Monday, January 25, 2016


Let’s face it – Habits are hard to break.  It is why sometimes humans have to keep getting back up on the horse to begin again to ‘try again’ once they fall back into the gravity of old behavior.

The good news? 

This LINK can be changed.

The bad news? 

Only YOU can change it.

Worse news? 

If you think, “only you can change it” is bad news, and then you probably will not ever change it.


Because your perspective is already on the default of negative thinking.  


If you read the words as “only you can change it” as bad news, this is indicative of your reading a sentence and adopting it and adapting it as so.

This is a test.


You can choose anytime you wish to read, “Only you can change it” as a positive thing and choose to see that as self-empowerment.

If you choose to not see it that way, perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper and ask yourself WHY you did not see that having the responsibility of changing and tweaking YOUR OWN LINK as a good thing.


It is a good thing.  It is the very best thing – because you are the driver of your own life’s vehicle.
That’s right.  You are the driver.  So if you choose to see that you can change your perspective because you are empowered to change your perspective instead of falling into an old habit of falling into the negative place, it means you can always move forward and be positive.

NOTHING has to BE… except YOU and your openness.

It is that simple. 

When you are comfortable with the idea you are sticking to a plan to make changes for the better and changes for the positive, even if others choose not to agree with you – you still have the choice to stay the path.

This is what most humans miss.



No one else gets to live your life but you.

Did a light bulb just go on?

Did you finally SEE IT?

It’s cool, eh?

We are not imprisoned by a LINK staying the same unless we choose to always LINK to that LINK itself.  

Our journey is what we make it.

Our destiny is its own master plan.

We can take all the detours or scenic routes we wish to take.

However, nothing has to be permanent.  Nothing has to stay temporary either.

The LINKS in your life are gifts all by themselves.  

You can learn and grow from them.

You can honor what they teach you.

You can be grateful for all of them if you examine them as tools to make you wiser, stronger, better and more educated about your own choices.  It is in those choices we have the opportunity to embrace our mistakes.  It is here that we have a window to learn and get back up on that horse again if we choose. 

We can also choose to pet the horse and say, “Thank you, you can rest, I’ve appreciated the view from here, but I can walk because I am strong enough to keep going.” 

Our perspective is LINKED to learned behavior, adopted or acquired behavior.  We can also ADAPT and be FLEXIBLE within what we know to explore new vistas of what we do not know.

Again, this is our choice to do so.  

This is where perspective sometimes remains stagnant. 

The analytical person can spend a great deal of time over-analyzing it.

The action-oriented person may take a lot of action, but because there was not enough thought behind what’s going on, everything remains the same.

The open person can sometimes be too open and not make a choice as to which perspective is best suited until they clean up the old mess, which came before the opportunity.

The closed person can sometimes repel for fear of change.

The rational person can act like the closed person, but be too practical about the change to make one.
The free-bird can choose everything and sometimes not realize by doing that, the perspective never takes its new shape because there is too much happening. 

Which person are YOU?

Do you know?


Think about that for a second or ten or more and think about it again. 

It is in this ‘place’ where we understand ourselves; we get to understand who we are and what our own thoughts actually create within our daily life. 

How does yours look?

Take time for yourself to ask yourself all of these questions.  You may surprise yourself with your own answers, because you are always so busy and too busy to actually think about the stuff that may be affecting your perspective!

This is most likely to be the case.

In any regard – remember that you are in a place to tweak your LINK and tweak how you LINK to your own LINKS in your journey as you live it. 

None of us is really stuck like we think we are.  It just may be our perspective which needs shifting and changing and letting those thoughts influence and affect what else is happening WITHIN US – so that we ourselves can improve upon what is going on. 

You have the power to change your LINKS at ANY TIME – on YOUR TIMELINE… not someone else’s.  

For all you know the perspective you have right now is purposeful, even if it is to stall you temporarily from making a faux pas.  Remember, even delays are gifts!

But then… you have to have that perspective to see it.