Saturday, June 17, 2017


When life gets chaotic and busy, usually we keep pushing forward to keep going.

Sometimes when we push hard, we open ourselves up for illness, injury, or missteps in judgment, clarity, communication, and decision-making.

It is HUMAN to try to be everything to everybody and meet all the demands of life.

However, when the SOUL is tired… humans who function and navigate life from the mental/cerebral place of logic will often combat the soul and subconsciously justify in saying
“It’s just my human vessel that is tired, and the soul can miraculously do anything and carry on.”

Emotionally and spiritually this is true when it comes to endurance, tenacity, persistence and determination.  Though make no mistake - sometimes we need to honor our BEING in order to unite the human psyche with the human body so the soul can function from a place of replenishing gathered and expended energies within a cycle.

Huh?  What the heck does this mean… you ask? 

If you’ve ever battled a long illness, then you know your soul is so tired that your own brain isn’t sending signals to your body to recover as fast as your human would want it to.  

Or if you’ve ever injured yourself, you know that it takes a broken bone, a bruise or a cut to heal within a natural time frame.

There is such a thing called ‘soul fatigue’… it is real. When it is completely depleted or exhausted, it slows down to a halt.  Sometimes the soul and the human cannot communicate effectively in a fluid motion the way that we often take for granted. 

Sometimes our own souls are fed up with our human for lack of recognition and combats/battles through this fatigue to endure anyway, but there are times when it also needs a vacation. 

How do you know this is happening? 

Your human recognizes this as burn out and your soul says “Okay human… you’re on your own – I’ve gone fishin’ so this healing thing is gonna be slow as molasses.” 

Your soul simply feels ‘meh’ and ‘numb’ and ‘blah’ – in need of a recharge.

This is when your HUMAN decides to be a vegetable in front of the TV or become a hermit or the opposite, going to endless happy hours trying to ‘disconnect’ when you’re already disconnected. 

In meditation, your higher consciousness can float high above all of this to literally see your own soul’s fatigue.  However, when we operate on a human level – we will often find the ‘disconnect’ between mind, body, soul, and yes, spirit.

It is here the human tries to take over to be in ‘control’ and makes wrong moves operating in the place of only the head and not the heart, gut or soul level. It is here you will find arguments between humans, because there is a lack of understanding, compassion, empathy, because the human brain goes into a war zone of trying to survive, when it does not honor the soul to just let it be to REST. 

The difference between being and doing in human mode is quite simple.  The soul is the one being and the human is the one doing.  When we are healthy and synchronized with ourselves and our energies, external environment and others – the human will carry out what the soul naturally gravitates toward.  

However, when we are out of synch… we get muddled, confused, lost and suddenly nothing jives with the human rapidly trying to overcompensate when all it has to do is LISTEN to let the soul rest to refuel, recharge and refortify itself.

Humans do not like to HEAR the word REST… we’re always multitasking our life. But when we take a step back and SLOW DOWN we gain perspective and clarity from a new zone as we shut off the environmental noise long enough to process/release/surrender to what the soul ultimately needs to be back in tip-top shape once again. 

Give yourself a break (for real).  Release the self-criticism, expectations, self-imposed demands and remember that tomorrow is another day – we don’t need to do everything to the point of complete exhaustion whereby we end up being a detriment to our own well-being. 

Take on each day and provide the gift of patience to your own soul.  You’ll be glad you did and your soul will thank you!