Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Sigh.  Yeah… do you like the poem I channeled above?  It’s pretty powerful, isn’t it?  

I feel blessed to be a conduit for its messages for the collective and hope that what I share is somehow a light shining brightly upon your day. 

So The Universe is asking all of humanity to grow.

Timely?  Always.  The Universe makes no mistakes in timing, for Divine Time is always the proper setting on said clock that ticks toward the highest and greatest good within our own time of evolution. 

It is no secret that it’s a human thing… to not fully realize your own potential.  

Do you remember that one teacher in school who pushed you beyond what you told yourself your limits were?  

You may have felt as if your teacher was your adversary, but in reality they were your advocate.

This is not limited to just teachers.  

Your parents or peers, friends or relatives, may all push you sometimes to get out of your own way.  

Sometimes they may show up in ways so that you remove yourself from your own obstacle in order to return to your own unlimited growth potential, because they try to pull or tug you the opposite direction of your heart or internal ‘gut knowing.’  

Trust that all of it is for one main purpose – your own unlimited growth potential.  

Humans often see things in a negative light or judge things in this said light, when in reality it is not what it appears to be – rather it is a necessary push for growth beyond what thing are currently perceived. 

Our planet is a prime example of this.  We have seen land shaped and reshaped by the way of weather.  Canyons, mountains, valleys and new waterways are all created from growth, from change, from a transformation and shift that is just labeled as “weather.” 

In reality, if things didn’t change, new purpose would not be needed… anywhere by anyone or by anything. 

If we examine life from this perspective, no matter how uncomfortable, we begin to see things in a new light in which growth is embraced with this in mind.

However, as a human experiences these shifts, often called derailment or upsets by the human, what is lost is the soul’s own recognition that this is exactly what it set out to do deliberately to experience the change in order to actually grow.  This was the mission, the purpose and the reason for being in order to become what evolves from the unlimited growth.

LINKING to this reality for the human challenges the human to exit the comfort zone of things remaining stagnant, complacent and status quo.

When the human steps up to owning this LINK within, we begin to see the growth taking place and shape in that present moment to turn a corner into the new shape of things to come and become.  

If you think of yourself as your own seedling… wouldn’t you want to see your soul’s sprouts reach up from the soil into the sunlight to grow? 

Quite often, conflict and misunderstanding, fear and escapism interfere with this process only because the human fails to recognize they are the very seed they are wishing and hoping for in external matter that is just that – external matter.  

If instead, the human were to recognize they are the seed, they are what they need and what they have been searching for to grow, they will recognize their own agreement and contract for the task at hand and say, “Yes… I will grow” and embrace the opportunity rather than to fight it kicking, screaming, complaining or avoiding the change that they signed up to do initially.  

So I leave you with these thoughts, Lovely Souls… do not stand in your own way from growing.  

Ask yourself these valuable questions:

  • ·       How has my own journey given me a chance to grow?

  • ·       What have I learned about myself through my toughest growth opportunities?

  • ·       When did I recognize the growth was for my greatest good?

  • ·       What challenges have given me the best chance to overcome something that held me back from being who I was meant to be? 

If you answer these questions honestly, you will see that your toughest times have given you the greatest growth spurts along your journey and you will have a deeper appreciation for them.

For those of you who fight the tide, The Universe is actually trying to make things better for you, if you will let it.  Choose to use the mantra: “I open myself up to growth” and you will see how the growth opportunity will give you more freedom to be, instead of feeling limited.

In turn, be careful that you do not stand in the way of another person growing by pulling them into your comfort zone forcing them to shrink, just because you are afraid of them outgrowing you.  For that action only limits your own growth potential.  

For if they are on the path, they are going to grow anyway.  The bigger question is, will you choose to do so also? 

Instead step up, and choose to grow as well to see where you, yourself land and reach, stretch and discover…. For that is what growth is all about and it is why things that grow are called LIFE forms.

While life may be a series of growing experiences, once you realize your growth is unlimited and there will always be lessons, there will always be things to learn and things will always change, we are all here for the reason of experiencing life and all it delivers.

The key is to appreciate the wisdom that comes along with it and know that you are being gifted with the greatest gift you can receive, because you are given the opportunity to see what you are really made of through everything you can experience.