Sunday, September 15, 2019


I can remember in Kindergarten hearing that animals dream in black and white and humans are the only ones who dream in color. This blew my five-year-old mind, until I encountered something beyond regular human dreaming… rather human/soul ether flying visions and that ultimately changed visions and dreams altogether.

As an adult when I learned in Psych, that approximately 12 percent of the studied human population also dream in black and white, that was the beginning of things changing on another dimension.

For now, let’s forget sleeping, REM state and dreams in the context of relating to what we see and cut to what it is that our humans see in the day-to-day awakened state (or at least semi-conscious) and what is identified as the human dream-to-reality. 

In the awakened consciousness state of being human, we have tangible ‘dreams.’ 

Some people call them goals, some call them objectives/aspirations; others say it is a life-long bucket list of things ‘to do’ or ‘achieve’ while living the 'human life' on planet earth. 

Dreaming is something humans do… it is a human “To Do List.”  It is a challenge to bring dreams into reality and this is the adventure of LIFE as a human on the planet.

But is it only a human thing?  Hold your answer until you watch the video below first, because Lovely Souls, we are going to get into this.  

When we get to the divine purpose for being here you will still hear a mixed bag of dreams in terms of answers for what humans want to do vs. what souls want to do.

This is exactly WHY I am doing a Part One VLOG (click play below) and Part Two BLOG – here written to elaborate even further.

First, let’s get up to speed on where you are now with your human…

Okay, so I realize this was a lot to digest in one bit, (hence the Mylanta) but as your human and soul keep intertwining as you rise to the next level of your consciousness, you understand that in the human context of things, your dreams are your dreams.

As a child, you might have said you wanted to be an astronaut or a veterinarian or something like that, when writing an essay in class as to ‘what you wanted to be when you grow up.’

Notice that a child chooses a JOB TITLE or an INDUSTRY... but it is attached to the idea of a vision, hence a dream, not necessarily a goal, but ultimately a vision.

Why is that so?  If a child is a soul coming to earth, choosing a human mission for a JOB TITLE OR AN INDUSTRY… I doubt very much that the innocent child within you would come to the planet with “Yeah, this is what I want to do/become and hope to pay bills in my human responsibility only for the sole purpose of the soul purpose to pay bills with this.”

Kids don't think that way.  Adults do.

So let me ask your adult - when did this switch?

OR in some context – is this is one and the same?   In other words the human and soul are united with this decision, seeing being an astronaut or a veterinarian as both a passion and a job title united into one... or do you believe there is a mixed context with this thought/idea?

What if you were blessed by the divine with a gift/talent to pursue as your dream/what you wanted to do when you grew up/ and could create your human reality into something you dream of doing? 

Is that merely a dream coming through to fruition with a passion that becomes a job title, that becomes self-actualized with the bonus of this being a gift that is used for the SOUL purpose or is it just your HUMAN one? 

If your teacher today asked you, “So, what does your human think your soul purpose is and is your soul purpose different than your human purpose and how do you define those dreams?  Do you segment them and compartmentalize them or do you merge them into union?” -----  Does your little five-year-old self  look like a deer in the headlights?  

Or do you believe your human is so pure at that child state of human being, untainted by the world of dream rejection that you actually understand that sentence? 

How would your adult self look at that question now? 

More interesting than that question, how do you look at that question now that your human and soul have come into union through your self-actualization via all the metamorphosis healing work you’ve done to take your personal development to the next level with your spiritual self? 

Hehe… Oh, how I wish and dream I could see your face right now reading that question. 
My bigger fantasy?  I want to have a REAL discussion about this to see how many answers I can get on the above and find out who sees this as either compartmentalized or merged/unionized in theory or reality. 

You’ll have to tell me if you are seriously pondering answering these questions.

Trust me, unlike dreams of the 12% of the human population or said animals, none of the answers are actually black and white.

This is where there is something beyond the grey matter, and now we are venturing into the multidimensional technicolor dream world of varying hues of perception. 

My journalism professor once asked me if I lived to work or if I worked to live.

As I look at his question now in the context of work being a dream or what the dream is to do that is not considered work because it is a passion, I believe that there are more hues to this answer as a whole. 

Some people have a mission to do.  Work becomes the mission of an end-result, which is the actual dream and not the dream being the work realized/actualized.

While other humans look at life on earth to reflect a certain nature of being, existing as well as living in terms of making a living becoming something as a means to complete a soul contract to take care of loved ones.  This then becomes the mission and purpose rather than the concrete answer of what a five-year-old might write about in a Kindergarten essay. 

Others may feel their only purpose is to live out a dream as a means to something bigger than the dream itself to serve other people or to change the reality for other humans and the goal/dream is about the way humans perceive their own. 

Then there are other humans who simply have forgotten to dream and look at survival as the dream finalized/realized like a way of achieving a ‘next level’ real life accomplishment challenge.  

Still, there are others whose soul purpose is their sole purpose and reason for being here. 
As you all have been going through life, constantly re-evaluating your own soul journey vs. your human one, the ultimate question I have for you now is …

  • Is this a dream or is this reality for you?  

  • Are you closing out human chapters or past life soul chapters? 

  • Are you aware of both? 

  • When you dream in color (or black and white) – do you believe it is actually a dream or is this merely a flashback to your earthly reality of what it is you must do as your human on this planet to live out dreams? 

Your human 1.0 has evolved to a 2.0 and your 3.0 dreams can have a mix of both visions from your lower vibrational self, and your higher vibrational self at the same time.  

In your 5D higher consciousness state-of-mind, you may see your dreams and your visions as separate things to carry out by your human or merged dreams to ultimately define your mission, vision and your life purpose.  

What you choose to do now in an awakened state… is up to you.

  • But is it your soul that is awakened or is it your human to your soul’s purpose/agenda for why you are ultimately here right here, right now? 

  • What will you do for your human as it moves into your next chapter?  

  • Do you still have human dreams to carry out in the same breath as a soul mission? 

  • Which one drives you more as you embrace each day?  

  • Do your 'sleep/REM state' dreams align with your present-day human mission?  Do you believe one side of your 'being' actually prompts your daily doing?  

  • As you contemplate all of these answers, what are you most surprised about in what your own truth has revealed at this time?   Does that truth match your five-year-old self's pure state of being?  OR have you been completely shaped by your adult reality and life experiences in this lifetime?  
Give yourself a moment (or several) to think about how you are presently LINKING today to your multidimensional vision of your dreams and what (if anything) that changes as you live today in the present and dream ahead for your future.

Let me know just how technicolored those dreams are or if you simply dreamed you were an iguana having black and white dreams.  :D