Thursday, April 2, 2020


Lovely Souls,

We are here.  

Take a step back and look at those three words.  You might not have given these three words a second glance before, but now they mean so much more than the sum of their original meaning.

Gratitude for being here in this present moment is our highest lesson through any situation where we go through major events of unrest throughout history and yes, right now during this pandemic.

What do I mean by that?  

It is MORE than what you see, it is more than what you think - it is more than what you feel.  

Simply put, if we wake up and are grateful to be here, WE START HERE.

At a challenging time like this – millions of people are left questioning a lot of things.

For those of you who have lost a loved one - I am so sorry for your loss and send my deepest heart-felt condolences. You may have not had the chance to say goodbye, question ‘why’ your loved one had to die alone and wonder where you go from here. The truth is that while you could not be with them, never doubt that they are indeed with you... now.

For those of you who have lost your job – you may wonder WHY you are where you are and HOW important you are when your whole life revolved around waking up to go to work.  Do you feel like your purpose is gone?  Realize that it is not gone, rather it is changing because you are, too.

For those of you questioning your future, what to make of all of this – feeling lost, feeling anxiety trying to reorganize and adjust to staying at home – understand that it is in this moment you are being asked to define 'what is home' and create what that means to you.

And it is with all of this that I see, and feel as an empath and am urged to share:

We are being asked to FIND SOMETHING …. ANYTHING RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW – to be grateful for and WHAT MATTERS most in the present moment.

Maybe it is one thing, or several – but please start making your gratitude journal.  For it is in this journal – you WILL SEE you can turn this gratitude into grace through the anguish, the struggle, to see light somewhere in something and ignite the light in your heart NOW.

This is where we start.  We are here. This is where healing begins.  We are here.

This is where life shifts and changes and becomes a ‘new normal’ we learn to navigate because change is constant…. We are here.

And it is in this video I shot EIGHT MONTHS AGO  …that was preparing you for this ‘new normal.’  At the time I was given this “channel” from the other side, I was told that your “old life” would never be the same again and we started to make this shift in 2019 and this WILL be a transformational period of ‘shifting’ through 2021.  At the time of the channel... no one could have fathomed we'd have this pandemic.  But the guidance and advice of getting ready to move with the shift now takes on its' own context as we find gratitude for shifting through the unknown.

Although I am starting this blog with this key point – you need to prepare to dive several layers deeper than this, because even though this starts with YOU, this whole world-shift is not about just you, but rather it is about your place in this world and who you show up as AFTER ALL OF THIS shifts.  It is also about how you show up AS WE’RE SHIFTING day-to-day.

Notice that I said START.  

For all humans, this starting point is imperative, essential and the whole point of life itself.  

We are HERE.  Deep breath, deep pause, drink that in. 

This may sound basic, but if we miss this fundamental starting place and only live in panic and fear, we will have accomplished nothing.  We miss the whole point of life.
I recognize and realize many people may say, “I wake up and I am grateful to be here.”  

That’s beautiful. In fact, doing this – we’re learning the lesson of what life is offering, but again, this is just a necessary and a giant nod, no different than eating, sleeping, being and doing.  

YES…. We can/will begin each day on a good gratitude footing, however... IF YOU STOP HERE – you are gypping yourself and the rest of the world from the greater context of basic gratitude.

Right now, our WORLD is changing by the hour.  

  • So with that said, what does ‘being here’ mean now?

  • How would you answer that question if someone asked you this six months ago?  
  • How does your answer to the above look different - NOW?

Doing what you can, with what you and what you are for some of you may look like only survival – but in truth, this was HERE all along.

The thing that changed was the horrific pandemic that entered our lives UNINVITED. 

Perhaps the best way to sum up what is going on is that humanity is feeling violated – that the virus violated and disrupted the old normal and had to take sooooo many precious human life with it.
This is the hardest part to digest, is it not?

While 'humans' are walking through this pandemic corn maze of confusion trying to understand what works, what doesn't work, where we're behind the curve, where we're flattening the curve, how we get beyond the curve - we have to understand that the CURVE that is being talked about in truth is OUR ACTIONS vs. OUR LACK OF ACTION. 

The new normal is challenging you to embrace a new way of thinking, living and actually forcing you to take the time to see things in a light you have not before.

Some may ask WHY.  I don't have all the answers - but I do know that sometimes history repeats itself to make us REMEMBER.

Maybe your family history was dismissed - even if you are aware of what you ancestors went through in their plague, their struggle, their suffering or war or whatever it is they had to endure.

So ask yourself if you ever thanked them for their sacrifice, or took the time to understand what they sacrificed in order FOR YOU TO BE HERE... yes, HERE..... NOW.

