit in gratitude today and know that together we are shaping each other’s tomorrow with the gratitude we have every day.