Monday, January 16, 2017


“Have a nice day!”

How many times have you heard this in your lifetime?

The bigger question is … do you consciously do your best to create a nice day for everyone around you, and are you aware that by doing so you are actually creating the outcome of your day? 

If you were to count the number of times someone said, “Have a nice day!” you might be surprised that you did not hear the sincerity beyond the social convention enough to be pro-active with the wish.

Some of you may be surprised to find that perhaps you heard this statement every day of your life since you could speak sentences.  Maybe you have heard it so many times that you don’t even hear this statement anymore, or were too busy or preoccupied to actually notice that someone wished for you to “have a nice day.” 

Some of you may be surprised that maybe your circles of people you have in your life do not have the ability to be conscious outside of themselves to receive your kind wishes

While there are others still, who may have had the pleasure of knowing what a nice day actually is comprised of, because they live life in a bubble of bitterness. 

Still, there are pessimists who do not even bother wishing for you to “have a nice day,” because they themselves are far too jaded to understand what that means.

Regardless of which camp you presently sit in, all that matters right now is that you hear these words…. “Have a nice day!”


It is important for you to understand that whatever external circumstances happen outside of your day to try to ‘create’ your day, that at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for having a nice day.

Sure, sometimes things completely out of our control affect our day. 

There are times when something out-of-the-blue, and so randomly unexpected throws a wrench in our well-laid plans or we are thrown a curve ball.  

Other times, we can have the perfect idea of how we map out our day and it may go all according to a meticulously itemized timeline or agenda just as we plan.

But for most of the humans on Earth, the Universe may have its very own plan, despite what we think we have planned.

The big shift in our perception is all about comprehending that “having a nice day” is up to us no matter what happens.  This idea goes far beyond turning lemons into lemonade, but rather accepting our own definition of what ‘nice’ is within our minds and in our hearts.
We can find nice moments.

We can also create them to change the course of our day.

Linking our minds to this concept, we are expanding our own awareness in building our own nice days by the art of creation and what a nice day entails in both content as well as value.

Looking at obstacles with a different set of eyes, we can see daily challenges we can overcome or lessons we can learn and ways we can strengthen our own idea of how we think things should be at any given moment.

If we understand that the proverbial “silver lining” is indeed in every cloud, without pre-judging it as some Pollyanna way of thinking, we can grow and expand our idea within our own minds of how we can create change. 

Linking to our day and the positive links within it help us grasp the concept of adopting to a new behavior as well as adapting to a new mindset. 

In this realm of accepting “what can be possible,” we open the doors to actually “having a nice day” each and every day by opening our ideas about what that looks like.

How we choose to shape our day puts our own “connection” back to the LINK that we see as “nice” rather than dwelling on the not-so-nice aspects of what our day is composed from, and how we process the emotion we place on our day.