Friday, September 20, 2019


During one of my workshops, someone asked: 

“How do I know the difference between my intuition vs. my higher consciousness?” 

While this question may not get your attention, it got mine because it was asked by a ten year-old boy who had accompanied his grandmother babysitting him while her daughter was at work.
Inside, I was smiling at my own consciousness of trying not to let my outward expression gasp like a cartoon character … you know the ones where there’s a three second pause with eyes popping out of the drawn figure’s head. 

Great question from an adult is an even greater question from a child whose mind was not only curious enough to ask it, but challenged the thought process to discern in order to find clarity.
If you were asked this question, how would you answer it?  

How do you identify it within yourself?  

Are you aware when your higher consciousness mind unites with the gut of your soul’s intuition?
For those of you who have recently united your human and soul, heart and mind thought processes, this may be tougher to answer as you reflect to your default answer vs. your newly navigated unified thought.

I proceeded to answer, “Your intuition is your first reaction human gut-all-knowing from existing experiences in response; your higher consciousness is when you choose to let go of pre-conditioned thinking altogether and go within asking for divine truth guidance with no attachment to your human experiences.”
“Oh, well that makes sense,” said the child who merrily pulled snacks out of his backpack and quietly sat next to his grandmother as I continued my workshop. 

For the first time in my life, I was not looked at as some ‘freak of nature’ after delivering said answer.  I was moved by the fact the child did not wish to leave the room to go preoccupy himself with some video game device; nor did he have any ‘judgment’ of me.  

This told me automatically he still had purity and connection to the term of acceptance.  I hope for his sake, his human does not get too tainted in adulthood to have to start over with a cleanse. It was refreshing to see that a decade of human existence didn’t yet have him as jaded as some of the adult attendees with regard to the word ‘TRUST.’ 

The following days surprised me when strangers followed suit, as I engaged in the most fascinating conversation with the Fed-Ex guy who said he was only doing his present job as a means to ‘carry out’ his soul contract of delivering tangibles when the rest of the world was not ready for the other ‘messages’ he had to deliver.  

Similarly, in the recent past few weeks other conversations unfolded with everyone from a grocery clerk, a painter, a dog walker, and gardener.

These individuals were ‘trusting’ the process of their present pathway for something they know will later become their destined pathway of what their higher consciousness has already alerted them will come as they become who they are meant to become.

Examining TRUST from this higher consciousness process exists for everyone both awakened and in the process as we shift toward a movement of where we all know we have to go at some point of our existence. 

But first, we must look at our human, because our human is here now. 

My last blood uncle on earth just passed away a couple weeks ago. It’s been an enlightening process of examining my own earthly existence because if it were not for him introducing my parents, I would not exist in this human form, and possibly still be just soul energy floating about.

As I have walked into this reflective grieving process, I had to ask my higher consciousness a serious question about the nature of my human existence beyond what my human and soul already know. While that may sound deep, I have not been inside of my human vessel fully since getting this news, still wondering about an even bigger picture outside of my human self.

While I have spent years coaching hearing a multitude of questions from the random to left field, I started to wonder about other people’s awareness of their very own bigger picture existence as they reside here on this planet. 

When reflecting upon the child’s question, the Fed-Ex guy’s story and the self-discovery stories that the grocery clerk, painter, dog walker and gardener have all shared – I look “beyond the beyond” into the eyes of courage that it takes to accept one’s responsibility of the ‘soul mission.’  

So I ask you….

  • ·         At what point do YOU choose to honor and trust your own higher consciousness vs. the human earthly existence arena?

  •  ·       Have you always heard that voice – and how long have you ignored it to honor your human instead?

  •  ·       Like all of the other people I mentioned, are you giving yourself a grace period time frame like a gap year doing “other jobs” until you step into your own power and divine gifts?   Are you delaying your own process or merely waiting for your own “divine time?”
  •  ·       Do you ask yourself “when” you will decide to move into what you know you need to do?
  •  ·         Are you exploring yourself to figure that out or have you ‘known’ from the day you arrived and did you start asking the ‘tougher questions’ like that ten year-old in my workshop? 
  •  ·         How do YOU define TRUST when it comes to your higher consciousness?

We all have a life purpose as humans on earth.  We have the soul mission of what we know in ‘all-knowing’ of what we came here to do, even when it comes to wrapping up past contracts and understanding the life lessons we’ve come to know that are presented right in front of us. 

Trust is the greatest gift you can give yourself in your total existence as you step into your next chapter, because when you do, you will trust others in a way that you have not previously trusted before.  

When the human chooses to step into higher realms of thinking, what is revealed is the full display of perception vs. reality; old conditioning vs. new self-acceptance, truth and conscious choices. 

The bigger question is, when will you choose to let go of human perception and instead embrace higher consciousness?  

Everyone is on their very own timeline and therefore, this is all in step with your own conscious evolution.
What is required from this point, this place, this position in the present moment is the acknowledgment that both exist and that you give yourself permission to explore what this means as you evolve into your own metamorphosis process.


The idea of there being a formula is ludicrous, because your own journey has its very own answers to this question.  The realty is yet another very important question….

WHAT DID YOU CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF TO EXPERIENCE?  For the answer to this is your own conscious choice-making. Everyone’s answer will be different and how they deal with both realities are as vastly different from the Fed-Ex guy to the dog walker to the painter to the gardener and yes, even that ten year-old boy. 

If you take a step back to ask the questions of yourself, your own answers are within the truth of the answers you give yourself and the TRUST that you have in your own choices.

When you doubt your choices, you are not just doubting yourself, you are also not trusting yourself or your own process as you evolve and go through the changes you are going through to unfold your own choice-making for the agreements to the contracts you have made here on planet earth. 

What you can do for yourself as you accept your own gift of higher consciousness (which always exists, by the way for you to have at will) – is to be gentle with yourself in acknowledging your work in progress. 

It is here from this place of self-acceptance and self-love you have the capacity to grow trust from a new place inside of your psyche, your soul and yes, even your higher mind beyond the surrender of where you believe you need to go to be who you ultimately need to be. 

Have patience, gratitude, and daily grace as you continue to TRUST.  It’s not something you can achieve overnight, but it does require you to be open, honest and yes, accepting to invite it with open arms whenever you’re ready.

The key is to trust that the trust you have within is worth trusting in to fully trust. In this full surrendering experience, real trust is born.