Sunday, December 2, 2018


I laugh at #MotivationMonday each time I participate in it. 

Oh, the hashtag that is so counter-productive at times because you spend time trying motivate others by posting or motivate yourself by reading, while time ticks away depleting your own time to work on your own motivated productivity. 

Therefore, motivation is well all there is, but you ask yourself, what the heck you’ve done with said motivation.

People, I see you – I know your “struggle is real” within the cyclical mayhem that occurs sometimes, when you don’t plan for that to happen and if all humans are honest, they will admit the same. 

Analytics numbers may indicate what you do, but fail to say what you actually do beyond being a statistic.

Marketing people will argue with me on this. But that is because they are traditionalists in measurement.  

It is a complicated walk of the tightrope of marketing, promotion and branding vs. productivity behind-the-scenes of growth and real motivation to measure results purely motivated vs. organic results that occur simply from states of staying motivated or being realized within motivation.

For those of you who were able to stick with me in that long run-on sentence. Let’s celebrate with a happy dance of motivation.... if you have the time... Haha.

For those lost in the “Huh? What the heck did she say?” – perhaps I can offer some more motivation.

People like to judge by numbers, but truthfully even if the numbers appear absolute, what people fail to see is what exists behind the numbers.

If you talk to a health care professional or a financial advisor, you are bound to have different opinions about numbers being absolute vs. statistical, depending on whether or not you are discussing forecast, actualized motivation or that which is fear-driven. 

Think about that for a second (I'll wait... *elevator music*) in how people’s ‘motivations’ are REACTIONARY vs. REAL.

Isn’t it the actor who is constantly asked “What’s your motivation?” 

This is what cracks me up about how people measure a performance - you can have two people do the exact same scene, recite the same said words, but what the recipient FEELS on the other end of said performance is subjective.  It has no bearing upon the actor's performance or their abilities to get you to evoke emotion or reaction.  Even the audience cannot be measured, because no two people are alike and may have different emotional and cerebral trigger responses to said performance.

This is why criticism is stupid. Was that oxymoronic in that I criticized criticism? 
Well think about how this measures in analytics.

People look at short-term immediate gratification. They do not look at longevity, sustainability and the long-haul bigger picture aspect.  

This would be another reason why people are quick on the trigger to judge, quit, and change something that truly is not broken because they're not receiving the results they want.  

However, I will now bring up the question....did you even see motivation happening from this place initially?  Was this part of the plan?  Or did you only recently discover it as you started to try to make attempts to reinvent your own proverbial wheel thinking that will change said result, when you haven't looked at the total picture? 

Motivation cannot truly be measured as an accurate statistic, unless it is UNDERSTOOD.
How many people subscribe to the daily motivation for that jump-start-kick-in-the-behind to get off their own to go do something is either a reality, a perception and no matter how you slice it, SUBJECTIVE.

  • So let me ask you, what does it take for you to get motivated?
  • How do you actualize your productivity from the initial nudge to get motivated?
  • Where do you take your motivation beyond the inspirational push to produce something beyond your initial goal setting?

How do you even know if it resonates with your true self at the time vs. your unconscious need/want to be part of something, even if it is not who you are?  

This one is a trick question by the way and you get extra bonus points if you can answer it from the context from which I asked it!  :D 

Read this for example:

  • Now that I’ve put out some motivation, where will you take this?  How have my motivational posts in the past motivated you beyond what you read? 

  • How have you motivated others beyond your own motivation you’ve taken into action?

  • More importantly, how do you measure it beyond analytics, inventory, or sales? 

If you only measure it by popularity, that doesn’t tell you much other than just that.

Some motivation comes by way of a happy accident.  Others by waves of the subconscious manifesting motivation into the souls' need at said time, but it is not driven by the action of habitual continuation of the initial motivation.

For me, my measurement is not conventional nor traditional and never will be much to the clucking tongues and tsk tsks of traditional and conventional yardsticks. 

Why is that?

  • You cannot measure motivation from solely the brain putting the physical being into action.

  • You cannot measure the ripple effect of what you cannot see and may never know.

  • You cannot measure inspiration solely upon numbers, because emotions are not measured this way.

  • You cannot measure your own helpfulness because innately, some humans will never articulate to you what it is you said or did that actually motivates them in ways you do not even know, particularly if they themselves have not taken an inventory of ‘how many ways’ they were motivated from the get-go.

So as I conclude this thought process for your own pondering – let me ask you this….

Have you been motivated today and what ways have you used this to get something done?
More importantly, how has motivation changed your life? 

Think about that, and may it motivate you to come up with some answers.