Friday, April 23, 2021



WELL.  This complex word means a gazillion things today as we poke our heads out of the sand amid pandemic in a partially-vaccinated world.

WELL… Today we ask, ‘are we well?’ – As in “are we feeling okay?”

Pre-pandemic, we might have said “I’m fine” as a total human default ‘brush-off’ of human convention to answer this way.

Today, we might say from the build-up of quarantine time-out of isolation into the light (whoa) like a bottled genie getting to emerge into conversation something else.

We may be more HONEST in the answer to that question with “______________ blah, blah, blah, blah and then, blah, blah, blah…. ________ and NO and YES, and well HAHA.”

C’est la vie… such as life, eh?

Laugh as you may from the reality check of what I just wrote – not because it’s funny, but because it is SO TRUE. 

WELL… at least it is on the days you choose to be honest with yourself, loved ones, your inner circle, strangers you don’t even know (!) and all of humanity, depending on where you are in your own reality check with your own VULNERABILITY of TRUTH.

WELL… yes.  We find common ground in talking about vaccines, digital fatigue, insomnia, news and all of its expletives, a past life of just a year ago +, and what we miss, what we look forward to and above all that… how WELL we are with said topic (s) on the make-shift table of discussion in our morphed, oddly molded lives we could not have fathomed in said time.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many strangers I’ve spoken to recently who have given me their entire quarantine life spew like a mini-novel and I LOVE IT. 

Hallelujah, Amen – let’s be honest instead of saying the old conventional “I’m fine.” 

The postal carrier tried to make a pun when I asked how she was and she said “I’m out of sorts…” as she weeded through the mail.

It was here I saw this was her witty attempt at humor but also some truths in the same statement.

We continued to talk social-distanced through our masks, as she continued to sort, admitting that she was ‘tired’ and was baffled by how many people she sees walking outside unmasked with their dogs, who should be masked whether they were vaccinated or not.

Yeah, I said it… and smile at the weird looks I’m imagining I am getting with rolled eyes, a few nods of “Amen” collective and somehow a camaraderie of “my people” whose energy shifted over the last year to finally understand with my INNER COSMOS-GEEK-SPEAK to see what it was that I was talking about that may not have been digested as it is being digested now, of ‘rising to the next level. 

That very commitment to rise, is about responsibility for self and others, not just for health and safety but also Aretha Franklin’s anthem of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

It’s becoming more transparent about the ‘same page’ principles and values we share in our beliefs about how we show up in the world.

Believe it or not – what we do NOW and how we show up NOW matters just as much in what we “lost” or had to “let go of” in what we were contemplating in quarantine lock-down.

So let’s roll back just EIGHT MONTHS ago as we were trying to end the dreaded 2020…. With this video from ‘back then’ when I talked about human ego stuck in this 3D, 4D & 5D ping-pong ball session of reality unfolding:


After seeing how far we have come, what does your 2020 vision say now with the insights you have about how you SEE LIFE in the fulfillment you started creating with the ACCEPTANCE of a CHANGED LIFE and how you can use your BLANK SLATE to do new things you seek to do?

All those things I channeled about what you did, where you worked, what you transitioned from and to – back then I pointed out the PURPOSEFUL EXISTENCE for what it was you did and that imprint stays and makes a difference in the journey, be it personally or professionally.

So circling back to what I just shared about something like the postal carrier’s commentary about how people (vaccinated or not) are walking around mask-less is also a message about purposeful existence.

The bigger question is, “Do you realize the purposeful existence of doing the right thing when there still is a time of uncertainty?”

While, neither the postal carrier nor I had a chance to ask the mask-less dog walkers this question, perhaps they thought that just walking their dog outside without a mask would do no harm instead of thinking this one action is leaving some sort of imprint on a person’s journey enough to where she would talk about it with me, in essence a stranger.

Think about this example and how many others you can think about.

Everything you DO or DON’T DO matters. It always has and always will.

The pandemic made us think hard about thinking outside of ourselves and our own safety to do something to stand up for the values we hold in valuing the life, health and safety and yes…WELL-BEING of others.

This in itself ECHOES LOUDLY – whether it is your work place protocol, your neighborhood community, your circle of family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and loved ones.

