Sunday, May 5, 2019


“Be patient as you let life unfold.”   
Chances are, you have heard this before.  It may be one of the most challenging places for you as a human to sit if you are impatient, or you like to problem-solve, or to fix, or take a proactive approach to life’s journey. 

As I stood at a light waiting to cross, two skateboarders screeched to a halt behind me. Suddenly, one of them kept pressing the same button I had just pressed once for the light to change.

“Dude, she probably already pressed it,” said one of the boys to his friend.

“Did you press it?” he asked as he looked at me.

“Yes, I did. It may take a while because when I got here the light had just changed to red.”
The impatient boy kept pushing the button repeatedly several times, as his friend slapped his wrist telling him to ‘knock it off.’ 

I giggled to myself, recalling hundreds of times I have witnessed this from other crosswalks and many an elevator. 

“Are you in a hurry to get somewhere?  Are you late?”  I asked.

Before the boy had a chance to answer, a vintage car just made a left turn in front of us on the opposing street.

“Whoa… that’s cool!” exclaimed the patient one, as his impatient friend stood there in awe of what he just witnessed.

“Isn’t it great we were stuck at this light so you could see it?  You wouldn’t have seen it if we didn’t have to wait.” 

The patient one smiled and nodded. 
The impatient one stood there as if he was having an epiphany. 

The light turned green and suddenly the impatient one did not take off like a rocket across the crosswalk as he probably would have had he not seen it.  He started to look around as his friend smirked and walked across holding his board.

My work was done, serving an unexpected purpose. 

What was more unexpected was that I had my own epiphany in that moment.  It was as if the Universe smiled in a multidimensional way. 

I had not expected to ‘change’ someone’s thought process in mid-moment to think about things differently.  That was a gift all on its own, thus it was like a ripple and changed my perspective about unfoldment, as it was unfolding in said moment. 

This is a LINK to life unfoldment. 

While this is a normal, everyday event you may pass off as ‘ordinary’ – if you are aware and in the present moment, you might be able to extract something extraordinary and witness for yourself how things unfold for yourself as well as others in a flash.

Let’s dive deeper into this pool of the LINK of unfoldment. 

Every event in your life is not without some sort of purpose, even in what seems to be ‘ordinary’ moments.

This thing called ‘medicine from the Universe,’ is always in the works to deliver exactly what someone else needs, but maybe did not know how to ask for themselves.  

In turn, you get something you need, but it may not always be delivered in the way you expect. 

So let’s pause for a moment to have you ask yourself:

  • What daily robotic treadmill of yours hinders where you may miss these kinds of moments?”
  • Where do you often find yourself in your ‘present moment’ consciousness?
  • How many times have you been aware of moments like this in your everyday life?
  • When can you recall something similar that you did not expect?

While I know nothing about those two teen kid strangers, what I do know is that for a moment the pause button was pressed both literally and figuratively.  

For me, what those two teen kid strangers did not know was that prior to arriving to the signal, I had asked the Universe for a ‘sign’ that I could make a difference that day. 

I laughed, because the Universe has a special sense of humor in delivering the signal as an actual signal at the signal I was standing at, as if to bop me over the head with a ton of bricks like…

“Wake up, you asked for a signal and voila’ here it is.” 

Just in case I missed it, it was multidimensional and punny simultaneously, catering to my own Baklava layers and quirky humor in order to say “this is for you.” 

Luckily, I did not miss it… and my ‘pay it forward’ mission is to share this so that you do not either.

This is part of the ripple that I was destined to share with you, by writing this blog. 

Perhaps the bigger picture was all about sharing this with you in a serendipitous way to wake you up to take stock of your own moments you may have missed.

Every day you have had more of these kinds of moments than you even realize.  

Trust me – they are there for you at every turn. 

Maybe you have been so busy that you have not taken the time to yet acknowledge a moment like this, brushing it off as something so simple, and yet so pure and beautiful for your soul to embrace in this way.

This is the stuff life is made of and available to every human, like a pause button. 

So as you take on your day, I hope you will stop to witness your moments that happen for you in the everyday things. 

Take time to appreciate how your life changes, and how you can change another just by being there, even in ways neither of you expect. 

You’ll be given signs and signals along the way … and sometimes in blatant ways like an actual signal!