Monday, January 7, 2019


Courage is a gift we all possess within.  However, if you have not yet embraced it, HESITATION can rear its ugly head in your pathway of addressing your goals, New Year's resolutions and whatever it is you are putting on the back burner of your life to clear away to live a healthier, happier life.  There is a LINK between HESITATION and COURAGE as it is all rooted in FEAR. 

First let’s look at the Definition of Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.   

Are you clear on how your lack of belief in your own strength sometimes creates your own hesitation? 

The question came to me from a reader who asked me how to avoid hesitation.

The answer is really all about embracing your own strength. Of course this comes down to confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, acknowledgment of your authentic self and the links continue onward to whatever work you have yet to address WITHIN.

Hesitation and Courage as it relates to Fear is different than the red-flags of life in hesitation where the gut has you stop in your tracks to question something with logic or a greater understanding.  Hesitation connected to courage can paralyze your mind in taking action of what your higher self knows is GOOD FOR YOU to do so you can move forward.

However, very few people value the LINK OF COURAGE within themselves, while they have an abundance of admiration for the courage in others.
On the surface, this appears baffling to fathom in the spiritual world, when it is said that you cannot have the capacity to think or feel anything outside of yourself, if you do not first possess it yourself for it to originate. 

So let’s break this down in digestible bits:

It may be even more confusing if you ask yourself how you have the ability to admire someone’s courage, yet as much as you admire it, that their courage doesn’t inspire you enough to embrace your own.

You are probably sitting there asking yourself why you haven’t yet thought about that, so please go ahead and think about that for a minute … I’ll wait as you process this.

Now…let's get to work!

  • Who were your courage inspiration heroes as a kid?  Were they your parents, professors, an older sibling, an athlete or …? 

  • Where do you push yourself to be brave and where do you pull it from when you need it?

  • Do you recognize your ability where you have applied it more than a few times in your life? 

  • What is your ‘measurement’ for courage and what distance would you go to test your own? 

As we begin the process of what this means, I ask you these questions so that you can begin looking at what courage means to you.

  • What ONE THING could you do today that would begin to chip away at your lack of courage?

  • What difficult conversations have you avoided?

  • What things have you procrastinated doing?

Maybe yours task is simple like mustering up the courage to walk over to your neighbor’s house to tell them to turn down the music or to not park blocking your driveway; or confront your boss or professor about some unfairness – these are areas to consider. If your courage is needed for something bigger – say you are afraid of a medical diagnosis and you’ve procrastinated going to the doctor; or you are afraid to tell your parents you would rather live your dream instead of theirs… or end a relationship that is unhealthy… 

Perhaps you don’t have courage to ask for help if you need it or you lack courage in pursuing some truth because you are afraid you are wrong – regardless of what it is you need courage for it is time to remember that by not addressing something, you’re creating your own struggle.

There is no need to allow your struggle, worry, anxiety, or limitations to persist if you dare to embrace the inner link of courage within you.  This is the purpose of putting the kibosh on fear as your obstacle. 

Maybe you want the courage to speak your truth but are afraid others will repel or shun you if you do. 

For others it could be removing procrastination from their life tackling something they have put off for years to clean up, or get through, or change.

Whatever that one thing is that you can do as your first step, or a small step, is your gateway to entering the arena of LINKING TO YOUR INNER COURAGE.

What this breaks down to is that if you are lacking courage, you haven’t addressed the idea (or accepted it) that the idea if FEAR IS NOT REAL.  It is your perception of fear that lurks overshadowing your own ability to have courage.

So as New Year refresher, let’s visit the idea that fear is not real:

Okay, so now that we understand fear from this foundational level, how do you see having courage now? 

Does it seem POSSIBLE?  


Why not try tackling your own sense of the courage you believe you lack, in the same baby-step way you address your fear?   Is THAT possible? 

Sure it is!  

Does it sound daunting? Start with writing a list. 

Look at it and see it, face it, digest it, use it as a goal-setting method for yourself this year.  Perhaps even tackle it like a goal or intention.  One by one, you can build your courage gradually with each accomplishment you set out to do for yourself.

What happens from here is you can conquer your own false perception you once believed you didn’t have the courage to do. 

When you begin from this place of removing fear and embracing your inner courage links, you can then make all of your New Year’s resolutions SUCCESSFUL rather than another list of failed goals, ideas or plans you keep carrying over to the next year.

This also helps you move through your own perceptions about change in a new way, breaking yourself free from the imprisonment of old habits you’ve created as your shackles putting you into a false sense of security in your comfort zone. 

For everything else, if you need assistance with navigation through this courage course, I’m here.
Take a look at what courage you need to do what it is you tell yourself that you can’t.  Realize once you declare that you can, you open up the realm of possibility for it to be actualized to happen.

The question is… do you have the courage to begin?  You do not need to go ‘searching’ for courage, it already exists within you, all you have to do is unlock it because you have the key.