As we all attempt to turn this corner, no one wants to get back on the dizzying merry-go-round of another shutdown.

While we’re navigating our professional and personal lives to mold into a new normal, we as humanity are in many ways NOT WELL – in terms of articulating HOW everyone’s own integration back into society is going to be massively different than it ever has been before.

Are we going to be more discerning about our choices?

Are we going to be making harder decisions about things we do, places we go, how we show up, and when we say NO if things don’t jive with our own boundaries of what is okay vs. not okay for psychological WELL-BEING? 

It’s a lot.  I know for everyone the choices have come in many forms.

What we’ve seen is how TIME and LIFE matter and the magnifying glass on that looks different in how we approach it NOW. 

The TRUTH is – it is not going to be the same for everyone based on what they DID or DID NOT experience during quarantine; what they learned, what they lost and what they SEE as how they want to reshape their own future.

Some things may or may not matter in the context of what one person considers to be a priority vs. another’s.  I’ve had many conversations with people who have chosen to break lifestyle habits of travel and consumerism; while others deleted all their social media for mental health reasons; while others have decided ‘selective’ gathering post-vaccination is going to be highly scrutinized based on the behaviors of others in attendance; while others are weeding out their friendships for various other reasons due to the lack of protocol stances.

It’s a funky time, Lovely Souls – we’ve all been through a lot and are going to continue to go through so much more.

But in my own 2020 hindsight in retrospect, the 2020 vision is sitting CLEARLY in the place of “Divine Purposeful Intent of Fulfillment” and WHAT IT MEANS NOW.

Mmm hmm…. Pretty surreal as we together process life and humanity’s shift of perception from 2020 to present, with how we look at how WELL we will SEE FORWARD A PATH WE CANNOT SEE, eh?

So I bring us back to the idea and example of ‘defining the word… WELL’-

As I started at the top of this blog – the word “WELL” has soooooo many definitions.

We define it as health.

We define it as well-being.

We define it as safety.

We define it as a moment to pause, ponder, wonder …even dream.

We define it as respect for others just as much as we do ourselves.

We define “WELL” possibly as a noun – as in the “wishing well” for all to be WELL in the world.

Regardless of HOW you defined that word last year, last week, last month or last hour before you started reading this blog contorting your mind in a pretzel as to how you got here reading about this word you …. WELL … err never thought SO DEEPLY ABOUT into the depths of said WELL – TRUST YOURSELF in knowing YOU HAVE CHANGED whether you realize it or not.

As we look in the present moment of how we examine where I left us in this video eight months ago to how you are looking at the purposeful soul existence vs. the human one for your WELL-being, let me gently and lovingly remind you that WITHIN all of it, you can sit WELL within WHERE YOU ARE, WITH WHO YOU ARE, with HOW YOU ARE processing your own life’s journey.

So let’s do some soul searching together on yet WELL…. (hehe) another level.

1)      Is your own idea of being well within your personal fulfillment today pushing you to see your own evolution within?

2)      How WELL do you know yourself to know that the work in progress is indeed moving somewhere even if you cannot tangibly see it?

3)      Is your connection to the ‘plan’ for your life you’re constantly redefining, actually redefining your own definition of feeling truly WELL about your fulfillment in the present moment?

4)      How are you choosing to discern, sift-out/sort, so YOU do not feel like the mail carrier, ‘out of sorts?’

With these four key questions, we return to the realization and self-actualization of our own fulfillment REVIVAL of WELLNESS in our collective energy of pooled, shared and created experiences along with what experiences we CHOOSE next.

It is within all of that we can take inventory and stock up on what we learn, how we use this growth for ourselves to reconnect with each other on a different level of how we relate communicatively more than ever before. 

It’s all about this shift/change and how we step into it and whether or not we choose the direction that actually brings about the fulfillment in how we define that HERE AND NOW from the authentic place of acknowledgment. 

From here – we can now take our realizations forward into WELL… uh dare I say our renewed definition of feeling WELL within ourselves so we can continue to grow to a collective place of improved exchanges, relating, living, growing and being.

Well, well, well…. 

Now THAT is certainly a different experience, isn’t it?

Sending you love, light and blessings, Lovely Souls with prayers and thoughts that you bask in the wellness you seek and that all is well.


Stacey Kumagai