Saturday, July 9, 2022



 Lovely Souls, as I connected to the energetic frequency of the collective, I was drawn to return to a blog rather than a Healing Time Out as I was told “Seeing is believing” – thus, sometimes for words to ‘hit home’ in resonance, one must digest words seen in written form rather than merely heard in audio form.  Hence, there is purpose.

Our current state of affairs is calling for organization of thoughts, feelings, altered paradigms and new realities.  The upheaval of old blockages may be alarming, but we must trust that this only brings us much closer to our personal and individual ‘truth’ as much as collective consciousness truth to create essential change. 

Old stories were crutches.

Old stories were excuses.

Old wounds have scarred over.

Old stories may have created blocks that didn’t need to be there.

Old stories may have even been ways you enabled yourself to procrastinate doing what needs to be done.

As we look at the world right now – much is visible and apparent. But it isn’t the entire picture.

There is a new energetic frequency available behind the scenes… question is, are you ready to see it?

Are you ready to actualize it by releasing all of your old stories? 

Is the world ready to do this as well?

Behind all you see and know is an entire world filled with much of what you don’t know and/or are not being shown yet to make sense of in our day-to-day reality.

Let’s use some tangible examples:

You may watch the news and take things as absolute.

Keep in mind, it is news – information you can digest right now.

Your personal world functions on this template as well.

Your current state of your own bubble is based on the facts or information you are being shown/given RIGHT NOW.  There is no crystal ball to see twenty years from now any more than sometimes even tomorrow.  

Life can change on a dime in ways you do not see until you ready to see it and experience it.

But if the world (and you in this world) subscribe to all the old stories you keep saying on repeat, that’s the energetic frequency that will magnetize to you rather than you experiencing new stories even if they are through a NEW PERSPECTIVE. 

Therefore, if it is a new truth you wish to experience, the story must change – even if it is uncomfortable. 

What we are seeing in our world right now, is a bunch of uncomfortable and yes, inconvenient truths for a REASON – so we can take action on said changes.

Same can be said for your discomfort in what you are experiencing right now as you sit in some old truths blocking you from new truths you do not wish to see.

What is ‘new’ behind the news is still being formulated.  Change is about working through what is difficult and progress can only be measured by the end-result of the reality you experience.

People brainstorming behind the scenes are working on things in the background, much like the Universe’s energy to align things so that real progress can be experienced and actualized.

So it is in this ‘place’ of limbo that we feel as a planet’s evolution is only facing slow-motion change because society’s demands are about immediate gratification to have answers now and see the change now.  But the Universe is not a magic genie, sometimes we must go through things in a purposeful way and always in Divine Order to bring forth ‘the change in progress’ – because the journey’s experience is what we ultimately called forth. 

There is value in this in order to create gratitude for what IS and appreciate the lessons brought alongside the change in progress.

What can we as a collective consciousness do to solidify some sense of stability in this ‘limbo’ and transformative energy moving alongside us?

We can do this by compartmentalizing our concerns and instead of feeling 'meh' or 'ho-hum' - instead change what WE CAN in gratitude for the present moment.

The Universe knows you may dislike this, only because you examine it with eyes stating “I already know how to be in the present moment and I already have gratitude.”

But this is where YOU CAN CREATE CHANGE and are being called upon to create this change to look at it differently, rather than the ‘same way.’ 

Sure - we know you know what you know.  But what about changing your vision about what you don't yet know (i.e. what is unfolding?)   Can you celebrate this as a 'sign' of where you can apply new action instead of staying in the same action of what it is you DO know? 

This is change in REAL TIME---- in alignment with DIVINE TIME.

WHY is this SO?   It is for the purpose of you NOT falling back on this “I already do this” mentality and instead UNCOVER NEW TRUTHS of……

“What more can I learn and what different ways can I apply my being present and having gratitude.”

Are you having an ‘ah ha’ moment yet?

Then you are right on time in Divine Time – this is the point of this direct channel from the other side of what we are being shown.   We are being shown that just because you create a habitual place of doing what you believe are the correct things to understand something, doesn’t mean that is all there is.

The change you need to see now, is HOW YOU ARE CHANGING along with SAID CHANGING WORLD.

We have been shown this through the pandemic, have we not?

You were able to digest new information and new truths. 

You were able to navigate a new world.

You were able to adapt to new protocol for which you had to live your life to survive, right?

Well, if we pull back and we take a good look at this, and apply this way of changing our own perception about what we think we know vs. what we don’t and the bigger picture of ‘change in progress for purpose’ – we begin to see new realities formulating and emerging.

Here is where we as a collective can grow and thrive, not just merely survive, but look deeper within ourselves how our own place in this world can evolve to a higher level as well.

In other words – we need not wait for the world to change, rather we can change with it as it continues to change.

The bigger question we need to ask ourselves and humanity is “What is it you would like to see and do to facilitate said change?”

The answer is bigger than you.  Therefore, you must remove all ego from this energy field in order to connect to the energetic frequency trying to come forth.

The change you ultimately desire has a deeper meaning than your human’s selfish control, when you understand that there are parameters for what you have control over (i.e. how you think/feel/take action) vs. what is not in your control (time, energy shifts, tangible means of outcome as things align in Divine Time).

This is the key component to grappling with your human vs. your soul.

Sometimes you are driving, but you are not always in the driver’s seat.  It is a tightrope walk we must get used to if we are to thrive in the new world and have deeper respect for ‘the process’ of what we know in harmony with the process that ‘we don’t know.’ 

So I hope this helps, Lovely Souls.  There is no formal/tangible homework here, rather than for you to digest this direct channel from the Universe and see how it fits into your new reality and actualized reality with the world’s reality to find the balance where there is an imbalance.

Sending you love & light as you take on these changes happening in the next 3-6 months designed for your own realization of where you need to connect to energetic frequencies that better serve your metamorphosis.


Stacey Kumagai