Friday, January 6, 2017


Each year we are given the gift of a fresh beginning with the start of the New Year.

For some, this means New Year’s resolutions to add to the growing ‘to do’ list.
For others, it can be an entire life transformation with a new residence, new job/career, or the birth of a new beginning with the addition or loss to the family or household.

Goals, dreams, plans, ideas, and visions are a part of new energy for many, but so is a shifted mindset, perspective, belief, or tweaked behavior, that changes your existing LINKS to new ones. 

Your entire surrounding environment may have impact on your own new energy.  

Do not underestimate the LINK between connective influence, and/or the mind, body, soul connection between transmitted environmental energy you absorb, transfer, embrace or in some instances, repel. 

New energy can mean different things based on where you presently sit in your being. 
Is it possible to become aware of new energy fields within your existing one?

The answer is YES.

However, let us not lose sight that mere self-awareness on its own can be a new energy link you can invite into your life simply by staying conscious.

EXAMPLE:  If you sit in a room filled with a variety of stimuli, a circle of ten people will not be on the exact same page being aware of the same energy field.  

Some may notice only the visuals; others have more auditory awareness, while another few may tap into how they ‘feel in this room’ or what energy they pick up from others sitting next to them and their response to what is seen, heard and/or felt. 

For some, a triggered “old behavioral response” may occur; while for others a nostalgic recollection heightening memory sensory awareness. 

Are you able to ‘catch yourself’ mid-stream in your consciousness to be aware of what is a default behavioral LINK to your ‘familiar’ energy field vs. the conscious and mindful ability to shift your own gears into new energy fields? 

Everyone has the power to do this one self-initiated act.

Though for many, the comfort-zone of the familiar energy field usually becomes the favorable one rather than embracing a new pathway to receive unfamiliar energy.


As humans we possess energy, give energy and receive energy.

LINKING to any one of these streams at any given moment takes a certain consciousness to bring our awareness of our energy links into view in order to shift it like a gear shift in action as it is happening in the present moment. 

If we take this same premise and apply it to our daily surroundings as we enter the New Year, we enable ourselves to bring about a new awareness link within our being, even if our present circumstances do not change.  

We then become the changed new energy link ourselves by our own openness within the awareness of where we are and how we respond to any and all situations. 

Why is this important?

Communication is the foundation where this new energy link of change can transform our being.  Reaction, response and reinvention of our reaction/response in real time to any situation is a LINK OF NEW ENERGY all its own. 

Humans naturally gravitate toward the tangible changes at the beginning of the New Year, looking for immediate gratification of said results and often get frustrated when they do not see immediate evidence of a change taking place.  

However, it is in our awareness link within our new energy field we can witness such immediacy taking place if we consciously bring ourselves back to the idea that ‘results’ can be found within our own reinvention of said reaction/response of said awareness. 

While it is natural to try to ‘seek’ change outside ourselves, we have the ability to create change at will within our own awareness by remaining present to the pre-existing consciousness shift as we make it at the time the effort is applied, rather than waiting for the aftermath to prove it as truth/reality.

Suddenly, we become the truth/reality of the new link of energy, creating change within a single shift of awareness.  

So as you start this New Year, be mindful of the fact changes are taking place and new energy is present around you and WITHIN you all of the time.  You have the ability to tap into this at any moment in your present state of awareness and being.