Sunday, March 31, 2019


You know by now, life does not always go the way YOU plan.

Your human may believe that when things are not going your way, that you might have failed somehow or that you must give up your plan or dream.

Is your human right?  

Are you being tested? (i.e. persistence, tenacity or … patience)

Did  you ever think that perhaps your human is being deceived by false perception and delusion?

What if the Universe decided intended to ask you to temporarily take a detour, so that you could see something you would not have seen before had things gone according to YOUR plan?

What if the Universe chose the delay in order to give you …

  • ·         Deeper insight

  • ·         Greater strength

  • ·         Extra time to prepare

  • ·         A place to ask yourself the tough questions

  • ·         New experiences

  • ·         Additional bits of information that would be helpful in navigation

  • ·         An opportunity for reflection and gratitude

  • ·         Fresh alternative choices that were actually better than your plan

  • ·         Higher wisdom to see you were simply needed elsewhere

Take a look at the above list. 

  • ·         How do you feel about your detour now?

  • ·         Do you see how you are being given gifts through your own detour?

  • ·        Can you utilize the detour as a way to broaden your perspective?

  • ·         What if you were to gain greater wisdom from this different pathway?

The big question now is, how would you like to make peace with your life detour and LINK your newfound tools to this changed perception? Do you suddenly feel differently now?

Life is a process of being and doing – not one of these can bring you everything.  Life is about the balance of both in order to comprehend how you choose to incorporate this balance into the realm of existence so that living can take shape within the context of how you continue to define it.

The loaded question:  How do you choose to define it?  That’s up to you.

While some say life has compromise, others say sacrifice, but the CHOICE you have is how you FIND peace from your choices. Consequences do not have to be your life’s dream death sentence, rather it can be another avenue to a life you didn’t know, which can bring unexpected adventures and growth opportunities to expand your own consciousness. 

It is how you choose to make peace with this life terms definition. The reality and outcome rely upon how you LINK PEACE to your life detours, because you can make peace, create peace and cultivate peace, even by being a catalyst for more peace within said detour.

The world talks a lot about the glass half-full vs. half-empty.

Though if you were to remove the glass entirely as measurement, you would simply have a liquid sitting there in a puddle, wouldn’t you?

So if we take measurement out of the equation of how we view our life – is there really a detour at all?  

Who says your life course has to be on one specific road with XYZ things happening according to this “Plan” you have given yourself? 

This is where most people become entangled in a frenzy because they are utilizing their own parameters of measurement (much like the glass) to compare where they should be by when and how they should function by some other set of measurement tools.

Back to the glass analogy:  If you remove the glass and only have the puddle, if you had a shot glass you would see the puddle as your glass runneth over, right? 

Do if this were the scenario, wouldn’t you look at this as progress rather than delay or detour?

If you take a moment to examine what is happening now as a blessing and work with what is going on at this place, rather than jumping to the finish line, your perception can shift enormously. 

Taking a moment to examine said puddle that runneth over …

  • ·         What is most apparent in this moment of 'reflection?'

  • ·        You have an opportunity to create a ripple. What will you do?

  • ·         You can make your own waves with what you have. What does that look like?

Every splash and you have is something to work with that is yours – with no measurement, it is not technically a detour – it is a rest stop to take a moment to see what it is you have in your own personal inventory of tools.

Making peace with your present detour from this space, you can now ponder….  

  • ·         What can you do with it?

  • ·         Where can you go from here?

  • ·         What is it about what you have that you can enjoy working with now?

  • ·         How can you appreciate what is in front of you, right now for this moment that won’t be the same when your life changes again?

  • ·         Who are you in this present situation and how will you improve from it?

Taking the time to work with a peaceful link at your first perceived detour is really just the beginning of refining your journey to reflect how you are changing through the process.

We change constantly through every experience and are not the same person we were before we worked through obstacles or situations.  When we gain insight and strength, we continue to rework our life into a new shape of becoming challenged in new ways to develop our psyche, our soul and higher consciousness.

So the next time your human feels like things are not going the way you plan, reflect back on this post and remember that your own journey need not be measured, merely enjoyed and experienced.

Don’t forget to have fun and make a few splashes on the way!