Saturday, April 14, 2018


Precautionary action is a powerful and we all have that specific ability to put our finger on our pulse of being to determine what it is we truly need. There are times when we are in control of this; and other times when we are not and we have to put our hand in the air and let go.  However, first we need to understand how to nurture that fortification link: 

So let me ask you…

  • ·         What do you need?

  • ·         What supports your being?

  • ·         Where can you revive your spirit?

  • ·         How will you find the way to excavating your own endurance?

  • ·         When will that feeling of satisfaction sustain the existing momentum, to kick in the ultimate fuel?

  • ·         How long will you take necessary breaks/sabbaticals to take care of your own energy and how will you set appropriate and realistic goals and boundaries for this to anchor in your truth?

These loaded questions are the questions I want to ask you so that you can feel empowered by answering them as you navigate your way through that second activation propeller to keep going.

You can revisit today’s exercise repeatedly when you need that recharge.
Here are some soul vitamins from my December 2017 blog, which are ‘evergreen’ and ‘never expire.’ REKINDLING THE LINK TO YOUR INTERNAL FLAME:

I felt the need to post this because each quarter of the year, people get into funky slumps and crossroads.  With many of my clients feeling bombarded on all sides, I thought I would address how “NORMAL” these crossroads slumps are, but first we need to recognize them:

  • First quarter, people are energized with all of their New Year goals and resolutions, but are still recovering from a super packed holiday season and recurrences of the flu while dealing with taxes.
  • Second quarter, people are coming off of taxes entering into spring bombarded with everyone coming out of winter hibernation trying to ‘overbook the calendar’ that you are trying to manage.  Part of you is wondering where all of these people were when you had the down time, just as your own momentum needs to gain traction and you need to keep building/growing forward, trying to juggle many things.

  • Third quarter you may feel wiped out, trying not to miss life and the great weather, but things get out of balance the other direction, which is fine, but this ends up putting a crunch on fourth quarter.

  • Fourth quarter becomes daunting, with year-end wrap up, a barrage of holidays, with your own buckling down to get serious on loose-end tie-ups from the procrastination list, in order to feel good about the year ending on a good note.

It is cyclical, Lovely Souls.  I SEE YOU.  This is the human treadmill….and unless we address the cycle and what is/isn’t working and how to work through it, you may fell off-kilter and miss getting in touch with fortifying that momentum link which needs addressing. 

So look at all of the questions above.  Work through your answers and have them available to easily access at every turn, every quarter and every transition of energy balancing, and you’ll feel prepared to fortify your own momentum link exactly as you need to do it at will. 

There is one other thing you need to remember, and that is there are some things completely out of your control.  When you release that worry about ‘getting what you need’ for your fortification link, sometimes the Universe delivers what you need when you are unable to get the clarity, but you just have to be aware to see it.

My goal is to empower you to look at things you normally would not make time to see, so you are able to take on whatever life throws at you smoothly with your own grounding in place for your ultimate well-being.