Thursday, January 30, 2020


We are shown in life, that there is contrast.  We can trust this contrast is for purpose.

Don't focus too long on the closed door, rather than seeing the window of light reaching toward us.

We wake up each day to the light, and we need not wait for spring.

It is accessible now for everyone – and it can provide everything.

It is here to provide the soul nourishment – whatever we feel required to address,

The key’s here to turn what we perceive is a lock, and all is open and available for us to access.

What do you see as you look at beginnings?  

What do you see as you examine change?

How do you choose to embrace your reality?

What is it you would like to rearrange?

I ask you this Lovely Souls, not as a riddle, not as a Dr. Seuss-ish  musing…

These are questions necessary now, for your own perusing. 

What will you find when you reach for the light? 

Is it here, you discover what you’ve missed in plain sight?

See what it is you wish to find,

For all exists within your own heart and mind –

Honor the energy that will move you into the new tune you’ll be singing,

And with it step into your brand new beginning.