Friday, April 2, 2021




Here we are over a year later, looking at life.

The last year has been tough for everyone and there is no real way to measure that by any numbers, because with losses throughout humanity, the affects everyone massively in a way that changes who they are, what they see, where they perceive themselves to be and some questioning the why and the how of what is present now.

We know that life presents all kinds of obstacles, and we all chose to incarnate in human form to take on the journey that is here on this planet to experience it differently.

It is here I’d like to gently remind everyone that patience, kindness, respect and non-judgment of anyone including yourself will go a long way.

How we deal with our dealt hands is part of the puzzle, the mystery, the reason for surviving all that we have and how we overcome through the darkness is not an easy process. 

Spring is here and with it we are reminded once more that after many storms no matter what the weather, that new things emerge and that can also include our changed perspective further shaping us to focus on dealing with our truths of all kinds big and small. 

Sometimes that is not an easy truth itself to swallow if you are still going through the process of processing… be it loss, death, illness/disease, grief, fear, pain, anger, and massive life change.

Those who are going through fogginess and lack of clarity paralyzed by indecision, uncertain with their thoughts about what their future holds, how to re-evaluate their dreams, goals and life are being brought back to different stages of their life no different than changing grades in schools or even changing schools, going from one situation into an unknown situation without maps.

Most of humanity is dealing with ALL OF THE ABOVE simultaneously, and some with Mother Nature’s additional challenging events, society’s shift trying to adapt to the ‘new normal,’ as others fight the new normal trying to cling to the past or old paradigms that do not fit now.

Emotionally, mentally and physically it takes its toll on everyone in different shapes, sometimes unexpected ones and sometimes brings back thoughts and memories of earlier experiences which are triggers to things that were once thought to be dealt with.

This is what we are seeing now, in our outside world --- we are seeing things surface to further remind us that there is still a lot of work to do.  We think we’ve come a long way, but we have not… and what we believe has shifted, has not – other than that of our own higher consciousness that says…

“Hello dear human, pay attention – all that seems progressing has not and all that seems to be evolving reminds us to clean up what we didn’t get right before.”

I am writing this blog for humanity to let you know I see you, because my observations as both an earthly being and an ethereal soul energy understand just how much all of you are trying to grapple with what you are digesting and it is confusing.

The confusion comes at a time when we believed that the pandemic would somehow give us common ground to work together, to unite for greater good of movement forward.

However, it has been more than disappointing to see the ugly behaviors and truths that show us once again that the common ground still has work to do as well, because the common ground energies are evaporating somehow.  With it, some of humanity’s ‘safety net place’ is returning humans to ego-self and old antiquated ways of gravitating toward the behaviors of our naïve and less-evolved ancestors we once broke the cycle of before, only because familiarity seems to be the only thing to cling to – and for some, even if it was wrong, it is still happening.

If your brain is spinning at what I just vomited in words, perhaps some context is relevant right now.

Springtime is affiliated with gardens.  So let me dive into my horticulture past to show some examples of what humanity is doing with an analogy.

Let’s say you have a plant that is dying because the roots are rotting away because you watered it too much. Fungus is growing in the soil, disease is expanding making your plant very sick.   Do you…

A) Throw it out and get a new plant.


B) Remove the plant from the wet soil and replace it with healthy nutrient-rich soil to give it a chance to acclimate to a better environment for the roots.


C) Cut away the dead leaves on the top only because that is the part that is dead.


D) Ignore it because nature will take its course.


E) Feed it.


What’s your answer?   Is there a right answer?

This is life right now for the masses… trying to make a decision for the best chance of survival.  Some people are grappling with this decision right now as we deal with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

There are benefits and consequences to all of the above and sometimes the answer is not so apparent.  Those who are gravitating toward the quick-fix or immediate gratification may choose A.  But in doing so, should that plan see another sick plant next spring once again, it becomes an endless cycle of replacing and that does not SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

On the flip-side, any one of the other answers of B through E may not be the total solution either.  The plant may still suffer, because choosing C may not be the issue and D – well there is a season for everything, eh?

Intellectually, they all make sense to some people – but no one answer is the BE ALL ANSWER to give us 100% guarantees that the plant will indeed survive.

This is where we are right now.

HOW we grow from this knowledge is up to us – not just individually, but collectively as human higher consciousness in our we see the problem from the higher place and not just the human earthly one, although the proverbial perceived time clock is ticking to urge us to make said decisions when we don’t know what the outcome will be.

You may be shaking your head right now being reminded of the1980s Clash song “Should I stay or should I go?”

But this is where the crossroads benefits us in forcing each of us to decide how we will have evolved from everything that has happened over the twelve-plus months.

So here is where we ask ourselves:

  1. What have we learned?
  2. What change have we seen? 
  3. What changes are we going to make for the greater good? 
  4. How will we make those changes based on new, changed perceptions? 
  5. Where will humanity evolve to next based on the events we’re reminded of in times of change? 
  6. Who will we all become when we make changes we need to make? 
  7. How will humanity shift in choosing to move things in the proper direction? 
  8. When will we see the fruits of the labors from the work put into making the change? 
  9. Why are we seeing what is happening now in context to what we must consciously decide as the collective consciousness? 
  10. At what point will we have actually sprung forward into our new reality with real change that has helped us create the world we want to live in?

Those ten questions will in fact get us started by addressing the dying plant… what we want to see cannot be seen unless we ourselves change what it is we envision to see and work hard toward that change.

While this reality may or may not bring you the immediate gratification of the beautiful blooming plant with flowers now, if we don’t start somewhere – we cannot work our way toward it.

So Lovely Souls, what will you start today to actually contribute toward that vision?

How will you make the most of what you have with where you are and who you have changed into over the past year to move forward?

What clarity have you been given now that you’ve asked yourself the above ten questions in initiating said change in your higher mind of consciousness.

While this is a lot to digest and chew for one blog, my intention and hope is that it gets you started somewhere on the road to clarity.  For everything else, I’m here to help you map out what it is you do know so we can get you into the groove of where you go next and what you wish to see next by being part of said change.

Sending blessings, light and love.


Stacey Kumagai