Wednesday, April 20, 2022



How do you answer the question, “How are you?”

Today, in year three of this new altered timeline unrecognizable world, we will automatically go back to an archaic time asking this old question, “How are you?”

In the present moment, today’s answers will vary as we notice the shift in humanity becoming truly honest, no longer simply offering “I’m fine” or “I am well” as the default response.

Sometimes you will hear the familiar answer, however the tone is not the same canned answer as before in social convention, rather a lilt indicating “I’m fine” with about two or three hours-worth of back story, which may or may not break through the flood gates.  Others will state this response and look at the gratitude for being where they are in contrast to the rest of the world and simply take stock in the being thankful that things in their bubble are not worse.

It is here, we can as humanity see something within each other and within ourselves something beyond what we considered to be a basic question to ask, and we owe it to ourselves to dig deeper with more thought and compassion as we ask and answer the question.

From an emotional front, most of humanity is treading water in the realm of uncertainty.

This is unspoken as most try to stay optimistic after overcoming various losses, changes and life-altering events within their communities.

This is not a flippant guesstimate, rather it is true from the standpoint of our heart space as we see so much destruction and worldwide despair in the throes of war and death, the pandemic, violence, the global warming crisis with continuous weather events, compounded grief, numerous economic, housing, and food insecurities, long-term chronic health challenges, and the rapid upheaval to our lives, businesses, communities and push for change in ways most never anticipated.

While the world is desperate to try to ‘return’ to the way things were, the reality is, it is not the same world, even as we reinvent it hoping and striving for positive outcome.

This is where everyone struggles in grasping the familiar while blindly going into the unfamiliar.

If you have been a longtime reader of this blog, you know that together we have transformed our own energies through my hundreds of videos of living in void and dealing with the unknown and how to release our control over things which are meant to fall away.

We have in that time, risen to higher consciousness of knowing who we are on deeper levels of our own comprehension as we've been asked to rise to the next level.

However, this is not to say the next level is easy, nor comfortable and no matter how much we step into our conscious knowing of stepping out of our comfort zones, doesn't mean that everyday pedestrian things as in the simple question "HOW ARE YOU?" can be answered as we once knew it.

The truth is our world has indeed changed.  You and I have both changed and continue to evolve as we adapt, gear-shift and navigate this 'new normal' world that seems abnormal to our senses in the 3D Human World of existence even if our 5D souls know better.

So what can we ourselves do to find our day-to-day comfort within our well-being in our communication with each other starting within ourselves to reinterpret out LINK to wellness?

We can LINK to the core of our being in our energy centers of what we do know/feel/recognize to create the balance we desire to improve.

While we cannot control everything in life or the world, the one thing we all can do is take ownership to our existing anxiety and stress levels to bring peaceful being to our day-to-day as we navigate life and what is next.

So let’s start with answering the question “How are you?” and truly assess this daily check-in. 


How are you……..

  • 1)      Feeling
  • 2)      Sitting in what you’re thinking
  • 3)      Understanding your loved ones in this moment, space and time
  • 4)      Reassessing your own perceptions
  • 5)      Reaching out to ask for help
  • 6)      Reaching out to help others
  • 7)      Finding peace within yourself
  • 8)      Looking at what you can proactively do to change
  • 9)      Saying goodbye to what you know
  • 10)   Saying hello to what you don’t know
  • 11)   Collectively discussing these truths
  • 12)   Continuing to dig deeper for your own truth
  • 13)   Observing the new reality
  • 14)   Linking to your interpretation of this reality
  • 15)   Discovering wellness in your daily moments
  • 16)   Taking the time to honor your own well-being as a work-in-progress
  • 17)   Respecting other people’s current place in their own work-in-progress
  • 18)   Choosing to invest your energy
  • 19)   Reclaiming your own wellness energy
  • 20)   Sharing reserved energy to create peaceful daily living


If we take a look at our own personal inventory, we can start from this point of understanding our present-day interpretation of our own ways in which we link to mind-body wellness from the conscious space to the actualized/realized space.

This starting point is key to finding our own balance.

Within this balance we are able to gain traction and footing on where we are, how we truly feel and above all, how to effectively manage the barrage of changing emotions amid our changing world.

It’s not easy for most humans.  Human instinct is to feel things for a reason.  However, humans have somehow gotten into the bad habit of distraction, deflection and escape. These are temporary bandages which do not resolve anything for the long-term, they are mere coping mechanisms which do not replace daily check-ins with yourself before and after you take on your day.

If the whole point is to thrive rather merely survive, we must take responsibility on a daily basis to clearly understand and have compassion for ourselves so we can be better humans to help others with our reserves.  Though if we exhaust all of our reserves, while simultaneously ignore our own wellness, we’re setting ourselves up for challenges.

Take the time today to start asking yourself the question “How are you?” as you look in the mirror.  This effort is worth this time, you are worth this very important time.  Review the top 20 points above and gain some clarity and perspective on where you sit with where you are with what you have so you can do what you can do proactively to make that leap to wellness and wellbeing, so things can truly be ‘fine’ in real time.

Blessings and Peace to you, Lovely Souls.


Stacey Kumagai