Ask yourself if you ever 'blew off' grandpa's stories of how hard your family had it.

Take time to PAUSE NOW ---- and research your own lineage, UNDERSTAND what sacrifice means.... and when you digest that, you'll see the simple request of asking you to
'stay at home' is really not as big of a sacrifice as what they had to do FOR YOU.

This is where gratitude becomes deeper, thicker, and enriched from a place of feeling humbled to have your life that you had up until this moment.  It is in this we can sit with the idea how we can find gratitude from a different place and gracefully understand our role in this moment.

With that--- it will help you be less antsy, and while it is not a cure for all you are feeling, utilizing this deeper level of gratitude and grace will make you appreciate every micro second of your day indoors, doing what is in front of you, reaching into your local community, reaching beyond that to see, who you are, where you are, what you can do and look into your soul with new eyes.

Now that we are here, we have to examine what it WOKE UP THE WORLD TO DO:  

·       We had to stop.
·       We had to take action and balance our reaction. 
·       We had to finally admit to ourselves that daily gratitude was not enough.

And it is in this space, in this time – WE RISE to add a new component to gratitude and that is GRACE.

Gratitude for being here every hour compounds beyond the deeper appreciation of life. 

It is not only about being present, it is about more than just survival – it is about the bigger picture.
In this moment, we as humanity are being called upon to be responsible – not just for ourselves in “Stay-At-Home Isolation” - But in how we fulfill this responsibility DAILY, beyond the gratitude – we must execute grace. 

What does 'executing grace' mean exactly?  

  • ·       Grace means TO STOP COMPLAINING about ‘having to stay inside.’

  • ·       Grace means TO APPRECIATE what you have in “at-home isolation” as much as your gratitude for having an actual place to isolate and stay safe.

  • ·       Grace means NOT GRIPING about how ‘inconvenienced’ you are at having to make life adjustment shifts to adapt to the new situation at hand; and to be grateful for being alive and healthy to do so.

  •  ·       Grace means not worrying incessantly about 'how you're going to get through' rather trusting that you will get through because you were given life here on this planet with resources to do so. It is your strength that got you to arrive at this moment - you are better than you believe you are and it is in accepting you own ability to change, you'll emerge an even better version of your self than you were before.... awakened to appreciate life's every second.

  • ·       Grace means KNOWING if you HONOR YOUR DUTY to STAY AT HOME in isolation you are doing YOUR PART IN SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES.

If you are complaining about having to do home schooling - be grateful that you can have the luxury of an education - whereas many people never get this chance to be allowed in some countries, the opportunity to learn like you do.

If you are complaining about not being able to 'go out and play' - think about the fact you probably weren't appreciating the times you could ..... go to a museum, walk in the park or be in nature or feel the sun on your skin.

If you are arguing with people in close quarters, be grateful you have a roof over your head and people to share your life with; as many people do not have this; including many seniors who live alone at home with most of their loved ones gone.  

If you are complaining about your life - now is your chance to change it - you have an opportunity right now to be lucky to be alive in this moment.  We cannot take our daily life for granted. 

Eons ago... in the late 80s, I took a trip to Chicago. I was having breakfast alone at my hotel when a few members of the New York Fire Department were traveling and had planned to go to a game at Wrigley Field.  They asked if I wanted to join them at their table for breakfast. 

I had just begun my professional journalism career and thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask these first responders on the front line, "What is the greatest epiphany you have had doing your job?" 

One of the firefighters said, "I get to be reminded day in and day out, just how precious life is and not to waste it." 

I replied, "That's quite a valuable epiphany. Why do you think people waste life?" 

He said...(and I'll never forget this)... "People focus on the wrong things. Their egos get hung up on what they think they should have or what and who they should be. They don't answer the 'call'... as in 'their calling.'  This is what I have in common with all first responders - we answer the call."

This is the point.  Don't miss it.  You are BEING ASKED RIGHT NOW to answer the call to STAY HOME.  Are you going to comply as your duty and answer this call to save lives?

We don't need more tragedy, more lives lost, more natural disasters or violence to keep repeating because we're missing the whole point of how precious life actually is.

The compassionate action for the bigger picture goes beyond being responsible for yourself and your inner circle – it is about the domino effect of the bigger circle of humanity – for the strangers you will  you may never realize you are helping and the people you will never meet – that may include the future lineage of strangers that come after us.   

Therefore, having grace at this time for the situation at hand must go hand-in-hand with your gratitude.  


You may dismiss it as such, but with power in numbers of doing this, we can change/shift things. 
As I watch the news seeing how so many places are NOT doing this, I have to wonder why these humans are feeling somewhat invincible, but more than that how/why they disregard human life,
to not do THEIR PART.
We can show our appreciation for first responders, and those on the front lines with all of our gratitude, our “thank yous” – our demonstrations of kindness, donations and so forth – but right now, OUR DUTY is to take our daily gratitude further is to be RESPONSIBLE in staying home.

