Thursday, December 7, 2017



In the quiet of the early morning or late night, we as humans may find our minds in a place of reflection.

It is in this sacred space we can honor our pure truth. 

Sometimes that truth is ‘pretty out there.”  But do you know what the best part of that is? 


It is laughable and entertaining at times to navigate the varying conscious human between the surface-level human to the deep, intense, reflective soul.

However, it is here, we can cherish the gear-shifting of navigating our human/soul existence in this thing called LIFE. 

As we look inside our mind, deeper consciousness, and emotions within our heart tackling the heftier and deeper topics, it is easy to sift out the frivolous banter of the day, which is like a life raft carrying us through life’s tougher tide.

As we float with said life raft day in and day out, it is also easy to avoid the heftier, deeper stuff at times, getting swept away by distraction, denying us that more intense place. 

  • Which person are you?  Where do you spend the most time?
  • How often do you get off the life raft?  Or how often do you ride it? 
  •  If you are hesitating, why is this so?
  • Is it because you do not know or is it simply because you know, but yet have not declared the answer?

The answer to that very question will give you insight to WHY you get stuck.  

  • If you avoid your sacred space or your truth and default to the idea of distraction, I ask you – are you just on auto-pilot living it?  
  •  Or are you self-aware enough to have set the parameters you need to function?

  •  Do you assume it is embedded in your day-to-day actions of ‘knowing?’

  • WHY do we need to know the answers to this?

It is here we step into knowing who we are enough to communicate our truths, rather than expecting the rest of the world to automatically understand our truths, if we have yet to process them to make them real. 

Making truths real is more than acknowledging them, it is declaring them…communicating them and standing by them - this is where most people get hung up. 

In general, people like to be ‘accepted’ …and because they do, they don’t walk in truth. They walk into half-truths in order to be accepted.  Thus, you end up with living that’s not real.

This means, your relationships are only half real, your commitments are only half real, and you are living your life with one foot in it, not both.

Now, most if this has to do with self-acceptance, abandonment, boundaries, self-worth, insecurities, and a whole slew of unresolved issues that you may turn away from in this ‘sacred space.’ 

You’re human, and humans naturally don’t like to feel ‘uncomfortable.’

However, this is also where HESITATION comes into play and WHY we need to understand it. You can’t hesitate in finding your truth, because you will sit in a place of indecision about how you show up. 

First – Let’s examine the HESITATION LINK and how it is used to work FOR US OR WORK AGAINST US.  

Now that we understand the hesitation link, we can clearly see how you relate to it.
No one likes to be hurt or make mistakes, but it is in our truthful living that we know with all of our being that we are being most honest with living our best life while we are here.  

We can only do that when we no longer hesitate by living it half-way. 

What I mean by that is, living half-way also means living the way ‘others want you to live’ rather than by your own terms.  I like to call this the “let’s cram you in this box syndrome” because that is where they want you to be, rather than honoring you just as you are or even having the decency or courtesy of ASKING YOU what your choices are. 

Read that again.  

This is why walking in your truth WITHOUT HESITATION is necessary – because when you know who you are, other people cannot lure you into being or becoming a half-version or an inauthentic version of yourself.  

     You do not need to become a doormat in order to be liked, loved, accepted, or included.This is probably the most imperative thing for all humans and souls to understand.

  • You have value and worth
  • You have rights 
  •  No one should ever “control” or “manipulate” you into being anything other than who you are.
  • If you are not “listened to” or “respected” or “valued” - you are in a crowd circle that is not your tribe.
  • You do not need to conform to have a right to be here.

Take these statements with you. They will be of value to you along your journey and it will save you headache and heartache the more you understand these truths and knit them with your own wisdom. 

Lastly, do pay attention to red flags.  You’ll get used to seeing them more clearly and quickly as you put this muscle into practice.  

Hope this helps you along your journey and you can navigate your life with a little more inner peace, the right kind of hesitation, knowing your truth and being able to be the REAL YOU.

When in doubt and plagued by indecision - remember COMMUNICATION is the answer to everything... EVERYTHING.  Ask the questions and you'll get the answers.   

However, you'll feel doubly empowered when YOU KNOW the answers yourself because you know your truth and who you are and no longer have any hesitation.