Monday, November 14, 2016


Every challenge brings an opportunity to see what we are made of, and further redefine what is important to each of us. 

This is the continuous on-going process for every human, animal, plant life, and insect on planet Earth. 

Depending on where you are along your journey, challenges represent something different for you.

For many, it is an uphill battle and struggle.

For some, it is merely an obstacle to overcome.

For others, a challenge represents a new life force to stand for something greater than they do.

When you look at a colony of ants or bees, you will witness them working together for one united mission of participating in their role to do their part for the greater good of what they wish to accomplish. 

A school of fish will swim together through the current, knowing there is strength in numbers.

What can we learn from this example outside of our human selves?

What can we digest in terms of a method to the chaotic madness that exists in survival?

While we can examine the present day examples of the divided in differences in thinking/feeling/acting and reacting - in our collective consciousness we have much to learn from Mother Nature.

If our common denominator between the human, animal, insect and plant kingdoms is water and air, let us take a deeper look as to what we share emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Our LINKS to who we are reside within each of us in our cell system.

They create our being and are powerful in what they can do when strengthened by positive consciousness and awareness and working with the system of shining a light.

Every situation we are presented is open opportunity to challenge and change, no different from our physical, psychological or emotional existence.

When seated in a place of stillness, do you see vast change happening? 

On the other hand, do you see your centering opportunity of regrouping to be the one to create change around you?

If you were asked these questions at age five, fifteen, twenty-five or where you are now, how would your own answer differ?  Haven’t you changed your own perception of what a challenge can do and how you can change your own perspective based on your own evolution? 

Perception can provide balance whenever it is needed in the human cell system.  Your mind has the power to renew cells in your body to heal itself and it is the engine that drives forth the change within your being.

Think of the last time you had a paper cut.  It was annoying, and only a minor setback in your psyche, but it did not derail you from continuing with your task, did it?

However, what if it had?  What if that tiny papercut held you back because you believed it was so?

If your conscious mind believes that it was minor, is it possible that you would only recognize it existing when it burned when it came in contact with say lemon juice or soap and water, but a few days later, forget that it was ever there because it healed?

Now apply this same philosophy toward any challenge where you are stuck in your ideals or beliefs of negative energy or thought processing. 

Is it possible that when you heal from your emotional and psychologically imposed wounds by letting go of what is no longer your story that you can move forward into embracing challenge and change as a new opportunity?

We often forget that the ‘operating manual’ of wellness in our daily challenges has cross-pollination opportunities of applying a formula or method to how we view challenges and their larger purpose. 

Let us look at wind.  The wind blows.  The wind can blow leaves on the ground and create a mess.  Some look at the mess as a challenge.  Others look at the mess created by the wind blowing as a beautiful entry into a season of change.  

If you take a deeper look at the purpose of the wind, you may see something different again.
The wind can blow pollution away in the sky and air, clear away clouds, and create blue skies. 

While the wind blows pollen and creates allergies, it can also scatter seeds to give life to new plants, food, and flowers; while helping dead matter of leaves from trees to open it up to growth and new life.

Are you getting the picture?  

Based on how you RECEIVE AND PERCEIVE change and challenges, your own perception of whether it is so, can evolve based on what you allow to affect in your psyche, your cell system as either/or. 

So what is your choice?  Do you choose negative perception of positive? 

Could you imagine the possibility of imaging pro-active efforts in taking action to create positive perception within your own soul and being? 

Is it possible for you to tell your human self to not let yourself get out of control?

Is it possible to say something nice vs. something negative?

Doesn't it begin with thinking in this light and changing your perception about what is vs. what isn't?  

Do you believe in your own mind-over-matter existence? 

Do you believe in your own ability to master the art of changing how you think and feel on a daily basis to improve your life and the life around you? 

Isn't it possible for you to become a beacon of light where there is none? 

If you have bothered to overcome your own childhood fears of ___________(fill in the blank  - i.e. falling off a bicycle, getting eaten by a beetle or seeing your toy come to life and haunt you) - then isn't it possible for you to overcome your own negative thinking and perception as an adult in order to create change within your own life?

THINK ABOUT THIS ... for a moment or longer as you process your own ability to create positive energy and joy within.

Perception is like a changed formula based on how you approach each problem or your individual choice in how you approach your solution-based links of your own perspective as you shift from your experience-level as both a soul and a human. 

Perspective about challenge and change is unique to each individual.  Depending on where you sit on any given day, one ideal can take shape in a different light depending on your own light. 

However, it is up to you to ultimately decide what actions you take in order to make challenges into change for what you decide you wish to stand for, believe, create, or manifest. 

There is a good, greater good and forced wave of pushing the comfortable into uncomfortable positions in order to create action, unification, new energy, declaration of ideas, renewal of what matters vs. what you no longer wish to subscribe.

It is only when we allow ourselves to shift into our authenticity, do we feel comfortable in being who we are, embracing our individuality and owning the reality we wish to create in our ways of thinking, feeling, believing, and ultimately taking position to DO SOMETHING. 

When we examine our own life links of challenge, we can rise to those links and make necessary changes in order to live out our best life.