Every time you ‘gripe’ about staying at home, you are creating negative energy that could be better utilized and turned into positive energy to support those who are on the front lines.  They NEED THE POSITIVE VIBRATION to keep going into battle of our war zone every single day.  

Won’t you help them?

They will appreciate ALL OF US tending to OUR DUTY – because being part of the solution helps them with their overload in their war fighting the good fight.   

If we do our part, we make it easier for them because there will be less of us overloading the hospitals, needing their actual care, if we ADHERE to the guidelines.  

It’s a ripple effect. This is why gratitude for being here and being graceful in our own responsibility of showing gratitude as we say, when we wake up – we demonstrate further by taking this role more seriously with thoughtful action and choices.

Now those words may be what you hear echoed across many states and countries in various versions of eloquent speeches – but let me put it ANOTHER WAY:  


That hefty statement is factual right now.

It used to be if we thought we could change ‘just one life’ – that we might have felt we made a difference.  But what about being handed the opportunity RIGHT NOW TO CHANGE MILLIONS by staying home?  

I wanted to share this thought through this altered LENS to empower you to do your part right here, right now, by BEING HERE and being grateful to be here and do so with grace not complaining about it and doing it from the comfort of your living room.

Why was it important for me to share this perspective?  

Staying inside is for something bigger than the obvious of just you staying inside – it is a responsibility to save hundreds upon thousands of lives of people you many never even know WHO DO NOT GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO WAKE UP AND SAY, “I AM GRATEFUL TO BE HERE.” 

Take a hard look at that “full-circle” moment… IT IS IMPORTANT.  


It means you now need to figure out how you are going to take all of that stuff that is rolling around in your brain during this tragic, horrific, traumatic time – and ask yourself what you’ve been procrastinating doing. 

Now is the time, to ask yourself if the things you used to “tell yourself’ in your life PRE-pandemic – vs. how you will be FOREVER CHANGED POST-PANDEMIC – what is really relevant and what matters now.

Your life will not look the same after this. 

It is  up to YOU how you will LIVE DIFFERENTLY after this.

  • ·       What did you neglect?

  • ·       What have you discovered about yourself in isolation?

  • ·       What reality is looking at you in the face right now about what you ‘believed’ vs. ‘what you believe now?’

  • ·       How have you changed through this (aside from being more mindful in your hand washing) --- We’re talking about how you think about your community, your neighbors, your friends,  your family time, your work, your co-workers, your mission, your passion, your life altogether? 

WHOA – I know, I’m sorry, I’m channeling hard and fast for you as I write this as Spirit wants me to right now – but that is what came out. 

With that, last year I ASKED YOU to please consider how you are going to shift your internal dialogue to change to align with your brand new external reality. 

This is a good time to figure this out.

This tragic pandemic is shaking up your world to wake you up to see things DIFFERENTLY.
You are being asked to find gratitude on a deeper level now…. Even for the people you DO NOT KNOW, and for people OF SERVICE and for all of the things you took for granted.  

So now that you see this other side --- how grateful are you to be able to stay at home to protect yourself?  How grateful are you to be able to change (for the better) – your life and millions? 

How grateful are you to embrace grace with fresh eyes looking at how we are in a historical moment in time to make a difference to become better versions of ourselves being put to the test of this situation? 

How graceful can you be in accepting what you are enduring now and simply being grateful from a NEW PLACE than you did before when you first woke up?

As we are all being forced to ‘live in the moment-day-by-day’ and not look too far ahead, we must cherish the promise of what we’re given right now and not give up on there being light tomorrow. 

While there is a lot we do not have control over right now – the one thing we DO HAVE CONTROL OVER is honoring each other from a place of gratitude and grace; being responsible, thoughtful and knowing by staying at home we are indeed saving millions of lives – NOW. 

Lovely Souls – I have been here with you these last five years to prepare you for this and I will continue to be here.  

My heart is filled with gratitude for you and I gracefully accept the great honor of what I am here to do and to share with you, what I do.   WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER... and as long as I am fortunate to have a breath of human life waking up everyday, I will forever be humbled by this privilege and I deeply honor within you, every minute, moment and monumental shift that has been transforming these last few years. 

It is here I see the light of the silvery moon with the great promise that as the sun rises every day, that as we all transform and change, we also will rise to this place of gratitude with grace through a new normal.

Stay safe and healthy, Lovely Souls.  Stay home, Lovely Souls.  I am in this with you and I send an abundance of love, light and peace, strength and support.  

Blessings to you.

Stacey Kumagai