Friday, January 18, 2019


“Surprise!”  This is a word that some people love. This is a word some that people hate.

Which one are you?  Do you love surprises?  Or do you hate surprises?

When you hear that word, “surprise” check yourself… because you’re either elated or cringing. Depending on what you are FEELING, reveals how you attach yourself to destiny.

Yes, that’s right. Confused?  Let me explain.

So...let’s say you’re driving along and whammo – “surprise,” lights show up on your dashboard indicating that something is wrong with your car.  You didn’t expect this to happen, not only because you are good about car maintenance, but because you just took your car in for service. 

Are you feeling concern, panic, worry… or perhaps an “Argh, why now?” 

If you are, then it means you are human. In this human maintenance garage, your diagnostic is that what you are feeling is natural.   Breathe.

But let us take your human out of this for just a minute… 

Come on, fly with me – let’s rise above this situation because if something is wrong with your car, you’ll know soon.  

If you are panicking about having money for this unexpected expense right now, don’t start living in the future yet until you know what caused the lights to come on, because maybe it won’t be as expensive as you think.  

If your car delay is making you late for something right now, then maybe this is destiny … you are not supposed to arrive for some unforeseen thing is happening that you don’t need to be entangled with, like traffic or something else chaotic, and by having this delay something could be for your highest good by your current situation. 

Now, how do you feel…. A tad calmer? 

If we take ourselves out of the immediate human knee-jerk reaction, and give ourselves a moment to breathe, we can handle “surprises” that throw a wrench into our daily plan.  This relieves stress and in turn, calms your heart rate, and in turn, helps you not put your body in fight or flight mode that will weaken your immune system and make you sick. 

Suddenly the ‘not-so-pleasant-surprise’ turns into something manageable. 

If the ‘surprise haters’ practice this, they will soon change and tweak that LINK inside to being able to deal with things better, improve their health, stress and blood pressure levels.

So… “surprise” – you can turn this into something healthier for yourself on the communications front, right? 

Okay… so how does this tie-in to LINKING TO YOUR SURPRISE DESTINY REVEAL? 

It makes you less anxious about the unknown.  In turn, this can help you combat fears or worse, manifesting something by your own negative projection with worry making it real.

If you live your life full of anxiety, worry and hating surprises, you prevent yourself from being surprised with joy or the unexpected good thing, because you are blocking energy by only focusing on the negative part of what a surprise can be.

Whether or not you have to deal with your car right now is not the point here. 

Let’s say that it turns out the lights came on your dashboard as your wake up call. 

What is the wake up call telling you?  Maybe you need to switch mechanics and by finding this out now, you could save yourself bigger problems in the future.  

Or maybe these past months you’ve had a dilemma finding a new _______(veterinarian, accountant, lawyer, plumber, etc.) and that person is also in the lobby waiting for their car and turns out works only three blocks away.  You might have never solved your ‘other dilemma’ today had you not been pulled over to deal with this situation.  In this instance a ‘surprise’ can lead to another ‘surprise’ that you did not expect. Suddenly, the surprise you hated, lead you to a surprise that helped you move your situation of being stuck into forward drive. 

How do you feel about surprises now?  Is your perspective changed? 

Now, let us take this beyond the human car situation into your life’s destiny. 

I talk a lot about divine timing in the soul context. 

But I am aware that it is you – the human who needs the reassurance that there is an order amid the chaos, right?

So what does all of the above have to do with your human?  
What does this means in terms of linking to your surprise destiny reveal?

While the human wants what it wants when it wants it, it is the soul that has higher consciousness, better wisdom, greater insight for the human.

You have it, did you know this?  That’s right … it is within you.

Take a deep breath and meditate to see your higher self and the wisdom you possess.  

You may or may not see what you need to see first, second or even third try. Other times you may see it immediately.  What you see or do not see has much to do with what you are supposed to see to deal with what you have to deal with IN THE PRESENT.

What did we learn from Marty McFly in “Back to the Future?” 

We saw how you can alter your destiny and future too much by knowing too much about what happens taking things for granted that are happening in the present.

What you need to do is to calm your human NOW. Don’t get in your own way trying to manipulate something that isn’t being revealed at the moment.  Deal with what IS being revealed at the moment.

What is happening NOW?  What are you being allowed to see now?  Are you being asked to take action or are you asked to be patient and for now sit tight to be slightly passive until other things align like a green light so that you can go?  

It is in this answer your ‘surprise’ awaits.  

You could be surprised with either answer.  If you are asked to take action, you might be surprised by what happens when you do.  If you are asked to be patient and passive right now, it might be like waiting for a caterpillar to grow wings to emerge from the cocoon to fly or for a flower to bloom.

You get the point.  So your surprise destiny reveal is LINKED to how you are being asked to pay attention.  

If your “inner dash light” comes on - it is time for your human to wake up to do what you need to do. If you are driving along just fine right now, then it wouldn’t hurt to check in with yourself with where you are right now so you can keep on the road you’re going.
The beauty of all of this is we have the power of free will to change course from a negative situation and we have the wisdom to become aware to rising to the positive energy that awaits. 

It all resides within how we process our “surprises” – for it is here we just may be surprised with what these surprises bring!