Sunday, December 3, 2017


Dear Beautiful, Wonderful, Burned-Out, Exhausted Human Soul, 

Come on in, and sit down.  Let's have a conversation.  

I see that you might be a bit more tired than you would care to admit.  I recognize how you put on that brave face on days to keep doing your thing, even on days you may push yourself to get up or to be limping toward the end of your day. 

Rest assured, I see you…perhaps more deeply than you realize. 

Day in and day out, you fight the good fight.  You are a gladiator, warrior, soldier, survivor, and champion of life, doing the best you can.  You have overcome life’s finest challenges. 

Sometimes you have dazzled yourself just knowing what you have overcome, saying “Yessss” privately when no one is looking, and I know it has felt wonderful.

But admit it - at times though, it has been tough, hasn’t it? 

Yeah, I know. Things are not always easy. There are times you have felt slight doubt in the Universe ‘seeing’ how hard you work.  You wonder if your every pure intention is noted somewhere or has mattered to someone.  You question sometimes if you are making any kind of dent of an impact in comparison to how you have dreamed you would.  

  • Don't let this burn out your flame.
  • TRUST that you are making an impact, even in ways you do not see.
  • Allow yourself to know your hard work is for purpose. 
  • Ask yourself if possibly, your expectations exceed your own acknowledgment of what you have done to implement the fire thus far.
  • Recognize you have made great strides, and that is good enough.

There are days as you plow along, you may feel lonely in your passionate concrete pavement pounding trying to make things happen, to create the best life and make the most difference. And at times on tougher days, even though you feel good about what you are doing, it may feel thankless when others are cruel, unkind or disrespectful.  Maybe they don’t ‘get you’ the way you want to be received and you are only human trying to feel some sort of inclusion. Sometimes you feel like just a number or a bar code among many, but you know better. 

Your dream, your passion is bigger than all of this. Your determination is stronger than this.  Your will, persistence and devotion is in there and you know it.   

But for now, your inferno which has fizzled to a flicker is fading with your own exhaustion or creative block... and I know you question why this is happening right now.

There were some dark days, where your hands reached upward from the trenches toward the light, looking for a way to ‘get through’ what you were facing.  While you do not like to sit in the pity place long (and you pride yourself on this), there was a human part of you who asked, “Why me?”  That’s okay that is human, too. 

  • You are allowed to be human.  
  •  You do not need to worry about this… it is not a weakness.  You were just being real. 
Other Emos were secretly high-fiving you as they watched YouTube videos of puppies and bunnies trying to cheer themselves up in your time of realness, while trying to get out the lyrics to Pharrell’s “Happy” song. Snicker, because you’ve done something similar and even though you’re not an adolescent any longer, you have to admit, sometimes these methods work just to carry you through. 

See?  I knew you could smile.

Believe in the purpose of this respite period. You are regaining  your next phase stride. This is why this happens. 

You work hard.  You are sometimes pretty tough on yourself because you set the bar high for what you think you need to do.  There is nothing wrong with this, most times, it is admirable, and why you do well trying to top yourself or try to overcome the obstacles that come your way.

On days you felt invincible and said, “Come on, bring it” as you tackled each challenge head on.

Other times, as you were running on fumes barely limping to the so-called finish line, you kicked yourself “Why the heck did I challenge the Universe to bring it?” wondering if you could continue to endure the trek you asked for, but claim you didn’t ask for.  Smile, I am embracing your creative-over-achieving masochist and you still get thumbs-up and gold star stickers. 

The times you relied upon your comfort vices of survival to cope have been your secret.  You know the ones….  Shh, .I will not tell – that is between you and your binges, whatever they are.  I know nothing. 

Sigh. When the sun rises and you realize you are still here, you wipe your slate clean and pep talk yourself to ‘keep going’.  

It is here you will hear me say “You can do this!” and I will cheerlead, and champion you onward to what we both know you need to do.  

On days when the weather turns a little grey and overcast, your mood may be fickle.
That is okay…  I have faith you will come back to rekindling your own internal flame.

I am a die-hard, loyal, and devoted-to-the-core optimist who plans to stay the course of BELIEVING IN ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU OVERCOME NO MATTER WHAT… even on days you do not believe in yourself.
That’s right.  Yes, go ahead and indulge.  READ THAT AGAIN. 

