Monday, May 11, 2020


Lovely Souls,

Some say it is the end of an era. I prefer to look at this as a new beginning.

It’s a strange time for all humans trying to reach and stretch themselves within a strange alternative paradigm inside of an alternate world new reality…. But the truth is we are here more or less.

As an empath, I am picking up energies all around where all of you may be floating in and out of your daily present reality, trying to let go of your old knowing, embracing your unknown future and yet, simultaneously not trying to get ahead of yourselves. 

It is dizzying, but it need not be this way.  I’m here to provide comfort and reassurance that this is normal to feel – but we must enter the full experience and not resist life’s teachings.

Remember, WE ARE TO REMAIN PRESENT in the now.  

However, the NOW is a tricky place to be.  No one likes to sit in this space for long.  It is exactly WHY you are seeing humans rush out to public places, forgetting the mandate guidelines, because the human spirit is anxious to resolve, or try to somehow reclaim normalcy.

But what if I were to tell you – how we were living before – was NOT NORMAL?  

Would you believe me?   

Rushing around out-n-about, forgetting our mindfulness, forgetting our own connection to our inner light is NOT how life was intended to be.   

Perhaps it is more clear now, that this is precisely WHY we are being asked to slow-down, stay present, be conscious of what we were not previously conscious to before in this full spectrum realm that shut-down/lock-down has tried to get us to see.

Question now… DO YOU NOW SEE?

That is the purpose – so we can get our internal intensive energies in focus to clear out while we simultaneously invite new energy in. 

For those who are wanting to manifest their future self, those who are reaching back for their old self, and present-day mindfulness of a new realized self, sometimes finding this inner light can be a challenging thing to do and experience, so this is precisely WHY I am here with all of you right now, writing this to help you. 

  • ·       If you are feeling like a car with no fuel, you are being asked by the Universe to rest, reflect and gather your energy with discernment about who gets your energy going forward.

  • ·       If you are feeling like your life is a slate wiped clean, you are being asked to forgive yourself and others (inclusive of circumstances) that got you here, and now focus on your own improved upon ways of moving life forward from here.

  • ·       If you are filled with energy ready to take on a new world, you are now being asked to be true to your heart to answer that call to action.

  • ·       If you are treading water where you are with what you have, now is a time to sit in a place of gratitude and float as best as you can, surrendering your tired arms and breathe through this to realize you aren’t meant to suffer, rather look at your struggle as a teacher.

  • ·       If you are angry, frustrated, upset – release your ego and understand (after you’ve processed and honored your feelings), how you can turn this into positive energy.

  • ·       If you are sad, feeling helpless, lost – deal with/process your feelings, release and look at hope as your way through to try to find silver lining blessings where you thought there were none.

  • ·       If you are feeling awakened with epiphanies to things you have never thought of, processed or felt before, I say WELCOME to your new self-realization/actualization activation – you have arrived.  I also say this to those who went through ALL OF THE ABOVE.

We are being asked to LINK TO OUR INNER LIGHT right now, and to find whatever it is our human is lacking or did not have full cognizant awareness about before to the degree that you may or may not have right now in the present.  

It is imperative to do this if you desire to cultivate greater inner strength, security, gratitude, and stability to the greatest level as you spin within your chaotic energy of your human consciousness and soul knowing.  

Sometimes it is hard to find your true light (and the strongest beam of its own brilliance) when you are only going through one of the above bullet points.  But trust your own soul-knowing that the whole reason for all of this is so that you arrive at the place of getting here.

This is the destination.  However it is not the end-all/be-all as we humans are works in progress for our life on this planet, and it is why we are here. 

The real work begins after we go through all of the above in being able to see ourselves through the difference in knowing what we can/can’t control and choosing love, choosing our inner light to radiate outward as best as we can.

Our real pathway to changing our perception is about letting that inner light become our own guiding light through times when we think that it has somehow blown out.  It has not… it is still there and this is up to each of us to reignite at will, when we’re ready.

The question now is… are you ready?  

If you don’t yet have your full grasp on this, let me know at my website or comment on social media… I’m here to help.

Sending YOU light and love, Lovely Souls.