Saturday, December 28, 2019


They say the older you get, the faster time goes.  I never used to believe that of course, when I was younger.  When you are a kid, you want time to speed up anticipating all of the things you would be able to do as you got older.

Then when you arrive at the time and space of being older, it’s like time (that we keep saying isn’t really real) – is speeding by like a flash of light, a blink of an eye and rapidly flying into what we identify as something we cannot control.

But did we ever have control of it in the first place? 

That depends on your perception. While we cannot crunch space and time, we as humans just try to manage it better with however that is possible, the best we can with what we have – since everyone has the exact same 24 hours in a day.

Flash forward into an entire decade that has already passed, you may or may not “believe” it has happened, but the calendar tells you otherwise. 

For some of you, you may feel like you are in a dream vs. a reality as you “wonder what the heck happened?” with this 10 years that has zipped past your visual speedway of a human Autobahn.  
And yet for another group of you procrastinators, time may have stood still in many aspects if you are wondering where time has gone to “finish XYZ.” 

While others of you look in the mirror, see a grey hair, a laugh line reminding you of what transpired over the past decade as you work through the idea that time is passing and embrace every piece of what you see. 

Still, another group of you may find that time is humming along quite perfectly according to the timing of your own timeline plan… 

Then there is another group of you who begin to understand Divine Timing and that it doesn’t matter whether it is a day, month, week, year or ten…. It is all relevant to our own relevance.


Yes, it’s true. We’re completing the wrap-up of a decade, not just the end of a year.

When you take that above statement into a reflective reality consciousness and context, it may appear to be a lot to digest.

Every passing year by its end, we see/hear the usual wrap-ups of a year ‘in review’ and often see news programs that provide a reel of “highlights” that sum up what a year has encompassed.
Quite often, you’ll only see the ‘biggest headline” making its way in bits covering everything from natural weather disasters, and all news political, financial, and even a snippet of In Memoriam flashes that may appear to dehumanize a life in a 10 second flashback or sound bite.

WHY?  It is impossible to cover everything that happens in a year’s time.  

So as we look at a DECADE…. It may look even more daunting to reflect upon what has happened to the entire world…. Inclusive of movements, inventions, discoveries, events, milestones, history-made, great losses, developments, and so forth.   As we do, it is also a moment to see progress or there lack of … in how far we have come and well, in some cases how much further we have to go, growth-wise and yet in some cases a review in history repeating itself from what still has not changed.

In the musical RENT’s “Seasons of Love” song, we are asked to measure a year’s time of daylight, sunsets, in midnights and cups of coffee – we can try our best to LINK ourselves to moments in said space and time to measure a year’s time of our lives.  The song suggests to measure it in love, but depending on your context of what ‘love’ defines in your world, you may listen to the song with the ears of only looking at it in one dimension rather than a larger perspective. 

Humans see love within the bubble of their own personal world, but if we were to look at humanity from the soul space, we have to first go back to where this starts within each and every one of us in order to expand larger in the energy field for what we all ultimately seek.

We look to every New Year seeking love and peace, with hope in the light of the dawning of a new day and a New Year… and for this year, a new decade.

When you were born, you probably saw 2020 as some space-age odyssey ‘far-off distant land’ of existing in the energy of what would be.


  • Is this what you pictured?  Is this what you saw 2020 to look like in your ‘mind’s eye’?

  • Did you have expectations of what this year would be?

  • What are your hopes, wishes, dreams of manifestation now in this place in time – after a year, after a decade and (gasp) being in the 2020 era we are ultimately creating NOW?

Whew…. A lot to digest, I know.   But it may be more difficult to digest at this level if you have not considered where you are in this configuration.  

I know for myself, I took time off from social media deliberately just so that I could cohesively LINK together in space and time, a realistic soul excavation in order to ask you the questions you may or may not ask yourself, so I can participate within this bigger configuration in helping to shift the collective consciousness.   

That’s all I know to do in this ‘moment in time’ … as the rest unfolds in its own Divine time with what you either choose to accept, reflect, digest, apply, or NOT.  That’s your choice with what you choose to do with the concepts, the content and your own creation with the time you have in the path you create along your own timeline. 


Some of you may say, “What the heck is this for?”  While others of you sit in the gratitude space of “How did I not know I needed to see this, Thank you…. it is right on time.” 

What I have learned in the past decade is WHEN and HOW you connect to this doesn't matter, as much as knowing that it is here for when you need it.  

Regardless, this is here… NOW, however it may be of help.  That’s the point of LIFE…. We all unfurl our butterfly wings in our own time.  

When you are ready to unfurl yours, I hope this can help.  For that is what this whole Seasons of Love pure heart intention is, isn't it?  Unconditionally here in this space and time with love and patience for everyone's shift in Divine Time.   :D 

With that said, I wanted to bring you something different as your human and soul journey connect to your own mind-body-soul-spirit health well-being evolution.

When it comes to entering a New Year, never mind a whole new decade.... No one asks you to measure your own timeline when it comes to what you have learned about yourself when it comes to ‘self-love,’ compassion, understanding, progress, change and perspective to evolve and graduate from old ideals and mindsets vs. new truths and realities that are present NOW in your life so you can escalate a broader vision for yourself, your loved ones and the world.

It’s funny, but this “where do you see yourself in 10 years” type of questioning does have its relevance for the human as much as the soul and once unified, for the bigger picture ---- WHAT DO YOU SEE? 

In reflecting upon a decade’s worth of time…  Perhaps it is a bit more challenging  - right here and now as an adult as you move through courage, obstacles, change/evolution, new perspective than it would be if say you were in a different place.  Some people are being cautiously optimistic as they step into 2020…. Others are trying their best to embrace the ‘unknown’ and ‘uncertainties’…. But if I were to remind you that at age 11 you did not know where you would be at 21… maybe that might put things into a different lens for you to consider.  

Thus, as we look at it now it might be fun try the exercise from where you presently sit:

  • Where were you 10 years ago in your life? 

  • What types of things did you think about a decade ago…what consumed your mind and heart?

  • How has that changed?

  • What is still the same?

  • What are you celebrating here 10 years later that you did not a decade ago?

  • What no longer gets you worked up?  
  • What ignites you and lights you up now that didn't ten years ago?

  • How many challenges have you faced and how has that made you a better and stronger person? 

  • Who is in your circle now that was not in your circle a decade ago?  Who is no longer in it?

  • How is your life healthier now than it was a decade ago?   What changes have you made in your emotional, spiritual and psychological perspective of how you move through life now?

  • As you evaluate where you are right now, when did you see this coming within the decade span of time?

  • What would you tell your “self” of ten years ago that would be relevant now? 

Yeah…. I know, it’s a lot to think about, but as we wrap up a year and a decade, aren’t you worth asking yourself these very questions?  

If you think about them, answer them and take the time to invest in understanding them, what does that say about where you were 10 years ago vs. today? 

Won’t it help you SEE how much progress you’ve made and what has actually changed within you so you can appreciate how you show up in your outer world a little more? 

When we LINK to said timelines, we see how we are navigating our journey along with the world’s changing ways, how we function, process, and yes, even adapt.  

We can grow our minds, expand our awareness within ourselves and our hearts for outward compassion from a matured place of being.  Here we also see how kindness can grow in a new light based on the decade of transformation as your own ideas allow air, light and room for newness and better energy to find you and in turn find others as well coming from your better developed heart space because it resonates with your soul space. 

As we step foot into a new year, a new decade and maybe even a new human/soul space of thinking, feeling, and even believing, I wish you a pathway of peace, grace and joy, compassion, connection and truth as you ponder your next ten years.