Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Your life is your entire message.  The journey of your life in reflection is your lifeline to all you need to know about what is meant for your pathway to discover, learn, overcome, understand, and ultimately reconcile in order to live it authentically.

Let’s be honest - most humans do not look at their life this way because it is mostly lived one dimensionally as a human on this planet focused on goals, dreams and aspirations, while walking the treadmill of life’s everyday occurrences and events.

Most days, this ‘status quo’ feel comfortable, stable, and you bask in the sheer normalcy of how you are living your life.  Most days, this even feels like ‘enough.’   

There are other days it is ‘too much’ as you juggle your responsibilities, deadlines, timelines, and your own self-imposed expectations for achievement of ‘getting everything done.’ 

This is where life asks you to find the balance you are seeking for your human and your soul, however most times you only focus on the human.

Some days you are really rocking this balancing act.  Others, you know you could do a bit better.

All you need to do is cut yourself some slack for being ‘human’ once in a while.

However, what if your soul feels the complacency is not enough to drive that fire forward?  
Higher consciousness allows us to live life several dimensions beyond the human stuff, and it is here in this space, we are of greater help to our human because the soul is navigating as the tour guide through alternate solutions, reasoning, and expanded comprehension.

You may wonder if this place/space is a private club.

It is not.  In fact, you have been to this place before when you meditate or sleep or sometimes sit in the place of human reflection as you allow your internal intuition to take hold of the natural pull to where you are destined to have your energy flow.

The human likes to fight the current in the following ways:
·         Control
·         Ego
·         Fear
·         Comfort
·         Action
·         Reaction
The soul is your center for peace and while your human combats the above, it is your soul that will bring you the tranquility, the serenity and sanity the human craves oh-so-much from doing.  

This is truly about resting in the place of simply being. 

So what can the soul do differently than what the human does on a daily basis in the fight to find that balance within?

The soul can calm the human with reassuring that human self-doubt, creating a core sanctuary of “it’s going to be okay” or “you’re only floating in temporary void space, hang in there – things will unfold.” 

This is the place where patience must come from the soul to tell the human to ‘chill out’ and ‘relax’ – rest in the idea that your life can grow exponentially if your human chooses to let go of the control, ego, fear, comfort zones, same actions or destructive reactions.

Read that again. It will do your soul some good!  :D 

If we put your soul in the center of its all-knowing intuition, guidance and power - we create the ultimate balance for the human being so that the human can actually BE rather than try to DO something that is only a bandage-effect. It is necessary to begin getting to the root issues of what is really going inside that amazing human that exists, but who often puts up their own road blocks.

It is when the human surrenders to the place of peace, allowing the human to become challenged (for growth) and seeing said challenges as a higher realm of opportunities to learn and expand – can we see the most change and transformation.

In other words… trust that you have the power to actually SEE what you are made of and capable of, rather than dismissing your own potential with negative words which do not serve you.

It is when we can step into the new language we speak to ourselves, can we find the best relationship between our own human and soul and with that, we can externalize these well-invested efforts for our interactions with others.

Sending blessings to you, Lovely Souls.  Be gentle with that human who is trying with a simple, kind nudge and wakeup call to see the soul --- even if it is just a pop-in visit/hello.  

You’ll be glad you did.