Sunday, January 10, 2016


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  While most may ‘see’ beauty as something subjective, we are reminded once again that it is how we LINK to what our definition of what beauty is and how we perceive it.

The world needs more appreciation when it comes to finding the beauty in everything and in every situation.

With everything, we see - beauty can be found if we do not only see with our eyes.

Read that again.

With everything we see, beauty can be found if we do not only see with our eyes.

Have you ever felt the snuggle of a smelly puppy who really needed a flea bath but enjoyed the instant unconditional love you felt in that moment?  Did the fact the puppy needed a bath make the moment any less beautiful?   

Have you ever listened to a song played on an old rickety-seen-better-days piano that desperately needed to be tuned, but found the song to be a beautiful undiscovered golden symphony?  Did the condition of the piano make the song any less beautiful to hear?

Have you ever picked up a dusty, musty old book from your local library with worn cover and got lost in the magic of every word of the story, and had it take you to faraway places of mystery?  Would it have mattered if the cover of the book were pristine? 

Have you ever smelled a fragrant piece of fruit or a flower and found beauty in the fragrance even if the flower was wilted or the fruit had a blemish?  

If you have experienced any of these things, you know what is possible.  If you have ever simply admired a painting or photograph where the shadows or lighting was off … did judgment ever cross your mind?  If lines were blurred, or the corners were tattered?  

Did you still appreciate the beauty without seeing perfection?  Was it possible to appreciate the passion of the artist?  

Was it possible to be taken away by the artistry of the moment? 

If so, then you know it is possible to find beauty with something much more than just your eyes!
Therefore, dare we ask the question of all humans – WHY is there judgment when it comes to everything else?   

Do you know the answer?

Do you choose to blame advertising?  Media?  Society? 

When you take away the blame and examine ideals – you get to the root of it all by looking on the inside as well as your influences and perception. 

How we choose to LINK to our daily life, every minute, moment and our entire lifespan of our journey is vital to appreciating the beauty of all that it holds.

You can be temporarily annoyed by some inconvenience in your life, but if you simply STOP to appreciate the one hundred eighty degree perspective of any situation, you can see beauty within the moment or the experience and live it, beyond the experience, which presents itself. 

Our entire journey and destination can be even more beautiful than we have thought possible by simply embracing the idea that there is always more than meets the eye and that beauty can indeed be in our eyes as the beholder to see all beauty in all moments and in all situations.

People who survive the unspeakable and unthinkable appreciate with deep gratitude the idea that their own struggle is beautiful because of knowing that they can see beauty in the little things as well as the big things and everything in-between. 

Talk to anyone who is grateful for having walked through fire, you will see a spark that exists in their eyes and their hearts BECAUSE of the experience presenting a different kind of beauty in patience, tenacity, endurance and growth. 

When we allow ourselves to stretch, to reach, to feel, listen, smell, touch, and expand the idea of beauty beyond what our eyes see, our hearts can see even more than the eyes alone can see.

We can then embrace our journey differently and improve our LINK to our idea of what beauty is – in all ways, from all perspectives and with new vision and enlightenment beyond what is there to initially greet us.  

It is with that, we know the beauty within every experience is there for us to simply enjoy if we choose, and if we choose it, we choose life and living it in an entirely different way than we have before. 

LINKING to beauty through every piece of our being enables us to appreciate everything and create a deeper, richer, more meaningful way to live.

Enjoy and see beauty and know once you do, you always have an abundance of it within along your pathway.