Sunday, April 8, 2018


Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say.  However, there are two sides to this ‘hot mess’ issue inside your being, outside in your external life, your home sanctuary environment, and your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your words.

When it comes to “SPRING CLEANING” – you may have thought about this only as a one-dimensional component of your life.

Even the neatest OCD neat freaks have clean up to do.  While it is lovely to have clean floors and counters, an immaculate kitchen, bathroom, and interior and exterior of your car…what clean-up have you done on the inside of YOU?

Here is a video shot two years ago, which is relevant for what I am talking about, but we will take this several dimensions further.

Now, that you have had an overview of the obstacles you place in front of you in “messing up” your world with the clutter that doesn’t need to be there, let’s look at something we haven’t talked about to expand this topic beyond where this video left off.


Where are you stuck?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

  • Stop telling yourself this, because you are manifesting it.  Try “I’m healthy and energetic.”

Do you believe you cannot do something?  Do you feel you will either fail or succeed, is that a fear?

  • ·         Try, “I can do this.”  “I will not fail.”  “I can succeed just by trying!”

Do you project negative outcome before giving it a chance?  Do you think “Oh, ___ won’t happen because…”  Or “______ will never listen to me” Or “______ can’t do anything about ______.”

  • ·         Try, “Anything is possible.”  “Let’s find out.”  “If I communicate it, we can hope for a positive outcome.”  “Change is inevitable, so let’s try_____”


If you feel that flaky people surround you, you need to continue to be the example of the opposite: 

  • ·         Only make promises you can deliver.  Show up when you say you will be somewhere.  If you hate it when others are late, always be prompt. 

If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut, choose to break it:

  • Try something new – it doesn’t have to be big… you can take small actions daily to change up your world, even if it means going a different route to work or changing up the time of day you do your routine tasks. 

If you are constantly doing things you regret, chances are you are into self-sabotage.

  • Take a step back and really look at what you are doing.

  • ·         Check in with yourself to ask yourself WHY you are doing it.

  • ·         Take inventory of the positive vs. negative impact of these actions.

  • ·         Ask yourself why you are impulsive, and how your life can improve by being more patient with yourself before you take action.

When you begin to understand “why” you do something and grasp the “reason” for why you do things that are not good for you– this is where you start to begin to comprehend WHAT changes need to take place.

It begins with acknowledgement.  When you see it, it is easier to change how you go about doing things.

If you are constantly losing things, unable to find things, feeling disorganized:

  • Get real with yourself.  First, you have to admit your shortcomings; once you do, you can embrace who you are and what your actual “habits” are.  You need to get out of your head thinking that you are “chaos” – because the more you believe this, the more you will actually be disorganized!  This may sound strange to you, but it is true.

Instead, think “I can help myself stay organized/on top of finding thing better if I ______”
Once you get in this ‘mind set’ – come up with three ways you can actually achieve this.
1)     Create a ‘go-to’ default place where you need your essentials and develop a new habit to place things in this place ONLY, each time. Before you know it, this becomes a new habit and you have solved your issue.

2)     Write notes to yourself.  This may sound ‘silly’ to you, but if you don’t write things down, things don’t become embedded or REAL in your head, therefore your human does not follow-suit to take action to change the habit.  Documentation is one of the keys to solving your own problems.  When it doubt, write it down.

3)     Tackle issues in small steps. The number one obstacle for most people is getting ‘overwhelmed’ or feeling like everything is a ‘daunting task.’  Well, sure… it seems that way if you look at it that way. Make a pact with yourself to do one thing to help yourself….”Today, I will tackle this pile of paper,” Or “Today, I will throw out XYZ.”  Small steps add up to the bigger picture.

Are you tired of being stressed out, or unable to focus?   

Change can only happen if you get to the core truth of why you have these behaviors in your life.  It begins with what you choose to manage every day and what you value from the start.

  • Make an inventory list of what you want to change, and what ‘messes’ you want to clean up.  Clean up cannot begin if it is all cluttered in your own head.

This may seem like a no brainer, where you’re saying “Duh” – but ask yourself if you have actually made this list or can find this list, and if you actually pay attention to look at this list and (THIS IS THE BIG ONE) actually take action daily, faithfully to execute it…

Moreover, it is here, you will see why it either has or has not occurred, based on the attention you choose to give it.

Cleaning up what no longer serves you can help you make the changes you need to create in your life.  You do not have to subscribe to the idea that the clean up cannot happen. 

Your life is like one giant storage unit that needs attention.  Chances are there is stuff buried in there that is gathering cobwebs, is dusty, and has not even been looked at, used, or brought out into the light.

When you see it – you will know what it is you need to do.

Whether it is purging the behavior or tweaking the behavior – it all begins with acknowledging it or embracing the behavior first.  Unless you choose to ‘own it’ – you cannot begin dealing with it.

HAPPY SPRING CLEANING ---- does not have to be only in the spring!   

You can literally spring into action anytime, but it begins with you and that first sweep.   
So let’s start sweeping!