Tuesday, August 14, 2018


People are conflicted when it comes to the idiom to “take someone or something at face value.”

The gist of this term means to accept that something or someone is, as it seems based only on an initial or outward appearance, without further verifying or investigating.

When we talk about “acceptance” – it is here we walk a tightrope, do we not? 

It is complicated when it comes to people, because this is based on perception from what you see from someone’s chosen output of what they want you to see.


It is tainted by your own perception if it is limited to only seeing what is at face value without doing the work of asking questions or being invested in wanting to know what is beyond face value to know differently – i.e. widen your scope or lens of knowledge, and even here, you could still be wrong.

Your perception can be wrong, because if you are judging only from your place of YOUR experience, you are limited.  Do not fool yourself into thinking you know… you do not. 

Your experience cannot be the exact same scope as someone else's because your journey is your own, so how can you be correct in your assumptions?  You do not know where someone sits in this place of knowing without removing your limited parameters of understanding to realizing you do not understand everything… just what you have worked with thus far.

So how is it that you believe the idea that you are only here on this planet for one thing? Or two, or ten?  

Ah, this is where we BEGIN when we look at life purpose. 

SEE?  You probably thought this blog was going a different direction, believing I was going to talk about our perceptions about self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

You are partially correct, but it is not the entire context of this message.  It starts with YOU and your own life's purpose, journey, adventure and ..... even how YOU limit yourself in how you look at it and judge yourself, your life, your success, your happiness and yes, even your entire pathway of human existence on this planet. 

Are you ready to take on a journey with me?  Let me introduce you to the bigger scope of your own life beyond the surface of what you think you already know…  ABOUT YOURSELF.

There are infinite possibilities… key word here is INFINITE, when it comes to your own life purpose.
What if I were to tell you that your being YOU may perhaps be what your purpose is all on its own?  Would you believe me? 

Or would your limited perception say “But, I need to go do XYZ,” or “I am here for XYZ” or “I know I am destined to be XYZ.”  

If I were to say, “Yes, but that is NOT ALL THERE IS,"  --- would you at least open your own mind up to the idea you can have happiness everyday and you don't have to 'search' for it?   

Would you believe that you are already doing part of your own life purpose by being and doing what you already are?  Can you perhaps see that you matter AS IS right now, and not just solely for what you seek tomorrow?    Would you be open to understanding that we are all catalysts for change because of what we do, think, are, and how we grow and transform ourselves can create its own effect creating awareness for others in contemplating who they are and create shifts and choices from our just standing where we are and/or for purpose or not? 

Let me change the way you view how you seek happiness and how I can show you that it is within you and it is not part of the destination, it is part of the journey NOW -- not later, not in the future, RIGHT NOW.

If you allowed your soul to understand the context of that sentence, you would see I am on point with the ways you view yourself, your purpose, your life, the context of why you are here and what you are here to do.

We humans are goal and dream oriented.   

From the time, we are children we are shown the pathway of “What do you want?”  “What do you dream about?,”  “What do you wish to do when you grow up?” or “What do you want to be?” 

While there is nothing wrong with these questions, what IS WRONG is that we limit our lives to functioning this way in believing this is our mission, our purpose… but this is untrue, because it is NOT all there is to life.

Just as YOU are not one-dimensional, your life is not one-dimensional either. 

Whether or not you choose to believe in past lives, karmic debt, soul contracts, and ‘agreements’ to be human in this lifetime, can change your own perception about your purpose in being instead of only simply doing. 

If we look beyond the surface of what we seek and search for, the truth is in the soul-searching, beyond the human searching.  

Like a ‘quest’ or a ‘mission’ – your life’s purpose is a journey, but NOT solely in the context of what most motivational people present.  I am here to show you that a ‘journey’ of yours is multidimensional, too.  It is not just about your human getting a job or career, doing great things, or accumulating crap looking that as a means to ‘be happy.’ 

Beyond the relationships you have with your loved ones, there is still a purpose in where we all can be catalysts for greater change, shifts and transformation of life as we know it.

I am not simply talking charities, or our scope of work to make the world a better place (which is great, believe me – I have spent my entire career doing this) – but it is about who you are, how you show up and what you contribute in simply being who you are.

One word.

One voice.

One action.

One gesture.

One correct timing/placement of your actual human present in consciousness.

One correct timing/placement of your SOUL in higher consciousness.

One moment you share or create.

One shared piece of knowledge.

One motion to teach.

One motion to be receptive to learning.

These are all pieces of your life, which contribute to your daily purpose. 
Let me put this into human context so you digest what I am trying to say another way:

Pretend you are standing in line somewhere…. (Pick your spot)  – maybe you are standing in line at the post office or DMV or drycleaners or grocery store or your car is on the freeway in traffic.   

What if your one ‘place holder’ position of standing in line HELPED SAVE A LIFE of another human because you caused that 1 minute, 10 second, or 20 minute delay BY BEING YOU – right where you are in that moment in time?   

Pretty trippy, right?  

Now imagine this as a sequence of events your entire life – all of the ways you have mattered just by being YOU in doing/being where you are.  While we are not required to be passive in life, I do want to show you that only creating action is not the sole purpose for why we are here.  

One conversation can change fifty lives... even if you're having it while standing in line for coffee. It could spark a series of questions or conversations at someone's home, with their kids or in a boardroom of change agents or even one person's suggestion in their own community to do or create something.   So while you may think your mind, your heart, your thoughts, your ideas, your passion, your existing pathway so far has not mattered, I want you to THINK AGAIN -- DIFFERENTLY.

Doesn’t this open up the conversation and the idea in your mind and heart that while you may not take into account this level of mattering, that you indeed do and in INFINITE other ways you don’t even know (and may never know) – because you’ve impacted ‘timing’ by simply being?
Or maybe you have said or done the RIGHT THING at the RIGHT TIME when someone needed it the most to just hang on another day to make it through a challenging time. 

My point in all of this is to awaken your soul, your spirit, your mindset in how you think about your daily life so that you can live it from a place deeper than face value of what it appears to be for you and how you think about it.

We all have access to looking at life through this lens and I took this cue, this opportunity from a spiritual nudge to share this with you, with the intention and hope that it might change your life … with my ONE blog that could create a ripple that even I cannot yet fathom in INFINITE possibilities.