Thursday, December 1, 2016


With each year that goes by, something repetitive happens in your psyche.
This cycle, particularly around the holiday time may appear to be a familiar loop.
For most people, one or more of these components reside within this loop:

  • ·         Stress
  • ·         Anxiety
  • ·         Guilt from poor eating habits/lack of rest/putting off exercise
  • ·         Satiating reward (food, indulgent gift purchases) for the three points listed above
  • ·         Fatigue
  • ·         Cold/Flu
  • ·         Unresolved issues with loved ones
  • ·         Unresolved anger/frustration (traffic, parking, noise/pressure triggered)
  • ·         Over-extending energies/calendar overbooking
  • ·         Lack of self-care
  • ·         Forced joy
  • ·         Over-spending beyond financial means
  • ·         Dishonesty with self with regard to happiness in juggling it all
  • ·         Praying for the New Year to be the saving grace
  • ·         Unrealistic resolutions
  • ·         Stress/anxiety/guilt when failure ensues

Are you laughing?  Does one or more (or perhaps more than you would care to admit) of these fall into YOUR annual loop as you reflect upon your life at this time of year? 

Do you promise yourself that ‘next year, it’s going to be different?’ and find yourself back in the same loop once again? 

Do you blame others for your falling into this trap?  Do you blame yourself or the commercialization of holidays on the calendar or family tradition/convention/obligation dictation to not honoring internally what you seek? 

At what point do you notice yourself turning sour?  Is it at the beginning of the holiday cycle, just as Halloween approaches or do you sit in a pool of resentment after the holidays are over and find yourself in the holiday blues mode? 

Whichever place you discover yourself, you are in deep need for a time of reflection.
Understanding all of these links and their cause will prevent you from falling into the trap.  It is key toward getting out of one or more components of your endless loop. 

Nevertheless, something essential must happen – You need QUIET TIME.  Quiet time is important no matter how hectic, chaotic, and busy things get in your life.

Everyone is busy.  No one is immune to having a full calendar.  

Why is taking the time to honor your QUIET LINK important?

Scheduling QUIET TIME each day of the year is essential, but during the year-end busy holiday season, it is more important than ever.

All of the listed bullet points will begin to change, because your perspective will change once you honor the time and space to be quiet.  When you get quiet, you become reflective.  

When you become reflective, you have more clarity to SEE where you are falling short.
You have heard repeatedly that stress can be eliminated if you take the time to be quiet and meditate.  You may have dismissed this as just some trend or nonsense that will not work. 

However, even one tiny change and step toward being quiet, even if it is just sitting with a cup of tea, walking your dog or taking the brown leaves off of your houseplants you’ve neglected, even cleaning a counter, or taking time to breathe by putting your feet up to rest or to be with nature ……  ONE OR ALL of these things can start to chip away at those endless loop components, which plague you.  

Getting into the habit of being quiet gives you the space to examine why you have anxiety, or why you overbook yourself or why you have developed bad habits of pushing the envelope of doing too much or indulging too much.

The solution is simply in taking a time out. When you do this, you can take a step toward tweaking the unhealthy links, which do not serve you.  Your development of your own quiet link that is personal to you and your space, you can begin linking your year toward positive change so that this time next year and each day of the year, you will be sitting a healthier mindset and space.