Saturday, April 18, 2020


The skies are turquoise, clear and beautiful… even with storm clouds looming about.   
When the sun breaks through the clouds it is vibrant, bright, warming and intense beaming in a new way.  While the sun was never given the arena to shine as brightly as it does now because of smog, pollution and a thick ozone layer which is changing with our stay-at-home-mandate, it rises and sets with a different energy.  

Although all of us may be missing the chance to see the beautiful pastel sunsets, what the sun is now able to do is shine a light on something else that humans are starting to awaken to see in a different light. 

At night, the skies are clear, dark midnight blue, yet promising as the stars shine brightly and the moon beams with a twinkling brilliance, and the air is clean.

Amid the invisible deadly microbes of COVID-19 floating beyond the first talked about 6-feet, now found to be 26 feet from a person’s sneeze or cough… 

Nature IS experiencing its own re-calibration.  While many of us are missing nature itself because we are not outside experiencing it the way we we used to - let's be reminded that what we are not seeing happening outside of our doors-  we are being asked to be mindful of nature in a new way.

While we remain indoors, honoring human life to save lives by adhering to stay-at-home guidelines,  nature’s life outside of our closed doors and windows is taking on new life and a new normal of its own.  We must allow for that to heal and not allow human impatience to selfishly deny this process as we stay diligent to the mission of saving as many human lives as possible just as much as we save our planet in the same exact cleansing breath.

Wild animals are making their appearances in our neighborhoods and streets as if they have been in their own quarantine for years, coming to our stomping grounds for the first time.  Birds are gathering and physically walking the streets in a strolling nature, with their feet rather than flying, because we’re not there to trample them.  Insects that you may not have seen in a while are showing up, too… and in many cases are not being killed, but rather observed by bored humans curious to watch their every move.  Let's take stock in this, because I would venture to bet many were moving through life so swiftly, these little observations were not part of daily life like they are now.

Breezes that blow, which used to caress our humans with the assurance of a beautiful day, may only be felt now by those animals and bugs, however, it is also a reminder to us humans that we might have taken all of the above for granted in daily status quo, because we were too busy to soak in all of what nature offers. 

Meanwhile, Nature is issuing a “reboot” to our planet during this pandemic.  While it did not expect us to be digging far too many numerous graves in Planet Earth’s soil for lost human lives, or for the landfills to now be filled with disposable face masks and gloves and empty cans of disinfectant…. Undoing all the progress that was initially done to be planet-conscious, Nature is going through its own transition as we go through this.  

  • Will the end result post-pandemic show a changed health for the planet? 

  • Will the end result post-pandemic show changed humanity health in compassion and well-being?

  • Will post-pandemic life appreciate all life?  Or do you believe humans will have learned nothing in their own survival-mode instincts?  

As millions grieve an old life, let’s not lose sight of what is new or can be renewed in terms of improvement and progress. 

Our role right now is to LEARN AND LISTEN and keep this on repeat, but ask ourselves simultaneously,

“What am I learning about life today and what can I do better?” 

This will give your heart, mind and soul a place to work from during this time.

While you may wonder if that happening with others or ponder if this entire world on information overload, juggling much, and in denial escapeism-zone, missing the entire message – what matters more is that you recognize your own footwork necessary to work through this historic moment in our lifetime.

From here – we can ask: 

  • As humans are we doing or being? 

  • As souls are we seeing and understanding?

  • As energy, are we pushing forward or pulling back?

  • As a mere dot of light, are we dimming or shining?

While the world does the best it can do with where it is at this present moment in staying present, our connection to nature is and will always be what regroups our collective energies from a new place.

I’ve not been blogging or spending time online much in order to turn off external noise in order to gain internal clarity on the matter from a place of being in the trenches to return to you with regrouped full-heart energy renewed capacity.  

As I watched yet another body being taken away from my building, local number of deaths going up, and fully surrounded by COVID-19, I've been picking up on energies of the suffering all round me, praying for the collective and sending healing light.  Staying present to diligently call local government offices, gaining resource information to help my community, repair my situation and help my small business friends, I'm doing my altruistic ‘sounding board’ services to the woeful many and needed to breathe for a moment.  Stepping outside onto my balcony to get a rare 2 minutes of sunlight and Vitamin D when my less mindful non-adhering neighbors finally went inside from spraying their germs, I was grateful to at least have found a quick unexpected window of my own, which reminded me once more of Nature’s power.  

A dove flew overhead circling, as a hummingbird trusted my stillness to take nectar from one of my trumpet flowers, and the breezes returned.  It is here the reminder continues that our own LINK TO NATURE can be a source of re-fortification at a time when we are asking a lot of questions.

NATURE is showing us the answer in evolution and change at every twist and turn, at every calling and questioning to deliver what is needed at a time when we seek deeper understanding.

Getting off the merry-go-round of both the proactive and reactive vicious cycle is imperative to reconnect with nature's healing, even if during this time, we cannot take in the full glory experience as we used to do.   But this is also for reason and purpose, to appreciate what does come about, what surfaces, what appears and what we witness and notice within and what we see outside of our own energies to embrace what shows up. 

The dove is peace, mothering nature and healing.  The hummingbird is finding joy and fulfillment.  And it is with this, I share with all of you this divine message of not forgetting this amid the crisis and your own trench-work, because those are the things that heal the world at a time when we need it most.

Slow down enough to notice.  Do not allow your own restlessness and boredom or busy-survival-mode to override your ability to pay attention to the healing energy that is from nature to grace your life right now... even in small snippets.

These are here to remind you in physical and tangible form, that you are not alone and that there is renewal healing happening all round you in real time.

Stay safe and healthy. Blessed be.
Stacey Kumagai