Monday, January 14, 2019


My late grandmother taught me how to crochet. At the time she was teaching me the chain stitch, I didn’t realize that the chain stitch was a series of LINKS I would learn as a 'method'  that would become my own Linkronicity™.
Was this some psychic premonition?  Was it destiny?  Was it mapped out this way that I couldn’t yet fathom or imagine unless I continued to crochet? 

How do you access your inner peace, joy and use this power to create daily fulfillment? 

Do you realize that your own life's cliche's if dissected, could give you deeper insight
to your own obstacles?  

Let me pull on this yarn a bit so you can see what I am talking about.

I never mastered this art of crocheting like my grandmother’s knack for doing it in her sleep.

However it was in realizing that nothing is an accident and .... yes, "Everything happens for a reason" -  and as simple as it may sound, that nothing that happens in your life is an accident, either.  So let's use me as this guinea pig so you can see your own life truths. 

Crocheting has not ever been my thing. 

Yet, my entire life, I have lived what is best described as one who crochets clichés… of life, starting with the fact I have kept my “Nose to the grindstone,” and I “Leave no stone unturned,” when it comes to working through the pathways of make sure life is “Lived to the fullest.” 

Is this “Right as rain?” 

I don’t know, but living this way has been “More than I bargained for,” in a GOOD WAY!

Now let me ask YOU - what did you learn as a skill early on in your childhood that you use today in a different context, but is somehow related to what you learned as a child? 

How has it impacted your life?  What do you do today 'in method' as you go about your way of doing what comes naturally to you?

What my grandmother taught me through crocheting was that if I lived my own crocheting of cliche's, I could see my own destiny revealed in the finished creation.  Not just as a life coach, a publicist, a journalist, an author, but that every stitch with every experience... the only difference is, I have taken the context further.  As she stitched with wild freedom, unsure of what she was making at the time, I've taken on my journey the same way. 

Many have said living this way is like “Barking up the wrong tree” when you explore life taking things on like a “Bat out of hell…” but it is the only way to “Go bananas” in this crazy thing we call life.

Perhaps it is because I see that one’s “Moment of truth” is revealed when you finally get to the place of understanding there is “More here than meets the eye” “Sooner or later” and your realizations in self-actualization “Takes you by storm.” 

This is life’s beauty and it is here we begin to LINK all of our creativity, imagination and abilities to go beyond what we think is possible during the most challenging times. 

“A little bird told me” once that one does not always fly to soar or perch to see, for insight can come from many sources … including your higher self. 

The big question is, will you hear the message “Loud and clear” or will you think that is just too “Off the wall” to consider?

Your higher self has more wisdom, “Believe it or not.”  So therefore, the bigger question is  - Do you believe?  It’s not “Fools gold” nor a “Fly by night” concept.

All of this inner wisdom you possess already helps you with your inner peace to be “Free and easy,” to “get a leg up on” life.   

What do you seek?  Do you want to live more peacefully? 

Peace is something we have and need to cultivate to evolve and become in walking truth as it begins with all of us before we can authentically manifest it outwardly into the world.

Your work ethic and character helps you “Get your act together” to live from a place of who you truly are to become peaceful to activate peace and whatever else you want to accomplish to “Hold your own.”  

What do you dream of?  

How will you go “Out on a limb” to explore what you dare to dream? 

What are you grateful for? 

How will you “Pave the way” for your own back journey trek of having “Run the 
gauntlet/gamut” to produce something worth appreciating today?  

Where will you cultivate your gratitude to sustain that truth or peace you seek and “Tickle your fancy” with self-motivation to “Walk on air” in your daily life? 

People laugh at me when I say it’s “Child’s Play.” 

However, when I say, “No seriously, you have to get in touch with your carefree inner child to find your joy” …. I receive a “Mixed bag’ of responses. 

Sometimes adults cannot comprehend how to see joy, peace, gratitude and dreams are possible internally.

It seems to be that adults have put this “On the back burner” of their mind, as something they can only achieve WHEN something else happens, catering only to what is attainable in the external. 

I will argue, this is NOT “A whole new ball of wax” (or yarn) to crochet for that matter, but something that is already there.

You were born. You were a baby. You became a child. You lived through childhood, (heck – even survived it, did you not?) and have arrived here where you are right now.

There is no ‘course’ to go through to understand it – you were a child before. 

When you were a child, wasn't it easier for you to find peace, joy, gratitude and dare to dream?   Sure it was.  You didn't censor your ability to have these things, nor did you 'seek them out externally' because you had it WITHIN and it was within your grasp like a crochet hook to stitch together whatever playtime experience you ever wanted, on command - right there when you wanted to play! 

All you have to do is rediscover this within yourself and not let your adult get in the way of happiness you can have right now. 

You may think that this is NOT “Easy as pie” – but it is only because you are stuck as your adult self saying this statement.  Remember, to a toddler child, making a pie is not “Easy as pie” – so “Try that on for size.”  Hehe

Don’t discount all of the hard stuff you have endured as an adult. You’ve handled things at the “Eleventh hour.”  You have “Burned the candle at both ends.”  As an adult there have been times where you have had to “Pay through the nose,” or “Go the extra mile” or “Live and learn.” 

See?  You’ve “Risen to the challenge” many times.  So trying to simplify your way of finding peace and joy doesn’t look so daunting now, does it?  

So why do you fight self care so much?   
Why do you get stressed out?  

Why do you “Bite off more than you can chew” and put yourself in a depleted position “Time and time again?” 

It’s time “To see the light.”  

“Get the lead out of your feet” and begin the process to “Make hay while the sun shines” with your own personal progress in transforming the quality of each day.  

It is here you will begin seeing just how your “Glass is half full” or dare I suggest, your “Glass runneth over” with blessings right in front of you. 

“Go whole hog” or “Go like the wind” – by all means, get going. 

You have room to have “High hopes” for having the kind of life you wish for, and it is NOT “Wishful thinking” – but rather your chance to have “The time of your life” “In the groove” “On cloud nine!” 

You’re worth every stitch!