You can trust in that, even if you do not at times. 

WHY?  Deep down, I know what you want.  

I know you want peace, joy, success, happiness, love, and you want to belong, feel like you matter, and know you are making a difference somehow.  You want all of this, all while knowing you’re accepted as you are even on days you make mistakes, don’t do the best you think you can do, or fall short of what external higher expectations you impose and place on yourself. 

However, even here – I still believe.  *Closing your jaw.*

Do you believe?  You may at times, but on the days you feel as if your fire is gone, you may not.

However, isn’t this why we are talking about this right now?  

I know… you forgot.  It is okay, you were distracted by that piece of chocolate you have been eating as you sat down - concentrating on the smooth, velvety feel as it comforts you… perhaps beyond my words. 

You have been living this life with an inner fire most of the time, but when your human gets the best of you, you may feel like a lone warrior in a harsh world on a pathway questioning your existence.

Hey now… remember, you are not alone. 

On days, you struggle and think your life is tough you know someone always has it tougher.  When you are reminded of this and you are humbled a bit, you begin to see how true this is, and remember that what you’re feeling right now will pass, even if it feels like a few steps backward from where you envisioned yourself.  

  • Deep down you know what you are feeling right now is temporary.
  • It is only depletion of energy that can kill the internal flame Things look better with more rest.
  • Let’s remember – You are doing better than you think.
  • In the back of the tickler file of your brain, you know you have overcome this before, reveling in the challenge to find solutions to get that second wind of energy to keep plowing.

The Universe reminds you though (and your mind/body) that you are burned out.
Though I say, have faith dear champion… you are allowed to decompress, heck – you are even allowed to hibernate, recoil, refuel, refortify, and rejuvenate your soul for a bit. 

In fact, I encourage it so that you can reignite that internal flame again to get your soul back in check for keeping calm to carry on as you set out to set the world on fire.  

Remember, as much as your soul wants to keep going 24/7 – I will gently remind you (unless you need that sift kick in the behind) that YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR HUMAN in order for your soul to do what it came here to do. 

With that, I want to encourage you to use this space to do a bit of reflection, soul searching, self-honoring and a bit of ‘life scanning’ and ask yourself: 

  • What can I be most proud of?
  • Where have I made the most progress?
  • What is still missing in my life that I need/want?
  • How can I celebrate where I am right now?
  • Who am I at this point of my journey?  How have I changed?
  • When am I able to feel the most peace on a daily basis?
  • What continues to drive me and my spirit forward?
  • What negative thoughts can I discard right here and now so I can move forward?
  • What is no longer serving me well?
  • How can I harness my strengths to propel my next vision/goal?

Once you have been able to honestly answer these questions for yourself, take a well-deserved mini sabbatical for your mind, body, soul, and spirit in hibernation mode, you will be able to take a good look at where you are.  

From here, rekindling that internal flame within will be much easier to do from this place when you recognize how you are feeling right here and now.  It is something you can work through.

Do not allow your mind to believe you cannot rekindle that flame within.  Fatigue and burn out have a way of clouding your vision.  Even when you are having blockages to create, visualize, strategize, and plan – this is merely a speed bump right now for purpose and reason beyond what you know.

The Universe is asking you to reflect on what you have done to get a better assessment of where you are so you can continue on your life’s pathway with more clarity and redefined purpose for your next best steps forward. 

We all need a little tune-up and mental/emotional maintenance to ensure our footing after a long and exhaustive trek on our journey’s pathway. 

Just know that I am giving you a standing ovation right now.  That’s right – you deserve it! 
Not enough?  Let’s remember that your ‘blahs’ and your ‘burnout’ can be looked at positively as long as you remember your self-care.  If you have not already watched this video – perhaps it’s time to be reminded:

You are not alone.  I am right here with you to help you live your best life.  Just when you think you cannot take another step or see beyond the clouds, you can smile because I am not going anywhere and I am looking out for you as you keep moving onward, forward and upward. 

Take a deep breath. Refuel.  That flame will be reignited when you have taken the time to do what you need to do for yourself. 

Sending you blessings and light – you can do anything.  Keep going, I’m cheering you on in more ways you can count.