Sunday, August 5, 2018


Ambition, motivation, initiative, and drive… these are beautiful qualities to have deep within your soul. 

While everyone is different, possessing varied levels of the above, there are times when your own vehicle is stalled in the traffic lane of life, where you may feel frustrated, restless, or even lost.
Is this normal, you ask? Yes.
Is there a fix for this?  Yes.
The hardest lesson learned for anyone who struggles with patience, timing, trust, or the lagging energy, which surrounds one’s deepest desires to move things forward, is dealing with the groundless space of trying to hit the ground running.

In other words, if your feet are passionately trying to run, but you are being catapulted onto a cloud to gain perspective – you are in a human/soul battle with trying to make things happen vs. allowing the Universe to naturally unfold for you, what will happen.

Does this mean we are not in control of our destiny?
Yes and no.  Like books that are written that cannot be unwritten, there is a pathway of the Divine to befriend, comprehend, and gain compassion toward. 

Your human may have forgotten this key factor, in that your own compassion toward a situation is for you to gain more clarity and wisdom, than without the stall on the side of the road. 

Why is this necessary to understand?  

The stall/wait is for greater purpose.  We may not see why this is so until we are on the other sides of the situation in flashback retrospect 20/20 vision hindsight, but the greater purpose always has a purpose.
If you journal, you have come to know this place/space in time well.  You can flip back a week, a month, or even a year or more and see that “at the time” where you sat to think/feel and believe your situation was one way, in reality coming out if it, there was something happening for the bigger picture.
Quite often, we get to a place of forgetting the bigger picture.  Sometimes it is logistically; sometimes it is planning and spatial reasoning.  Sometimes it is to bring our awareness to the forefront, and other times, we are simply to rest in any/all obstacles and face them head on to grow.

I learned this at age 15 in a very unconventional way, but, I learned this lesson not just by the Universe, but also by my own hand (literally). 

Back in my sophomore year in high school, I wanted to create a gift for my entire school’s Homecoming game.  I decided to paint a poster to celebrate our theme of World of Animation. 

This sounds simple, right.  
First, let me say – up until this point, I had never even drawn anything in animation.

Second, it came to me in a dream to do.  I had no formal practice in doing the magnitude of this animated character dream, and because materials were expensive, I could not afford at the time to keep getting new supplies if I screwed up to start over.

Third, I had one week before Homecoming to complete this.  Ha, no pressure.

Fourth, Well, you may think I just painted one poster.  

Yes, this is true, but I decided to freehand paint a poster that ended up being EIGHTEEN FEET long/tall.

The finished poster featured animated characters from Disney (Mickey, Minnie, Huey, Dewy, Louie, Chip, Dale, Dumbo, Jiminy Cricket & Flower from Bambi), Hanna Barbera (Snagglepuss, Pebbles, Bam, Dino), Peanuts - Charles Schultz (Snoopy), Jim Davis (Garfield), AA Milne (Pooh), Art Clokey (Gumby), Jim Henson (Kermit), and Johnny Gruelle (Raggedy Ann) in ONE poster, united together. 

The poster took over my parents’ living room.  That was the initial commitment.  However, as the picture kept getting bigger and bigger – it later took over the entire den, blocking any entry or exit from the front door of the house as paint dried. 

While I did not foresee this coming, as it presented a dilemma at the time, I did not need to wrench my gut nor bang my head against the wall in finding the solution, the solution that seemed to magically appear due to my intention to give the school a gift.  

I know… you may think this is strange – but this is where my heart resided. This was my pure heart intention and truth – and I had to trust that:

A)    I would actually find a way to logistically FINISH the poster.

B)    There would be room for it to expand.

C)    It would dry in time for me to roll up.

D)    There would be a way to actually transport the poster to school from my home
E)    Once it got there, that it would not be ruined.

F)    After I unrolled it, not only would it still be in tact but – err… somehow, some way there would be a way to put it up on the basketball gym wall for the assembly. 

This poster was painted on butcher paper. 

As a cheerleader, our school had access to butcher paper weekly for the football players to run through, as we made signs every week.   

Nevertheless, keep in mind – the posters we had done were more of a “Go Team” type of endeavor… not full-blown animated characters that were familiar to the masses that I committed myself to creating.

However, this was a gift and I was on my own.  Finding a butcher shop where I could purchase paper that was of the same thickness, durability and quality to stand up to poster paint was the first step even if my brain had not yet processed the challenge before taking on the actualizing challenge of my brain to freehand paint the poster.   

This was my first obstacle.  How determined was I?  Well, I eventually found the paper – and it was not an easy task, because if you go to your butcher and ask to purchase an entire roll of paper instead of meat, well – you may get a few funny looks, questions and much resistance. 

Same was said for all the paint and masking tape I had to purchase in bulk, since I was a teen and not an art teacher, trying to do this entire transaction alone – not with a group or anyone that would help my story to actually ‘make sense’ to be purchasing these said materials.  

Needless to say, A-F was accomplished.  Yes, the poster had to be secured to the roof of my car to get to the school, luckily, I was not pulled over, nor did it rain – but it got there, safely in one piece. 

It took an entire bulk roll of paper, two full sets of poster paint, eleven rolls of masking tape to assemble the poster itself and to secure, and a 12 foot ladder with our 6’9” basketball center standing at the very top to attach it on the wall.  

Yes, the football team ran through it.  Only when it came time for them to do so – did I realize I should have made the painting horizontal instead of vertical for field shots.

However, if looking at the bigger picture, of the bigger poster – the original intent to create spirit, give a gift from my pure place and what it accomplished at the time in human connection, seeing that all characters in the world (animated or not) could unite for the purpose of spirit.

Well, I guess you could say all is well, all was done, and any/all stalls or challenges that I had in the process, as I processed it, were for highest, greatest good. 

How we as humans look at the idea of trying to hit the ground running, while occasional stalls or obstacles present themselves is all relative to the bigger picture.  

At the time you face them, you may feel frustrated or stuck, but in the end you see that taking the time to go through them, working through the opportunities provide deeper insight to not lose sight of the bigger picture you have in your heart.

As Jiminy Cricket says…  “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.”
I rather live by these words when it comes to checking back in with my heart’s pure intention.  

If it serves the greater good to do something for the purpose of spirit, larger than the dream I envision from the initial picture, driving this link forward will resolve itself in the right timing for it to be realized from its initial intent.

My hope is that you all find patience within your heart and look at your dream and what that means for you and your spirit right now.  If you are feeling frustrated or stalled, just imagine how beautiful the outcome will be with a little nurturing, a little time, and a lot of trust and faith. 

You can do this.  However, understanding that what you picture vs. your drive is not a battle… instead, they are working in cohesion.   

When you accept the place of this cohesive partnership as a means to bringing what you have in your heart to fruition, you will see what it is you need to see and give your human and your soul a chance to just rest in this perfect union that will materialize by Divine timing.

When you accept the hand you have been given of the stall with grace, the fluid outcome will materialize in way that you may or may not have planned… and that is the beauty of life.  Life is an art – it is always a work in progress, but letting yourself flow with its energies creates the perfect picture that can only be yours created from the heart.