Saturday, May 14, 2022




TRUST. We have heard all of this throughout our human incarnation in our lifetime.

As a collective consciousness, we’ve shifted in our own perception as we look at the world we are living in today, as we try to ‘recall’ the past, try to live in the present and embrace an unknown future from what we believe we ‘know.’

Today, as we venture onward into this weekend’s glorious Super Flower Blood Moon, nature’s own phenomenon of cosmic events, we understand scientific, philosophical and spiritual minds accept, see and embrace differently, (but with the same passion).

This is not a gloom-and-doom moon (none of them are BTW); rather it is a polar opposite in positivity by the contrasting energy it is sharing.

Humanity in general will be feeling the vibes – we must look at this as a SIGN of the present moment and of the times with regard to the symbolism of TRUST with OPTIMISM in our minds and hearts.

The name itself – Super Flower Blood Moon  – if you examine its identity is SHOWING ALL OF US the true nature of identity.

What does this mean exactly?  It is saying “Hey, pay attention, balance the heck out and find your own growth and positive energy seeing said contrast…. We’re challenging you to see it, accept it, love it and be grateful for it as you keep living.”

Let me break it down so you can look up:

Flowers and blood, moon and sun, light and dark shadow eclipse season – the contrast and context of this is not lost on those who see what this means in terms of trusting what we know, rather it is asking all of us to have faith in what we presently do not.  It is in the times of reflection outward, we go within.  It is in the chaos, we dare to attempt to find some beauty.

Yes, whoa – so much, right? 

It is a lot for us to process.  However, it is not impossible to find NEW TRUST in what we learn.

We do this daily task of processing information.  New information always comes. New insights are always revealed, along with new truths – it is up to/for us to see the meaning of the contrast.

It has been said that life is like school, a series of lessons we go through to understand life better.

Here, we as a collective get to find our place of gratitude for what is and still in what could be, and that includes within our own selves, having the TRUST AND FAITH that we’re learning and can continue to learn.   It is here we can also see that as we recall our own soul-knowing knowledge, WE CAN PIECE TOGETHER something bigger – dare I say SUPER as in the Super Moon?!

All Super Moons are showing us ways to emotionally connect to the deeper aspects of life’s meaning and to find positive ways to appreciate blessings which do grace our path. 

In the Northern Hemisphere as we embrace spring and this spring flowering moon, it is both literal and figurative in the same breath of appreciating what emerges in our own TRUTH and GROWTH.  For the Southern Hemisphere experiencing autumn, it is about seeing what springs up amid what simultaneously falls away in realization of evolution. 

When we have an autumn Harvest Moon, the same is true in contrast to both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, to appreciate what was and what that actually showed us.

As we look back on the past with compassion for our less-evolved selves, with patience and kindness in baby-stepping our growth (and others) into the wiser humans from the trust of our own soul’s knowing, we see things we did not see before.

It is here, in this process we learn to TRUST the process of our growth and knowing, evolving and being as we step into becoming from what we’ve retained, remembered, recalled (this is what Retrograde is for) and regurgitate.

Super Flower Blood Moon now suddenly means blossoming from the battles, trusting there is always light even in darkness and growing toward the change and evolution from all that has been learned up until this point.


1)      What do I recognize as my strongest and weakest parts of myself that have changed since this time last year?

2)      What do I see now as the positive light, when I was eclipsed in the past by my shadow self?

3)      Where do I see my own perception flowering as new growth from past narrow-mindedness?

4)      How can I utilize the acquired trust I didn’t have before to show me new insights?


As you answer the above four questions during this Super Flower Blood Moon weekend, be kind, gentle, honest and trusting of what you express to yourself as a ‘reveal.’  This is what this reflective time is ultimately for, to show you what your subconscious mind may have been too busy to even process or recognize! 

Regardless of the kind of cosmic events that occur every season and year, we are being asked to have trust and faith and to occasionally ‘look up’ (safely) to the new energy that is showing us new things all of the time, whether we see it or not.

Our energy shift can/will then take shape until the next energetic event as we accept that growth, change and evolution are a constant and trust continues to test our mettle as humans, because we’re being shown our soul’s ‘knowing’ purposeful intent and reason for all things, seasons and knowledge.

This is a transformative time… one that can hold great growth in everyone’s ‘next ‘phase of life.

With that, I am sending you peace, light and love as you allow your own flowering growth, recognition and perception to shape-shift you into your next evolutionary process of how you continue to change in your own self-discovery.

Blessings to you!


Stacey Kumagai